What I Want Wednesday (April 20)

Happy Wednesday!  Although I am not having the happiest of Wednesdays myself, as I am sick as a dog.  My almost 2 year old has been fighting a really bad cold for several days and all of his sneezing into my face and wiping his bright green boogies all over the place (sorry for the imagery) has resulted in my contracting pink eye and a cold.  Oh joy! But, since I am trying to recover in bed, what better way is there to get on the mend than to browse some of my favorite stores?!  Here are a few things I really like this week.

Banana Republic Petite Striped Cross-Hem Tank

BR 1

I really like this tank – it is a classic pinstripe on a more modern looking top.  And it would make a very versatile addition to my closet because I can dress it up for work, paired with a pencil skirt and heels, or dress in down for a casual weekend look, with a pair of white shorts (or white capris) and sandals.

But, I would need to try it on in store first, because cross front tops sometimes are too big in the bust area.


Banana Republic Deborah Ankle-Tie Pump in Tiger’s Eye Green

shoe 1

These are presently 50% off online, and I think I might have to use a BR gift card and take the plunge.  I’ve wanted a pair of shoes like this for a while.  I’ll admit that the ankle ties might be a little annoying, but I can imagine so many fun outfits this summer with these shoes – skinny pants, dresses, and maybe even with shorts if I am going out sans kids and want to step up the sexy a notch or two!



Adriana Papell Petite Embellished Ruched Metallic Jacquard Sheath Dress in Rose Multi.

dress 1

Nordstrom sends me emails several times a week, and this dress showed up in their “wedding guest looks” email.  If only someone I know would get married already.

I really like this dress to wear to a wedding.  The metallic fabric gives is a dressy feel, while the florals balance it out to keep the dress from looking too dressy!  I really like the subtle color – definitely wouldn’t want to call attention to myself at the wedding!

But since there are no weddings in my immediate future, I’ll most likely wait this dress out until it goes on sale.  At $199, it’s more than I would want to spend for a dress that I won’t wear right away.

J.Crew Trench Coat in Shirting Stripes

jacket 1

I am definitely feeling trench coats now that I found one from J.Crew Factory that fits so well.  So, imagine my delight when I cam across this beauty.  I love the pinstripes!  Definitely makes this trench really stand out.  And since I now know that J.Crew’s trench coats fit so well, this one is going to stay on my radar until it goes on sale.  The el cheapo in me isn’t willing to spend $198 on this trench coat.

As a side note, I noticed that J.Crew now sells clothes in size 000.  What’s that all about?  Is that even a real size?  Why do stores keep doing this?  At what point do they stop creating “smaller” sizes, that used to be a size 4?  IJS.

H&M Lace Dress in Dark Green


I am not typically a fan of lace (too girly), nor do I usually like kelly green (reminds me of my middle school’s ghastly green and gold colors and mascot (Go Warriors!)). But for some reason, these two things that I don’t usually like really are working for me.  I think I would wear this as a casual dress on the weekends this summer with a pair of flat sandals.


Well, that’s all for today, folks.  Back to bed I go!



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