Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 11)

One of my favorite pairs of jeans ever are a pair of grey bootcut maternity jeans from Old Navy.  I bought them back in 2006 when I was pregnant with my first, and I wore the hell out of those jeans during (and right after) each of my 4 pregnancies. They were the perfect color and they went well with sooo many things in my closet, maternity and otherwise.  These jeans were so comfy and pretty much the best thing ever.  I love these jeans so much that I still have them, even though I had #4 almost 2 years ago and I have no intention of EVER needing them again.  It’s just too hard to give them up.  So, I was super excited when I found a pair of grey H&M Skinny Super Stretch Jeans from H&M recently.  The color of these jeans is sooo close to those favorite maternity jeans that I will never be able to wear again.

And, these new H&M jeans look great with my haven’t-worn-in-a-while striped multi-colored oversized sweater, also from H&M, circa 2011.  I haven’t worn this since 2013 or so, as it’s another victim of packing at the bottom of my bin of winter sweaters.  I seriously need to stop relegating stuff I actually like to the bottom of a bin.

Even though I don’t usually go for oversized sweaters because they overwhelm my 5’0″ frame, and make me feel short and dumpy, this sweater just doesn’t do any of that.  It’s comfy and colorful, and I can wear it completely untucked, which is what I ended up doing after I got home from lunch with the hubs…


…or I can wear it semi tucked in as I did when I first got dressed today.

It’s actually pretty funny that I am wearing these “replacement” jeans with this particular sweater, as I wore this oversized sweater a lot throughout my pregnancy with #3, probably with my beloved grey maternity jeans.





Anywho, Day 11 is a wrap!

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes.  The new jeans, obviously, and the sweater, definitely! It’s a shame I don’t wear this sweater, more!


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