Trunk Club Review #1

I’ve been hearing a lot about Trunk Club lately and since its my birthday month, I decided to give it a shot.  What’s Trunk Club?  Well, like Stitch Fix, it’s a personal stylist service.  You are assigned a stylist who, after getting some information from you about your likes and preferences, sends you a trunk of clothes and shoes for you to try on and purchase.  img_7912-1However, the similarities between Stitch Fix and Trunk Club pretty much end there.  Let me explain.

Unlike Stitch Fix, Trunk Club allows you to directly chat with your stylist via phone, email, or chatting (in the app) before he or she styles you, which allows your stylist to really hone in on what you are looking for.  Also unlike Stitch Fix, Trunk Club allows you to not only to preview what your stylist will send in your trunk, but also gives you 48 hours to reject items that you don’t want sent to you, so that your stylist can replace them with other items that may be more up your alley.  After 48 hours, your trunk is processed for shipment.

Another key difference between Trunk Club and Stitch Fix is that Trunk Club gives you 10 days, rather than 3, to figure out what you’re going to keep from your trunk. That’s huge, especially if you, like me, are indecisive, need to try things on several times, and suffer from buyer’s remorse quite often.  And finally (and perhaps most importantly), Trunk Club doesn’t charge a styling fee, so you truly are only paying for what you keep.  No feeling compelled to buy something that you really don’t really want so that you haven’t “wasted” your $20 styling fee.

Sounded good to me, and I gave it a go.  I was assigned Kelsey as my stylist, and since I downloaded the Trunk Club app, I was able to start chatting with her right away to explain that I am a petite gal that needs petite clothes for an upcoming vacation that can also be transitioned into my work wardrobe!  I explained that as a 5’0″ woman, I still struggle to find clothes tha fit me in a way that doesn’t overwhelm my frame.  I also let her know that I really want to update my Spring/Summer wardrobe with colors and prints in petite sizes.  Kelsey also asked me which brands and stores I normally shop at to get a better idea of my style and taste.  That same day, Kelsey sent me 20 items to look through, and I declined 14 of them.

I declined these 14 items for a variety of reasons: some were way too expensive for me to consider buying; some were more suited just for work; and some were simply not my style.  But the great thing about Trunk Club is that Kelsey really listened to my feedback and carefully considered why I declined the 14 items in picking out what would ultimately ship in my trunk.  The next day, I saw that Kelsey had replaced these items and would be sending me 19 total pieces for me to try on.

I was happy that there was a nice mix of styles, prints, and price points in this trunk.  Once the trunk arrived 5 days later, I was super excited to try things on. After deliberating with the hubs, my sister, and a few friends, I decided to keep 5 things and return these 15 items:


