Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 9)

Mondays are the worst. Especially when you didn’t get any sleep the night before because your 4 year-old came into your room right as you were falling asleep the because he “throwed up in the bathroom” (try, he threw up all over his bed – there’s nothing like having to clean up that mess when all you want to do is go back to bed). Oh, and once I cleaned everything up and scrubbed the hell out of my hands so I don’t get sick too, it took me an hour to get to sleep, which was right around the time my 6 year-old came into my room because she had a nightmare. She swears is good at stealthily coming into the room, but it sounds more like a herd of elephants. I heard her coming down the stairs and was awake before she even crossed the threshold of my bedroom door! And if that noise wasn’t enough to disturb my sleep, her out of control teeth grinding certainly was. Seriously, I must have really been a bad person in a former life because in this one, I don’t get any sleep!

As I was running on 3 hours if sleep (at the most) when I stood in my closet trying to get dressed, I just didn’t give a crap what I was going to wear to work. It would have been so easy to just throw on an old faithful outfit and get on with my day, ad I came real close, but Operation Clean Out My Closet, though. Ugh. So, I went through my dresses, but didn’t find anything I was feelin’, and moved on to the skirts to see what hasn’t been worn in a while.  And I found something! Yay!

This grey and black animal print pencil skirt (00P) from Banana Republic is from Spring 2012. I remember exactly when I bought this, and another pretty pencil skirt, as I was on maternity leave with #3 (the same bundle of joy who puked everywhere last night), and I bought this hoping the body would get back to “normal” by the time I went back to work. Fortunately the body did, more or less, but when I got back to work and wore this skirt for the first time, I realized my butt had maybe grown bigger, or else this skirt was just cut really small. Let’s just go with the skirt being cut too small, because the other skirt I bought that day didn’t fit so snugly in the rump region. Needless to say, I only wore this skirt a few times. I probably should have returned it before wearing that first time, but I’m sure I thought that I’d exercise a little bit and the last bit of maternity pudge would magically disappear, which would allow me to wear this skirt. I remembered all of this as I grabbed this skirt this morning, yet, I put it on anyway. And yup, it’s still a little snug on the backside, although it isn’t as bad as I remember from the last time I wore this skirt over 2 years ago. There is also a bit more room in the waist than the last time I wore it, so, I kept it on.

I paired this pencil shirt with a black short sleeve button down blouse, also from Banana Republic, circa 2008. This shirt barely gets any play, and I’m not sure wost likely because i have been trying so hard over the last few years to wear less black. So, it was a good pick in the barely-worn-and-super-old category. The cobalt cardigan is one from New York & Co., which I’ve blogged about recently. I am really into cobalt blue.

And the blue and black animal print open-toe pumps (circa 2008-ish) are Carlos by Carlos Santana, also blogged about a few days ago. Up until last week, I hadn’t worn these shoes in probably 2 or 3 years.  But my renewed dedication to mixing prints and patterns really calls for these shoes to get more air time.  And so they shall!

All-in-all, considering how little sleep I got last night, I am pretty happy with Day 9’s outfit.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Undecided. The cardigan and heels obviously will stay put.  But the pencil skirt – I just don’t know.  I really love this skirt; anything animal print is A-OK in my book. But the skirt is SNUG. Fortunately, I can breathe in it, and it’s not Kim K. tight, but I am on the fence.  Thoughts???

UPDATE: Still keeping the cardigan and blouse, but I am ditching the skirt.  By 3:00 p.m. today, I frankly got tired of my a$$ feeling like a sausage.  No skirt is worth feeling like a bratwurst!  LOL.  It’s been real Banana Republic Skirt, it’s been real.  But it’s OVER!



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10 thoughts on “Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 9)”

  1. Sorry you’re not getting any sleep…working Wife & Mom of four, maybe in the next 10-15 years? 😬

    Sorry #3 isn’t well (get well soon, Marky) & #4 had a nightmare. (again? really, jolie Jolie?)

    BUT you my darling, against all odds, continue to look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

    If the skirt is still workin’, it’s keeper! LOVE your ecclectic sense of style and fashion. (I see a lot of that in our Jojo. 😉)


  2. I would vote for anything that you have described as “snug” to go out. In my experience, this means I would put it on and then take it off…. especially if you don’t have a “challenge” as you do now.

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  3. I love your idea on Operation Clean Out. I need to do that in my own closet and thought maybe spring would be a good time to do so. Glad I found your blog.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! It has actually been pretty successful so far. I already have a pile of things that I am going to give away, just from going through my closet as I get dressed every day. Once the 30-day challenge is over, I will go through what I haven’t worn and just be honest with myself about whether I will actually wear it or not. If I don’t do this, I won’t be able to walk into my closet at some point!

      I checked out your blog, too, and am now following! Have a great day!


      1. You have definitely inspired me to do a major clean out. Like, you if I don’t my husband will have no where to put his clothes. 🙂
        Thank you for your support on my blog. Blogging is all new for me. I haven’t really figured out what my niche is except I love to talk about my family (girls) so we shall see. I love constructive criticism so any you have please send my way. Have a fun “snow” day.


      2. So glad to help! It has been really fun finding so many clothes I had totally forgotten about. But I will admit, I do feel a lot of pressure getting dressed every morning because I know I have to take pictures of myself and blog about it. And I always feel slightly embarrassed taking selfies but it would be even more embarrassing to ask the hubs to help me photograph for the flog. Oh, the struggle!

        I still feel new to blogging even though I have almost a year under my belt, so I took the blogging 101 course, which I feel really helped get the blog into much better shape. I still have so much to learn, and am still figuring out what I am doing and where I am going, but I am enjoying it all and taking it all in. I have another blog http://fourkidshubbyandajob.wordpress.com and I am struggling with my niche there, as well, but I’ll get there (or not!).

        Have you taken any of the wordpress courses? I am about to start the photography one this month, as well.

        I see from your blog that you are in the mid-Atlantic, too. Did you get any snow?



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