Stitch Fix Review #6

I have been getting fixes from Stitch Fix every 3 months because I can’t really justify doing it every month.  Well, I guess that’s not entirely accurate.  I COULD justify it, but I shouldn’t.   (If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, and are interested in learning more, scroll down to the bottom of this post).  And receiving a fix every 3 months coincides with the change in seasons, which is a good way to update my wardrobe at the beginning of each new season.  This quarter’s fix was particularly of interest to me because A) it’s March, the month of my birth and B) it’s spring break vacation time, so I was super excited about getting my fix this go around.  I asked Amanda to send me bold Spring colors and prints that would work for my upcoming beach vacation. I also asked for a number of specific spring items that I’ve seen on other blogs, hoping that some (or all) would be available!

So, I previewed what was in my fix as soon as I received notification in the app that my box had been shipped.

None of the 10 or 15 things I had requested by name were in this fix.  But, that happens, so I wasn’t overly concerned.  But what did concern me was that it seemed that someone had replaced my stylist, Amanda, who had been right on the money the last few fixes, with an imposter!  I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be keeping anything!  That was such a bad feeling to feel while I waited for my fix to arrive, especially since I’m going on a beach vacation soon and between this fix and the trunk I just received from Trunk Club, I was hoping to bring a whole new wardrobe (or close to) with me.  But, I was going to give everything in this fix a chance before making any decisions.

img_8482Once the box arrived and I read the note from the stylist, I learned that Amanda wasn’t available to style me for this fix, which explains why I don’t love the preview of this fix. I want Amanda back.  Wah!  Anyway, here’s what I received in my fix.



1. 31 Bits Mediterranean Beaded Necklace ($48)

Stitch Fix necklace...

I like the necklace that my stylist sent to me.  These are such pretty colors and perfect for a beach vacay. Unfortunately, I already own a necklace with virtually identical colors, which I bought at Charming Charlie’s in 2015 for about $25 less (and that one came with earrings, too!).  And really, the Charming Charlie’s version is sturdier and of better quality.  So, there’s no need to have two of virtually the same necklace, especially not at this price.


2. Kut From The Kloth Corynne Distressed Boyfriend Short Size 0 ($68)

When I previewed these shorts, I was disappointed.  Denim shorts, yuck.  Also, I said I was going on a beach vacay, and when I think beach vacay, I DO NOT think of jean shorts.  Maybe it’s just me, though.  I also don’t like the boyfriend cut, generally.  Boyfriend jeans are too loose.  Loose doesn’t look good on me – it makes me look short (which I am, of course) and dumpy (which I really hope I am not!).  So, I was skeptical to say the least.
When I tried them on with a tank from H&M and a pair of floral wedge sandals from Chinese Laundry, they weren’t that bad. They actually fit and weren’t baggy at all.  And the denim is really very soft.  But, again, I don’t think jean shorts for a beach vacation. And I wouldn’t buy jean shorts for more than $40 because I am cheap.  As my sister so aptly pointed out, I can get a pair of jean shorts like these for cheaper at Target.  Sadly, since I don’t love these and don’t need jean shorts, I have to send these back.


3. Moon & Sky Armanda Cross Front Tie Knit Top Size XS ($54)

My first impression when I previewed this top was that the colors ARE NOT colors I would wear in the Spring.  I asked for bold Spring colors and prints, and while yes, this is a print, there is nothing that says spring (or beach vacay) about this top.  I wasn’t feeling very optimistic at all about this top.

And when I saw it in person, I liked it even less. It’s just not me.  And the colors – burgundy, black, and reds – these are not colors I would want to wear on the beach.  To me, these colors seem more suited for Fall/Winter.  Also, this looks like a top someone (not me) would wear to the office, not to the beach.  I would never wear this top on a beach vacation (or ever)!  I tired to style it with a pair of white cropped denim from Loft, but it didn’t look right unless I wore a pair of purple BCBG pumps, for a business casual look.  That’s definitely not what I was looking for.  I know I sound negative, and I am sorry for that, but I don’t like this top for me.  I haven’t had such a strong negative reaction to something in a fix since that ill-fated Fix #2 (March 2015). Maybe March just isn’t my month for Stitch Fix!  