  1. Two By Vincent Camuto Lace Inset Drawstring Slub Knit Top.  ($79).  This top was too big and overwhelming on my frame. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the lace on this top and I don’t really need any more black tops in my wardrobe.
  2. Topshop Stripe Off the Shoulder Crop Top.  ($38)  I actually am in the market for an off-the-shoulder top, but I think off-the-shoulder AND cropped in the same shirt is a bit too much for me. I’d probably spend the entire day tugging at the shirt to keep it put, and ain’t nobody got time for that.
  3. Joie Galaxite Silk Top in porcelain.  $198.  This was a very soft top, but it was super sheer and there’s NO WAY that I’d spend almost 200 bucks on a sheer tank.
  4. Free People Sydney Lace Camisole  in tangerine.  ($128).  I love the color (seems more yellow than tangerine) and I actually think it fit really well.  It also had a built-in bra, which is crucial for wearing during vacation.  But I didn’t like the price tag. It was too high for a camisole in my opinion.
  5. Topshop Stripe Jersey Tube Skirt in Grey Multi.  ($40).  No. Just, no. I have hips and a butt, and therefore, I don’t do tube skirts. EVER!  ESPECIALLY NOT WHEN THEY ARE HORIZONTAL STRIPES.
  6. Caslon Sailor Pants in White.  ($64).  I really wanted to like these, as they certainly would be something different in my closet. But they too big in the legs.  And too long.  And just not my style in the end.
  7. Hudson Jeans Ginny Crop Stretch Skinny Jeans in white.  ($165).  I have been in the market for white cropped jeans for a while and was actually going to keep these jeans after the hubs raved about how they looked on me.  I’ll be honest, I was concerned they made my arse look huge, but I polled several people besides him and the consensus was, GO FOR IT!!!  And I really loved the cute Union Jack button and the cute back pockets on these jeans.  But, I thought they were a bit long for cropped jeans.  And, more importantly, I was very concerned that these were too expensive.  I went to Loft yesterday too see if they had any white cropped jeans in my size that I could try on, and lo and behold, I found a pair for $100 cheaper.  So yeah, I love these jeans and would love to own a pair of Hudsons, but it’s not meant to be at this time.
  8. 1.State Stripe Culotte Jumpsuit in evening navy.  ($139).  I really loved how the top of the jumpsuit fit.  It was perfect and very flattering. Unfortunately, the legs were yuck – too wide and made e look short (which I am) and stumpy (which I hope I’m not).
  9. Jack Rogers Luccia Sandal in gold.  ($177.95).  I liked these wedge sandals a lot.  But even though they’re the right size, the medallions on the top strap look too big and out of place.  And they were too expensive for my liking.
  10. Caslon A-line Knit Midi Skirt in ivory stripe. ($48).  It’s just too long. I have a few midi skirts that I never wear and I don’t want another. Maybe some petite girls can pull office midi skirt look, but I don’t think it looks good on me. And I don’t need any more stripes in any event.
  11. Halogen Eyelet Fit & Flare Dress in white.  ($118).  I love eyelet prints,so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, this dress felt stiff (kind of like a granny’s tablecloth), and it had a zipper that kept getting caught on the fabric. It took my 6’11” husband to help me zip this dress because of the sticky zipper, and once I finally got it zipped, it was very unflattering on me. I looked like a doily.
  12. Topshop Embroidered Crop Tee in multi.  ($40).  When I first saw this online I thought I’d really like it. And I did when I saw it in person.  Unfortunately that all changed when I put it on. The collar is weird – it kept bunching up. It was almost like a mock turtleneck. Yuck. I would have spent all day tugging at the neck. It sucks because embroidery on the bottom of the top is very cute. And it’s cropped but not ridiculously so.
  13. Vince Camuto Keyhole Detail Jersey Stretch Sheath Dress in Fiery Coral. ($99).  I thought for sure when I previewed this that I would love it and have to buy it.  It is such a pretty color and I loved the keyhole.  But once I tried it on, I was not feeling it at all.  Despite being very pretty in person, and sooo soft, jersey stretch material shows all of my hard-earned flaws.  I would need to wear spanx with this to feel confident, and I’m net ready to concede that I need spanx just yet.  Also, I have a similar cut and tone sleeveless dress from H&M that I bought 3 years ago.  So, I figure I don’t need yet another dress like this that I probably won’t wear.
  14. Joe’s Tasha Sandal in gold leather.  ($79).  You know how when you buy real leather shoes and you open the shoebox, you get that overwhelming leather smell?  Well, that happened with these sandals (and this is a good thing – I love the smell of leather).  I really wanted to like these because I desperately want a pair of gold sandals to replace the gold Banana Republic ones I have that are on their way out, but these didn’t fit very well.  They’re the right size, but the thong part of the sandal is big.  I feel like I’d be slipping and sliding around in these sandals when I’m walking.  I could tell I’d get a blister from chaffing. And that’s not a cute look.  I also I didn’t really want to spend more than $40, since the ones I have now, also leather, were only $40.  Call me cheap, but I’m not interested in spending $78 on some flip flops, leather or no!
  15. La Blanca Calypso Island Print Cover-up Romper in White Multi.  ($119).  I was actually planning on declining this item when Kelsey sent it with the first batch of items, but I thought that I really needed a cover-up for the beach and this was such a pretty floral pattern so I’d give it a chance.  But I really didn’t like it in person.  It was too big and unflattering on me.  And I didn’t like the print in-person, either.  And I didn’t want to spend this much for something that would get all sandy and salty from the beach.

