Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 17)

My two oldest children are receiving awards at school today (my 3rd grader is on the Honor Roll and my 1st grader is getting the exemplary conduct/work habits award), and so I decided to dress a little nicer than I ordinarily would on a day that I work from home.  I started my outfit search looking for a pair of pants and I found a pair of ankle pants that I love, but have never worn.

These black and white polka dot pants are the Old Navy Pixie Mid-Rise Ankle Pants (OP), which I bought in 2015 (I don’t think they have the polka dots ones anymore, but they have a similar black and white print here).  I instantly liked these pants when I first saw them last year during a trip to Old Navy to buy the kids some clothes for the summer, but every time I have tried to wear them, they never looked quite right and I always put them back into the closet.  But today, I was determined to keep them on.  I’m glad I did.

These pants fit really well.  They hit right at the ankle, and have just enough stretch for a fitted and polished look.  They don’t bunch up at the knees or in the calf-area like a lot of my ankle pants do, and all-in-all they are a great pair of pants for a petite gal!  But deciding which top to wear with these pants has always been an issue when trying to wear these pants.  But I think I found a winner buried in the bottom of a pile of multi-seasons tops and sweaters in my closet.

This XSP sweater is from Banana Republic (where else?) circa 2008.  The dry cleaners tag inside the sweater says April 2013, so I’m going to guess that the last time I wore it was in February or March 2013.It’s such a pretty color, but I have a lot of turquoise, green, and blue tops in my closet, so it’s no wonder that this sweater has been neglected. What a shame! This sweater actually fits really well – fitted, but not tight, and just the right length.

Deciding what shoes to wear with this outfit was probably the hardest part of getting dressed today. I didn’t want to wear boots, as it will be about 70 degrees later on today, and I thought ballet flats would be a bit boring. So, I decided to kick this outfit into high gear and wear a pair of shoes that don’t necessarily match, but end up looking good with the outfit just the same.  These brown and white polka dot pumps with a turquoise animal print trim are from Steve Madden circa 2007.  I would never have worn brown and black together a few years ago, but somehow, these shoes just work and really set this outfit off.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes. All of it!

Have a great day everyone!


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