What I Want Wednesday (April 13)

It’s HUMP DAY!  Woo-hoo!  Here are a few things I am crushing on this week.

J.Crew Factory Striped Cap-Sleeve Dress in navy white seersucker.
jcrew dress
This looks like such a classic dress to wear into the office this Spring/Summer.  I like the understated color, as I can really go town with bright-colored shoes when wearing this dress!  
J.Crew Petite Colorful Jacquard Striped Skirt in coral multi.
skirt f
This skirt is probably a tad longer than I normally wear, and will likely hit right at or below the knees, even in the petite size, but I just love the colors on this skirt.  And he possibilities of what to wear with this skirt are endless, and of course, that makes me happy.  It would be like having multiple skirts all in one!  This seems like the perfect pencil skirt for work this Spring/Summer.
Loft Petite Plume Lace Dress in coral peony.
loft dressI went into Loft the other day to exchange a top that had a damaged button, and was instantly drawn to this dress on the sale rack, where there was an extra 50% off of sale items deal going on. My favorite. There was only one dress of this color/style and was size 00. I figured it probably wouldn’t fit (I normally need a 00P in dresses), but wanted to at least try. And, as I thought, it was a tad big in the waist. Boo!
But if in my size, this dress would have ben such a great find. The color is beautiful. And while I have nowhere in particular to wear it (I don’t think I would wear it to work, and it’s too dressy for being out and , if I ever get invited to a Spring wedding, or have some kind of similar even to attend, this dress would be perfect. So, I went online and discovered that this dress is only available online (I guess someone had returned this one to the store after purchasing online). And it’s not on sale online. Boooo. But, you know me, I have no issues with waiting until this goes on sale!
Manolo Blahnik Lauratopri Sandal in rainbow print.

jc shoesAdd these beauties to the long list of high-end shoes that I would LOVE to own, but probably never will (at least not while I have to pay for all the kids’ crap)!  But, because I am a dreamer at heart, I added these to my want list.  They are so pretty.  And I like the chunky heel – I haven’t worn chunky heels for a decade, and these would be a nice re-introduction to that style I used to rock in my 20s.





Well, that’s all for this week’s edition, where, I am clearly a little obsessed with stripes.  Sorry for the short post – I have to finish my taxes, which I have been putting off since January, so yeah, responsibility awaits!



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