Petite Fashion Friday (April 15)

Ah, it’s tax day. . Well, I guess since they’re not technically due until Monday, it’s not really tax day, but let’s not split hairs on this beautiful Spring Friday!  I was really happy with the outfits I wore to work this week – definitely lots of color!

On Monday, I wore an Old Navy Sheath Dress (size XSP) in Lost at Sea Navy.  You can find the similar dress here (I actually really like the white and navy one, but since I just wrote that fat check to the IRS, I’m not doing any shopping any time soon)!

My mom bought this for me for my birthday, and I know she’ll be glad to see me blogging about this dress. (HI MOM!). The dress fits really well, gently hugging the curves, and is just the right length.  What I like best about this dress, though, is how it looks fairly ordinary in the front, but when you turn around, voila, stripes!

These stripes on the back really kick this dress up a notch.  Unfortunately, it gets really cold in my office, and I needed a cardigan to keep the chill off, so I put on the yellow cardigan I picked up a few months ago from H&M.  I hate how I have to cover up the stripes on this dress, but at least the ones on the side, which really help define the waist, can peek though).

On Thursday, I wore the Banana Republic Linda Floral Pencil Skirt (00P), which I bought in 2012.

This skirt was really my first foray into trying floral patterns for work clothes, at least on a skirt.  Before 2012, I pretty much only wore black, beige, grey, and blue skirts to the office.  Pretty boring and typical lawyer wear, right?  But while on maternity leave with baby #3, I was browsing BR online, and remember being immediately drawn to the floral pattern on this skirt.  Once I bought it, I just hoped I would lose the baby pudge so that I could wear it when I returned to work.  I was sooo excited that first day back in the office that this skirt fit, so I wore it.  It looked so cute then, and I still love this skirt to this day!

Anyway, the purple button down blouse (XSP), also from Banana Republic, is from 2008.  I hardly ever wear it because it has french cuffs and the sleeves look ridiculous when I don’t roll them up, and only a little better when I do.  But, this blouse looks really nice with this skirt, and is a pretty color that isn’t adequately represented in my closet, so I’ll not get rid of this skirt anytime soon.  And the purple pumps are from BCBG.

Today’s outfit is the  Loft Petite Batik Bouquet Print Basketweave Cotton Pencil Skirt (0P), which I bought in 2013 (you can find a similar pencil skirt, here).

I love this skirt.  The cotton on this skirt is really soft, and it’s such an interesting pattern.  And I really like the blue and burnt orange color combination – it gives you a lot of options as far as what to wear.

Today, though, I stuck with a white button-down blouse from Banana Republic circa 2008.  Yeah, I wasn’t feeling very adventurous or inspired – it has been a long week.  The tan heels I am wearing are from Nine West.  I think my mom bought these for me for Christmas in 2014.

Oh, and it was like 37 degrees when I left the house this morning (damn you Spring), but I have a brand new J.Crew Factory Petite Trench Coat (00P), which the hubs bought me for my birthday last month.

This is the first trench I’ve owned that actually fits well.  It’s not roomy in the body and isn’t overly long.  I have had 3 or 4 others over the years that were just too voluminous. I’m pretty sure my mom even bought me one a few years back from Old Navy. But that one was too big too (sorry mom – but on the bright side, mom, that’s 3 references to you in one post)!

Back to this trench, it really kept me warm against to chill in the air, so I’m pretty happy.

That’s all for today.  I hope everyone has a happy Friday and enjoys the weekend.



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3 thoughts on “Petite Fashion Friday (April 15)”

  1. I receive them, the references in your blog – good and not so good. Shows I’m still “in the game”. Like Avis, #2 and trying harder!

    Mom 💋



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