Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 25)

Only 5 more days of this challenge!  Woo hoo!  I’ll tell you what, my inspiration is running really low guys.  It’s harder every day to come up with something to wear.  This challenge is really taking its toll, but I know I will have a much more manageable closet situation in a few more days.

It’s partly sunny today and it’s supposed to be 75 degrees or so, so I really didn’t want to wear jeans today.  Plus, the only casual jeans or pants that I haven’t already worn as part of this challenge and/or haven’t already been eliminated from my wardrobe, are bootcut jeans.  I still like bootcut jeans, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they feel a little dated, too.  I have an Old Navy denim mini skirt from maybe 2005 that I decided would be the winner today.

Yeah, it’s short, but what the heck?  I shaved my legs, so I’m not in danger of scaring anyone by wearing a skirt!  And since  I haven’t worn this skirt in several years, I needed to see how ridiculous it looked (or felt) wearing a mini skirt in order to make an informed decision about whether to keep this old skirt. And honestly, I didn’t feel too silly when I put it on, so I that’s a good sign.

I found this silver shimmery Old Navy sweater from 2013 in the bottom of a pile of clothes that I keep intending to go through.  I don’t think I have worn this sweater in over a year, so it’s high time to put in back into the rotation.  It’s lightweight enough to wear in the Spring, but can also be worn in the winter.  I can wear it at work and at play, so it’s pretty versatile.

I threw on a silver and bronze necklace from H&M that I bought for $3 and a pair of silver sequined loafers to complete the look.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes.  As long as my legs still look decent, and don’t have that saggy old lady knee action (it’s getting close, trust me) I don’t mind busting out a mini skirt every now and again.  And the sweater is a keeper, I just need to put it in a more prominent place in my closet so I don’t lose track of it again.

Have a good one!


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Attorney.Wife.Mom.Wannabe Fashionista.Wannabe Interior Decorator.Just Trying to Have it All and Keep it REAL!

12 thoughts on “Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 25)”

    1. Haha. I hope that I didn’t sound snarky or rude. It’s just that the skin on my knees is getting a tad saggy, which I see happens to women as we age. Adding it to the list of grievances!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Five is the number of grace…Hang in there!
    Run your race…Finish what you have started.

    If you’re going to sell any your “discards”, may I suggest you sell them as petite outfits?

    Mom 🤓


    1. My photographer is yours truly. Too embarrassed to ask P to help out. He’d just laugh at me. It took a while, but I found a place with decent lighting in the house, so I just set the timer on my phone and take the pictures there. That’s why every picture is by the stairs. Boring, but good lighting is essential! Thinking of maybe using my real camera, as well, to get higher quality shots. But it’s so much easier to use my phone and don’t have to upload anything.


      1. The quality and angles are superb! You look 6 feet tall, but you always wore your height well. (Remember? Good things ALWAYS come in little packages…Like diamond rings! 💎)

        I think the consistent backdrop is suitable for your 30-day Challenge. Perhaps you will change it after the Challenge is complete.



      2. Well, it’s all still good!

        (Amateur) photographers, petite or not, would love to know the location of that option.

        Mom 📸🤓📸


      3. As for lighting, there are only a few places in the house with really good light throughout the day. It’s hard in the am to get pics now that it’s DST.


      4. Given all the other things that could sag/go wrong, my knees are the least of my worries.

        Because of the iPhotography class (Groupon) in which I enrolled last year but have yet to begin, upon receipt of their emails I’ve been experimenting with the Edit option on my camera. One feature allows you adjust dramatically for light.

        Give it, and the other features, a try. It may present a few unknknown photo ops for you.




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