Sundays with my Sister

Hey there!!! I’m Angie, Mo’s sister and I blog at Mom,Miles, and Mishaps.  She invited me to come on over and guest post here and give my view of the petite life.  Let’s spend a little time this Sunday and chat about clothes.  But first, a little about me…

I’m a wife …

 …to Miguel.

I’m a mom…

 …to Aidan (in the back) and Julian (in the front). #serious. But they are more like this… 

I’m a Physician Assistant (sorry… pics of that!!). Pssst…don’t know what I do or what that is….check it out.  

I’m a “runner” that typically looks like this (after work of course)..

…and this… 

 And of course, I’m a want to be superstar…  

  YEAH, right!!!

I am petite by definition (5 foot 2 and a half) but I am no size 0!!  I don’t fit in the traditional petite mold for many reasons:

  1. My legs are longer (and therefore has left me high waisted) and petite pants look awful on me!
  2. I have broad shoulders (thanks to swimming and lifting) and petite shirts fit weird and look funny on me.
  3. I’m 43..really pushing 44, and my old ass has no business is a petite skirt/dress. It’s too short!

So, why are you here, Angie? Well…I guess to show the other petite girls like me that we can pull it off in the regular world with- 

  • Regular pants
  • Regular skirts/dresses 
  • Regular shirts

If you have body drama like me (that’s what I call it), then you will understand my perspective.  Regular petite clothes don’t always look the best for me.  I am not as stylish and fancy as my sister but I do have my own likes and style it how it works for me.  
When Mo asked me to post, I have to be honest…I wasn’t really going to be at my best, stylistically speaking.  My family and I were on our way to Miami for a basketball watch University of Miami take on Louisville.  So, I opted for comfort maybe a little over style.  I mean we had a 4 hour drive from outside of Tampa to Miami!  However, keeping that in mind, I knew that I had to look better than decent because in the are “keeping up with the Gonzalez’s” (not Joneses because we are in Miami). And I can freely say this because I am from Miami and I married a Cuban-American! #boom

The road down I opted for this… 

 Felina leggings (Costco)//Relaxed V-neck tee (Old Navy)// Grey Suede sneakers (Tom’s)//Heather Grey sweater (Old Navy; similar)//Grafitti Infiniti scarf (Target; discontinued)

  …and without the sweater,too!
My likes: the tee (comfy), the sneaks (cute and comfy), and the sweater (OMG comfy)

My dislikes: the “don’t stand to close to particular lighting because we can probably see through them” leggings. Why do they make them this way??

A few things about how I pick “stuff”:

  1. I need to be comfortable in them! 
  2. I struggle with finding the balance between “you look like a busted can of biscuits or a stuffed sausage” and “it looks like you have a potato sack on”.  I want them to fit but not too well! 
  3. I want so desperately to look good in infinit scarves and I’m going to continue until I do!
  4. What I don’t necessarily pick in clothes (see #2), I think I make up in spades in accessories. I am a junkie…JUNKIE for earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets…you get the point! 
  5. I don’t care WHERE the clothes come from or what LABEL they are…as long as they are cheap so I may rock them on my budget! 

My return home outfit apparently looks very familiar (I swear I didn’t plan it this way!) 

 Mossimo skinny Boyfriends (Target;similar)// Calvin Klein tank (Costco)// a.n.a Kimono (JcPenney)//Sam&Libby Gutsy Glitter flats (DSW;sold out)

My likes: the coral color of the Kimono. This was one of the first “stepping out of the black” items I bought like 3 years ago. Love it!

My dislikes: my wide shoulders make this thing fall off a lot. But I’m still wearing it!

And my favorite necklace 

 from Alex and Ani Guardian Collection. Double chin, btw…#mine

There you have it…nothing too spectacular but a good place to start. Maybe I’ll knock your socks off at a letter date…who knows?!?!😉

Thanks for reading!!

Oh…if your like to visit with me more, you can find me

Quick question…who is your “Style Crush”??   For me….Audrey Hepburn and Reese Witherspooon. Love them!!

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Mom, Miles, and Mishaps

40 "something" (YIKES!!) mother, who like most, is trying to have it ALL!! I am BLESSED to be the mother of two amazing boys, "J" and "A", wife to "M", and a Physician Assistant. I have a HUGE appetite for sports- especially my BELOVED University of Florida Gators! (Go Gators!!!). I am on a journey to be a "Fit Mom"...with a love for running, triathlons and all things CrossFit. Come with me on my journey my balancing act of motherhood, fitness, and....FUN!

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