4. Papermoon Paola Embroidered Neckline Top ($44)

Funny, I read a review that was featured on the Stitch Fix Review FB page a few days ago featuring this top and I remember thinking, as I read it, “OH LORD PLEASE DON’T SEND ME THIS TOP IN THIS SAME COLOR.”  I just got rid of a few blue tops during Operation Clean Out My Closet and hoped I wouldn’t receive anything to replace what I was giving away.  So, OF COURSE this top is in my fix. It seems that I have bad karma like a mutha*****!!

But, I’ll admit that once I put on the top, I really liked it. It fits really well (just the right length and comfy without being roomy) and it is such a pretty color in person. I really like the mix of cobalt and teal stitching around the neckline.

Yes, I don’t NEED any more blue in my wardrobe, but blue is my favorite color and I know I will wear this on my beach vacay.

Also, I can wear this blouse with long pants, as I did here with a pair of white flared jeans from Banana Republic and Juicy Couture heels.

I can also wear this top with cropped skinny pants (these are from J.Crew Factory), shorts (J.Crew Factory with a pair of Mossimo wedge sandals), or even with a pencil skirt (from Loft with a pair of Carlos Santana peep-toe heels) for work.  And these are just a few outfits I threw together with this top.  I can think of so many more bottoms to wear with this top that aren’t white or green.  So, this top is definitely versatile and a keeper!


5. Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Shorts Size 0($58)

My first thought when I previewed these shorts was, “GREAT, I JUST BOUGHT A PAIR OF YELLOW CHINO SHORTS FROM J.CREW THE OTHER DAY, FINAL SALE (OF COURSE)!”  During this same shopping trip, I bought a pair of light blue print shorts and a sea foam pair as well.  And, I think, more importantly, I have a pair of light blue chino shorts from Banana Republic already.  So, before even trying these on, I knew they’d be returned unless they blew me away.  

When these arrived, I thought they looked nice enough.  I tried them on with the 41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse in Orange from Stitch Fix #4 and the same Chinese Laundry wedge sandals I wore above.  The shorts are really very soft.  But I don’t love the way they fit, so they definitely didn’t blow me away!

They are fitted in the rear but bunch up at the bottoms and in the front, and they’re too roomy in the waist.

Excuse the shot of my jiggly belly, but I was trying to show you that I can stick my hand into the back of these shorts, and that’s not a cute look.

There’s just no point in keeping these shorts when I’m not blown away and am really good in the blue shorts department.



I feel like I am back to square one again without Amanda styling me.  Yes, I found one item to keep that I really like, and I probably would have kept the necklace if I didn’t already have a similar necklace in my wardrobe (and if it had been cheaper).  But, the bottom line is, I want Amanda to style me because I have been really happy with the two fixes she has sent me.  Even if I didn’t like everything, I felt she was really paying attention to my comments, my Pinterest board, and this blog, even, and I didn’t get that feeling this time.

I will say that when I checked out and expressed my disappointment with this fix, I heard from Stitch Fix within a few hours, offering to style me again with a credit for the styling fee.  I will always give it to Stitch Fix for having great customer service.

Thoughts?  Am I being too picky?

Do you have a Stitch Fix review that you would like to share?  Check out this link up!


Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist service.  All you do is fill out a style profile, including your wants, likes, and dislikes, and schedule a “fix” to be sent to you on a specified date.  The styling fee is $20, which you can use toward the purchase of anything your stylist has sent to you.   You buy what you want and return what you don’t want, and you only pay for the items that you keep.  Interested?  Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself?  Want to also help a petite gal get a $25 referral fee to feed her shopping obsession? Click here.


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14 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #6”

    1. I know a lot of it has to do with the stylist, and when you build a rapport with your stylist, only for her to be replaced without warning, it stinks. It wasn’t the worst fix I’ve received, but it wasn’t exactly ehat i was looking for either. Sigh.


  1. Well I love the blue top you kept. As for the jean shorts…they are super “in” right now and everyone wears them to the beach. But your right, you can find them cheaper at Target. I didn’t care for anything else you received in your Fix either. You made the right choices.


  2. I’ve never tried this service before, but I really like the one top that you kept! 31 Bits, even though they are more expensive, has a great mission and partnership with women in impoverished situations. I like the lightweight feel of their jewelry, because statement necklaces can really get heaven on the neck.



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