Here are the 4 items that I am probably going to buy (I still have a few days before I have to return my trunk, so if you have any comments, by all means…):

1.State Halter Neck Trapeze Dress in Cashew Milk size XXS.  ($139).

I really like this dress.  I do think it’s a tad long, though.   I am wondering if I can get it hemmed?  But I really like the keyhole front and the halter straps.  It seems perfect for a beach vacation, although I definitely wouldn’t be able to wear this to work even with a cardigan or blazer because of the keyhole. The hubs really liked it and really wants me to get it.

Sienna Sky Floral Print Lace Back Shift Dress size XS.  ($48).

When I first saw this in the preview of my trunk, I didn’t think I would like it at all.  It looked like something I would have worn in the 1990s.  I had tons of baby doll dresses when I was in high school in the mid 90s.  So, my guy was that I would hate this dress.  But when I tried it on, I liked it a lot.  I really liked the lace detail in the back, which is surprising, because I usually hate lace.  The hubs really liked it.  It is a tad big, though, so I tried it with a wide belt to give it some shape and I think that did the trick.  I may see if I can have it taken in a tad, as it has seems on the side, but even if I can’t, I really like this dress.

Free People Anas Draped Jersey Tube Top in fiesta red size XS.  ($48).

When I first previewed this top, I was sure I would return it.  I usually look so bad in tube tops – they’re either awful because of the deflated chesticle situation, or they’re too tight and make me look like I have back fat.  But I liked this one once I tried it on.  It fits well, and doesn’t make me look like i have an ironing board chest or muffin top in the back!  It’s a great color, one that I don’t have much of, and I can definitely bring this with me on vacation.  I like how it wraps around in the front.  I am actually wearing this top with the Hudson jeans that I am returning.  You can see why I was concerned that they accentuated my posterior.  But anywho, this tube top is super soft and I think it will make a great addition to my closet.

Halogen Long Seeve Chambray Shirt in dark indigo size XXSP.  ($40.80)

When I previewed this blouse, I wasn’t ging to keep it, as I already have 2 chambray tops.  But once I saw it in person, I really liked it.  It’s so soft, and actually fits way better than the 2 chambray tops I currently have in my closet. So, I’ll most likely keep it and chuck the other 2.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I will say that Trunk Club felt a bit overwhelming at first, what with having to decide between 19 items, but all-in-all, I am very happy with this service.  I like brands that I am familiar with and that I can find/price out online.  And I, of course, love not having to pay a styling fee.   That’s huge. With Trunk Club, I didn’t feel pressure to buy something I really don’t want just to justify using the service.  I also thought what my stylist sent me was much closer to my preferences than has been my experience with Stitch Fix.  I’d love to hear what you think before I have to return my trunk.

Would you like to try Trunk Club?  I’d love it if you would click my referral link and help me feed my shopping habit!

Or, want to try out Stitch Fix? Check out my referral link and help me feed that habit, too!


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11 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review #1”

  1. Greetings!

    I like items 2-4. The print in #1 is fabulous, but the dress looks like it’s too big and a tad too long for you.

    The Trunk Club concept sounds very good. Mom would be very happy! (She thought I was cheap because I shop, for myself predominately, at sale/clearance racks.)

    I thank God that He has blessed you to buy clothing at those prices without crippling the family. In today’s economy that is not always possible.

    Mom ❤️👗❤️


    1. Thanks! I am def enjoying Trunk Club more than SF. I actually just received a SF box, which i will post about in a few days, and they went and switched stylists on me. And am back to square one. So, I think Trunk Club is moe for me!


      1. 😄👍🏻 I have a SF box that I am posting about tomorrow. My issue with SF is I don’t know if they actually read my notes. For instance I hate coats and Blazers. The past two boxes I’ve gotten Blazers 😔


    1. Yea, I liked the camisole too and def would have bought it had in been in the 40-50 range. But, as a whole, I feel much better doing Trunk Club than SF.



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