Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 30)

The last day!  I made it! I really wanted to go out with a bang, but after going almost an entire month without repeating clothes or wearing old-time favorites, I am totally spent.  So, I’ll admit that today’s outfit is a tad uninspired.  

The sweater I am wearing today is from Banana Republic, circa 2007.  It’s size XS. So, it’s an oldie for sure.  I haven’t worn it since 2013. Probably because of these bell sleeves. They are CRAZY! Otherwise, I really like the light green tone of this sweater, and it’s very soft.

The jeans I have on are a pair of bootcut jeans from Banana Republic (size 25P) hat I bought in 2015.  I have another pair of bootcut jeans in a lighter wash from Banana Republic that I really love, and bought these thinking that they would fit exactly as the other ones do.  I was wrong.  For some reason, even though they are the same size and cut, these are way bigger.  And thus, I barely ever wear these.  I haven’t worn them since last year because they are too roomy to wear tucked into boots and they are too long to wear with flats.  As it is, they were too long for the beige booties I wore with them.  Pity.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT?  No.  I probably will get rid of the jeans since I don’t like the way they fit, and definitely will chuck the sweater.  I don’t like these sleeves on this sweater and felt silly all day wearing these, even though I worked from home all day and only left the house to take my son to a doctor appointment.

So, there you have it folks.  30 days of wearing things that were either brand new but had never been worn, or old clothes that hadn’t been worn for so long that I had nearly forgotten about them.  I think this challenge, for all the annoyance it caused me over the last 30 days, was a real success!  My closet looks so much better after going through it as over the course of the challenge, and I still have to go through my drawers and Spring/Summer wardrobe that I have in my storage room in the basement.  But I have come a long way and have two 13-gallon garbage bags full of clothes to give away to someone who will give them a good home, and will appreciate them more than I have/will!

For anyone struggling with a closet that looks like a hot mess, I highly recommend taking on this 30-day challenge.  If you’re like me, you have too may things that you know you’ll never wear, and it’s probably time to sh*t or get off the pot!  You’ll be happy you did.



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5 thoughts on “Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 30)”

  1. I’m glad you let us know how the challenge turned out and that you actually got rid of a lot of stuff. I am also amazed that you know when and where you bought all these clothes! I may know the brand or the approximate time, but you remember everything! I am also enjoying the SF updates and your sister’s weekly guest blog!


  2. Congratulations! You did it!! Happy for you and your closet! 🙂

    You’re half-way there…When working, I was blessed to be able to go an entire 16-week semester without repeating an outfit. Students noticed it first, then it became a personal challenge. Loved it!

    It’s amazing how my mind remembered what I’d already worn and that when I shopped I had a memory for color.

    Love of clothing & shopping, courtesy of my Mom & Twiney.❤️❤️


    1. Thanks! It was good for me to purge things out of the closet. I can actually see what I have now and it looks much better. On to tackle my drawers next!



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