What I Want Wednesday (March 2)

My upcoming beach vacation is totally on my mind and I have been searching far and wide for cute stuff to take with me in a few weeks. There are some real gems this week.

Fortunately, I also have a birthday coming up, so hopefully I’ve been a good enough girl to get some of these things.  Even if it means buying them for myself.  😄

Loft Beach Tropic Tie Back Romper in Bright Pomegranate

I’m really, really digging rompers this year.  When cut right, they are super flattering on petite gals!  I really like this romper because it is perfect for a beach vacation.  The v-neck will be really flattering on a petite frame, the back cutouts are so cute, and the pomegranate color is really very pretty.  I can totally see myself wearing this all summer long, too!

Kate Spade Waverly Terrace Jeanetta Purse

What a cute purse!  The wicker really reminds me of a purse my mom had when I was a kid and we lived in the Bahamas.  This purse simply screams beach vacation!  Of course it is totally impractical for my particular upcoming beach vacation, as the 4 kiddos will be in town, and this purse will barely hold my wallet, phones ,and makeup bag, much less all the crap I will need to have with me for the kiddos.  So, sadly, I will probably need to wait for a trip sans kids to use this purse.  And if I have to wait to use this purse on a kidless vacation, I guess I should probably wait to buy this purse too.  BOO!

Trina Turk Katy Keyhole Tank


ttWhen I first saw this tank, I thought, OMG! The colors are simply amazing.  I so love multicolored clothing, because they can be worn with so many different things.  This tank is no different – off the top of my head, I can think of at least 6 or 7 things bottoms that I can wear with this.  Cobalt: pencil skirt and skinny ankle pants; bright orange: pencil skirt and skinny ankle pants; and white: flare jeans and white shorts.  And I am sure there are other things in my wardrobe that will also work with this tank as well.  And this will look so gorgeous against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea!  And the keyhole is cute.  I WANT this top sooo badly!

J.Crew Sequin and Crystal Necklace

neckI am always in the market for statement necklaces.  This one is particularly pretty because of the colorful mix of sequins and crystals.  In the warm Caribbean sun, this necklace will shine like nobody’s business.  BUT…$128 for a statement necklace…not likely. SADNESS!


Calvin Klein Sabia Gladiator Sandal (Tan/Gold)


ckI have a pair of gold flip flops from Banana Republic that I absolutely love, but they are, sadly, falling apart!  So, I am totally in the market to replace them.  I could very easily find some that are exact replicas, or close too, but these sandals are so much more interesting than a boring ol’ pair of gold flip flops.  And I like that they have a very slight heel on them.

Prada Hibiscus High-Top Sneaker

pradaAren’t these sneakers so much fun?  I haven’t worn high-top sneakers since 10th or 11th grade, and figured I would never, ever wear them again.  But I saw these and suddenly really, really wanted a pair of high-tops.  Especially ones with blue flowers!  These would make the perfect casual sneakers.  Unfortunately, these sneakers are really just a pipe dream –  I know I won’t ever buy these sneakers.  I barely ever wear sneakers except for when I am doing the dreaded running, and when spent $120 for running sneakers 6 months ago, I felt sick.  I could at least rationalize buying those sneakers because I wear them a lot.  But these sneakers, for $295 at DSW, are an extravagance in which I am unlikely to indulge.  Sigh.

Now back to counting down the days until vacation.


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