Petite Girl on Vacation

All that preparation for vacation and it came and went in a flash. Totally anti-climatic! But I had such a great time in the Dominican Republic with my sister and her family.

I intended to take pictures of some of the new clothes I wore while on vacation, but when traveling with your army of children, doing a photo shoot just isn’t all that practical. But I did manage the snap a few pics of what I wore:

I bought this dress, the Rib-knit Midi Tank Dress in red stripe (XSP) from Old Navy right before I left on vacation. It was on sale for like $12, so I figured I would take a chance on buying a dress I knew would be too long. Sure it’s high, it was too long. More like a maxi dress even though I bought it in a petite size, but what are you gonna do when you’re 5 feet tall? Otherwise, it fit fine and is super comfy. I think next time I wear it, though, I will put on a belt to give it a little more shape.

Unfortunately, there’s no full-length picture of the complete outfit I wore here, but I paired a yellow v-neck blouse I bought in 2015 from H&M  (similar herewith the citrus lime (yellow) J.Crew Factory 5″ Chino Shorts that I picked up right before vacation, as well.  Since the yellows were close but not exactly matching, I put on a multicolored striped belt to tie everything together.  I wish I had taken a better picture of this outfit.  It was cute!


And this embarrassing picture right here features my white string bikini from Old Navy, which I bought in 2014. The hat is from Banana Republic circa August 2009.







And that, folks, is literally the extent of the pictures I have where you can sort of see what I was wearing on my beach vacation.  I will do better next vacation, which will be when we go to Hilton Head this summer.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Petite Girl on Vacation”

      1. Isn’t it funny how at a dream resort your worries just seem to sail away. It is like I don’t even stress over my girls like I do at home.



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