One pair of jeans, two different people…

So, I sent my 9-year-old upstairs to get dressed so that I could take the army to a birthday party this afternoon, and when I went up to help my littlest guys brush their teeth, the 9-year-old walks out of his room perplexed. “Mom, why are my jeans so long?!” he asks. When I look at his jeans, I am also very confused. He’s somewhat tall for his age and so he’s had to recently jump up to boys size 14 slim, so I figured they must be the new jeans I bought him before vacation. 

But then I looked at the cut of the jeans, and they seemed really off. Almost like what my jeans look like when they’re not petite sizes – way to wide and long from the calf area down.  I normally my son bootcut jeans from Old Navy and even if a bit long, they don’t look threat these jeans looked. Had Old Navy screwed up the cut if these jeans?

I looked at the tag to make sure I bought a 14 and not a 16 (if that even exists), and low and behold, these were my Old Navy The Flirt jeans. 
I’m sure he’s going to be mortified in a few years that I posted this side-by-side of us wearing my  jeans, but I had to post this. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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