What I Want Wednesday March 16

I have been super busy the last few days, what with my son’s soccer tournament over the weekend, getting mentally prepared for vacation with the 4 kiddos, trying to clean out my closet, and, you know, working full-time and being a wife and mom. Being me is really exhausting.  But I can ALWAYS find top to window shop.  ALWAYS.  Here are a few things that I am crushing on this week.

Kinda funny how I picked so many similar colors this week.  But, hey, Spring is upon us and these are really good Spring colors, no?

Anthropologie Twist-back Tee in Grey

I’m all about accentuating the back. And there’s really something fun about an otherwise basic shirt in the front that has a party going on in the back. PARTAY! This shirt will make a nice addition to my wardrobe, and it will transition really well from day (with pencil skirt and blazer) to night (remove blazer and maybe change into skinny jeans).

H&M Off-the-shoulder Blouse in Light Blue

hm 2I’ve seen a bunch of off the shoulder tops this year, and I’d really like one. But most leave me feeling like I’d look like I was trying way to hard. Let’s face it people – I’m old. As much as my brain still thinks it’s 26, 26 was practically a third of my lifetime ago.  Jeez, when I put it that way, I feel even more ancient.  Bottom line is, I don’t want to look like a 26-year-old, or like I’m trying to look like a 26-year-old, so I think this off-the-shoulder blouse will allow me to look on-trend and yet not like a kid.  And the light blue tone is great for the Spring and Summer.

J. Crew Silk Cap Sleeve Top in Midnight Bloom

jcrewI’m all about the floral prints this season. This one is so pretty.  I like the mix of peach, blue, and purple.  There are endless possibilities for what I can wear with this blouse, and if definitely will work in the office or when I am out and about on the weekends.




J. Crew Mini Bucket Bag in Leather (Brilliant Peri)

When I lived in NYC, I lived with my cousin. She had a knee-length blue leather jacket that was close to this color that I coveted. I wanted that jacket and borrowed it often! So when I saw this purse, I instantly loved it. Sometimes you see an item of clothing or an accessory that causes such an intense visceral reaction that you HAVE TO HAVE IT. That’s how I feel about this purse. This purse reminds me of a time when my future was ahead of me, when I was young, carefree, and having a good time living the single life in NYC. Those days are behind me, and rightfully/happily so, but this purse would be a small slice of nostalgia that seems really appealing. So, I’m going to have to buy it!

Ann Taylor Charlie Patent Bow Pump in Blush Pink

shoesWhile I’m not generally a fan of patent leather, light pink, or bows, somehow I really like these pumps anyway.  They’re super feminine and are a perfect addition to my Spring office wardrobe.  Can’t wait to get these!






Well, that’s all for today, ya’ll  Have a great Wednesday!



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