Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 22)

I am sooo tired today. Damn you Daylight Saving Time!  And on top of that, my son’s semifinal soccer match was at 10:30 am, so I had an early wake up call to make sure he ate breakfast and “got his mind right” for the game. According to the hubs, he was a #beast this morning, too! He kept the opponent from scoring the tying goal and was a rock star on defense the entire game.  I am so proud of him!

After taking the younger 3 kids to a birthday party while the morning soccer match was going on, once I had heard they won their game and made it to the finals, I decided there was no way I’d miss the championship game. I’m typing this post as I  sit here in the rain waiting for halftime to end.

Anyway, getting dressed today was a breeze. I wanted to see if I could finally wear a pair of  brown leggings that my mom bought me from New York & Co 2 or 3 years ago. The problem with these is that I waited a year before I actually tried to wear them, and when I did, that sticker that they put on clothes telling you the size was totally stuck on left leg of the leggings. I couldn’t get it off to save my life. But I was able to remove most of the glue from that sticker and gave these pants a chance. I wore them with a pink sequin sweater I bought on sale from Ann Taylor. Since the sweater is very sheer, I put on a white H&M tank underneath.  I put on my beige wide belt from Banana Republic and Sam Edelman beige booties and was out the door.

Getting back to the kid’s soccer match, I had to go home to change first because I was overdressed for a soccer match, especially with the rain and everything. So I put on this casual outfit, which is more appropriate to cheer the team to victory.

Just a casual outfit made up of Old Navy Sweetheart jeans from 2013 that I haven’t worn since 2015 because I’ve been on a skinny jeans kick. I’m also wearing the same H&M tank top, and a beige open-front light beige cardigan that I bought in 2015 from Nordstrom Rack but have never warn, and a pair of white and silver sneakers that my mom bought for me in 2014 that I’ve never worn. I’m pretty impressed that I put together two outfits that met the challenge, even while trying the keep the crazy kiddos from acting a fool. 

Oh, and the kid’s team WON their championship game in penalty kicks. Awesome job, guys!

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes. The brown leggings are cute, fit pretty well, and now that the sticker glue is gone, these can fit right into the rotation!

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