What I Want Wednesday (April 6, 2016)

Hey everyone!  I took a week off from What I Want Wednesday, mostly because I was trying to get my head right and get back into the swing of things after being on vacation with my family.  But, now that I have (mostly) recovered from the excesses of my spring break vacation, I am READY TO WINDOW SHOP!  Lord help my wallet!

This week, I found a bunch of things that I would LOVE to own!  Check them out!

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies “Nats” No 3

christian lou sideSo, I was on FB last week and saw an ad for these shoes, touting the fact that it finally occurred to someone that “nude” is not one shade fits all – depending on your skin tone, what is traditionally considered nude simply doesn’t work as a truly nude shoe, and doesn’t always create that lengthening, slimming, and sleek look that you are supposed to get when wearing a nude pump. Enter Christian Louboutin, who now offers nude pumps in 7 different hues, ranging from your a pale bone color to a deep chocolate brown hue.  The hue here, “Nats”, is the closest nude to my complexion, and man, oh man, do I want these shoes badly! But yeah, $675 isn’t in my budget for one pair of shoes.  A girl can dream, though!

Cole Haan Ripley Embossed Leather Slingback Wedge Mules

s1I am kicking myself because I had a pair of shoes similar to these in the 90s, that I gave away in the early 00s.  Matter of fact, I had several  pairs of wedge mules back in the day, and I would totally be on trend now if only I had kept them.  That’s the problem with purging  your closet – sometimes you get rid of things that you like but have gone out of style, when you KNOW they’ll eventually come back in.  They ALWAYS do!  I hate that!

I really love these shoes and would have to buy them knowing I could have had these already had I just kept them all these years.  That’s going to be a hard pill to swallow.

I have a pair of similar sandals in nude that I bought maybe 10 years ago from the Victoria’s Secret catalog.  I wore the hell out of those shoes during my clubbing days, but since those days ended in 2005, I pretty much only wear the ones I have once or twice a year.  But the damage done to them from clubbing is apparent and it is high time to replace these sandals that I love so much!  How nice that BR offers these sandals in 6 different hues.  These three are my favorites, and since my nephews bought me a BR gift card for my birthday, I will definitely use it to buy a pair or two!

I am really digging eyelet print right now and I really like how the print totally transforms this otherwise simple top.  This top would make a great addition to any wardrobe because it can be dressed up or dress down depending on what you wear with it.  I would definitely wear this top to work with a pencil skirt or skinny ankle pants, or at home with shorts or skinny jeans.




Banana Republic Factory Petite Print Ccululotte

I’ll be the first to adit that I am not really a huge fan of culottes.  But I saw these, and instantly liked them.  They would definitely be something different for my wardrobe, and I need that!  I really think that I could make them work if they are truly cut for a petite (def must try these on BEFORE purchase to make sure they hit right at or below the knee).  I think with the right top (MUST be fitted and hit right at waist or be able to be tucked in for a seamless sleek look, maybe a crop top?) these pants will be super cute.

That’s all for this week’s edition.  Enjoy the rest of your week!




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2 thoughts on “What I Want Wednesday (April 6, 2016)”

  1. Go for it!

    As Twiney used to say (particularly during times of durress) “Go out there lookin’ like TWO million dollars! That way you always have a stash million!”

    I have found that if you dress this way “every day” it helps you to “weather the [inevitable] storms” of life.

    Mom ❤️



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