Sunday Share with my Sister

Weekends sure do go fast!  Never seems like there is enough time do get things done! 

This week I didn’t really stray from the norm in terms of my clothes. It’s funny how since I started doing these share posts, I never realized how much I wear the same thing! But ya like what ya like, huh?? 😉

I was able finally able to wear a top that I bought at my sister’s during our visit for Turkey Day… 

 Navy blue striped top (J Crew Mercantile) // White Pixie Chinos ( Old Navy )// Glitter Sam & Libby (DSW)

A closer look of the top for you… 

My likes:

  • The STRIPES of course! I can’t get enough of them!!!
  • The price! This shirt was on sale and I end up getting it for like $15. For J Crew ANYTHING….that’s great!!

My dislikes:

  • It only came in this one color!!! 
  • Not really sure what else I am going to wear with it…but I’m excited to be on the hunt for it! Red pants? Skinny jeans? Blue pants? Possibilities are endless!

Another outfit I was crushing on this week..  

 Sweet Rain top (Ross)// Modern Kick crop in Morning Aqua (Loft)//Nine West studded flats (Ross; similar)

My likes:

  • These pants! Again, I have stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of color.  I have owned shirts in this color but never pants. I love it!
  • The shirt had the same color as the pants.  I love when outfits just fall together because I bought the shirt well before I bought the pants.  

My dislikes:

  • I’m not a fan of how these shoes look on me.  I really like them and I’ve seen them on other people.  I was psyched when I found them but I honestly don’t feel them on me. #meh

Another Sunday has come and gone again.  Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for reading! ❤️


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    40 "something" (YIKES!!) mother, who like most, is trying to have it ALL!! I am BLESSED to be the mother of two amazing boys, "J" and "A", wife to "M", and a Physician Assistant. I have a HUGE appetite for sports- especially my BELOVED University of Florida Gators! (Go Gators!!!). I am on a journey to be a "Fit Mom"...with a love for running, triathlons and all things CrossFit. Come with me on my journey my balancing act of motherhood, fitness, and....FUN!


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