Product Review: Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush (Part 1)

Since I stopped chemically straightening my hair 2 years ago, I’ve basically had to learn how to handle this mess of hair on top of my dome because I just never knew how to manage it until a few years ago. I’ve learned a lot about how to style it when it’s in its natural curly (kinky) state,  as well as how to straighten it when I want to wear it like that. But I still feel like there’s still so much I don’t know about my hair.  Which is why I am constantly buying/testing out new hair products.

Just like a few nights ago. Actually, more like in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up at 3:00 am as has been the case fur the last few weeks (shoot me know!) and as I fell asleep with the TV on, once it was clear that sleep was going to evade me, I started watching a commercial on hair straightening brushes. Everyone on the commercial started out with either kinky, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, and after using the brush had perfectly straight hair.  And the commercial claimed using the product cut straightening tine significantly and didn’t leave your hair with that burning hair smell that you get with a flat iron.

Intrigued, rather than try in vain to go back to sleep, I started researching the different options out there. And there were many. The straightening brush that  was on that TV commercial was about $80, and claimed is was better than all the rest, but I didn’t want to spend that much on something I wasn’t sure would work on my lion’s mane. Even some of the most expensive ones I saw online, including the one on the commercial, had some mixed reviews, and so I wasn’t sure what to do. I first thought maybe I could buy one of the el cheapo versions (as $14 bucks from Amazon). But even as cheap as I am, I figured a middle of the road straightening brush would be best for me. Worse comes to worse, I figured I would use it on my daughter’s hair on the few times a year I let her wear in straight, since her hair is less thick, kinky, and unruly hair than mine.

After about an hour of research, the middle of the road straightening brush I decided wanted to try was the Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush. And since it is sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, that meant I could use my 20% off coupon. Score!  I ordered it online for pick up in my local store and picked it up the following day. Unfortunately, I had just flat ironed my hair, and wasn’t in the mood to rewash mine. Washing my hair is such an ordeal, and I just couldn’t handle going through that all over again so soon just so I could try the straightening brush out But as luck would have it, my daughter had swim practice yesterday, so I was able to try it out on her.  She was more than happy to be my guinea pig!

Here’s what her hair normally looks like if I blow dry it but don’t attempt to mess with her curls:



Here I am “hard at work” after first T-shirt drying her hair for an hour, followed by blow drying it for about 5 minutes on low to make sure her hair was totally dry.   It actually wasn’t hard work at all; the straightening brush is totally faster and easier to use than a flat iron). The straightening brush’s temperature goes up to 450, just like my flat iron, but it sure didn’t feel (or smell like it). And I wasn’t worried about accidentally burning her if she didn’t sit still (which she didn’t, of course).


And here’s the after…

Sadly, it was a humid day in the DMV yesterday, and it was hard to stave off the frizz.  And she is in bad need of a trim – I did the best I could with a few snips here and there, but I really need to take her to get a proper trim by a pro.  But not bad.

Final thoughts

As far as ease of use, this straightening brush definitely was a lot easier to use than my flat iron.  Although the brush gets as hot as a flat iron, I didn’t come close to burning my hair because the handle doesn’t get as hot as the handle on my flat iron.  And because it’s a brush, you can straightening larger sections at a time and you don’t have to brush the section you are straightening before running the straightening brush through your hair, so it is a much quicker process as compared to a flat iron. That’s a must for me and my busy/crazy life!

I also liked that after doing the sniff test on my daughter’s hair, there wasn’t a trace of that sizzling hair smell, which is the worst.  Her hair was really soft and still had body, which I like.  I don’t like her to have pin straight hair – I want her to love her curls, and to understand that, as a curly girl, she is really luck to have such versatile hair.

All-in-all, as a preliminary review, I think the product works pretty well if you want to straighten and smooth your hair quickly, without that pin straight look.  If you’re looking for softer and more manageable hair that still has some body, I think this product is a winner. But if you are looking for super straight hair, definitely stick with a flat iron.

So that is all for Part 1 of this review.  The real test will be when I try out the product, so stay tuned for Part 2. 😀


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