Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 14)

The kids really wanted to go sightseeing today, and since this is the last free weekend before spring sports start to consume our already hectic lives, I wanted to let them have a say. They really wanted to go to Mount Vernon, but as much as I wanted to go (I don’t think I’ve ever been , or if I have, it was when I was too young to remember), I don’t know if the younger two would like it. So, we decided on a quick trip to DC to check out some of the monuments they haven’t seen yet. DC sightseeing with 4 kids. Lord, help us all!

But getting dressed when I  am not going into the office is always such an ordeal, especially when I am knee deep in Operation Clean Out My Closet. I never know what to wear when I’m trying to be casual and comfy, yet stylish without looking like I am trying so hard. Even though I’m clearly trying very hard! LOL. Anyway, I tried on 3 or 4 different outfits this morning, which is kinda ridiculous considering I’m “just” hanging out with the kids. But I hated everything I tried on, which in a way is good, because I was able to put a few things in the give away pile, which is the whole point of this challenge. But I was able to put together a decent outfit today. 

 I finally decided on the Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant – Black (XSP), which I received in a Stitch Fix box in September 2015. I only ended up keeping these pants because I wanted to get the 25% off discount, but I don’t love these pants and have been contemplating reselling or giving away. I actually had forgotten I even had these pants until the first 2 outfits I tried on today were no good and I was looking for a pair of brand new or rarely-worn pants. The pants still are not my favorite but I like them paired with calf-high black boots. It somewhat hides how they bunch up on the lower half. 

I also found a plain black tee from Gap, circa Summer 2010, that I have only worn once. So weird, considering it’s so basic, but it is what it is. And to finish off this outfit, I put on an oversized multicolored silk scarf in like colors that my friend asked her husband to buy me from a trip he took to UAE. 

And now, I’m off to DC. Wish us luck!

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes. I can make these pants work and the black tee , if nothing else, is a good staple to keep in the wardrobe. 


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