Petite Fashion Friday (April 29)

This week was spent trying to recover from being sick, which puts a damper on getting dressed.  Add to that the challenge of getting dressed when the weather simply cannot make up its mind!  It went from being hot as heck on Tuesday, like mid-to-high 80s and humid kind of hot, to cold and rainy, in the low 50s, by the end of the week. Yuck.  But here are a few of my outfits this week.

On Tuesday, since it was so warm and muggy, I decided to break out the Loft Petite Eyelet Flutter Top (size XXSP) I bought myself for my birthday last month.  I actually bought it in the store when I had the 15% off birthday coupon, but when I got home to try it on (I hardly ever have time, if I go into a store, to try anything on), the button in the back was broken.  Fortunately, when I took it back to the store, they ordered a new one for me online, which arrived at my house a few days later.

I LOVE this top.  It’s feminine without being overly feminine, which is key for me, as I don’t go for super girly stuff for the most part.  And I love the keyhole cutout in the back.  Super cute.  I just hope I don’t spill something on it so that I can maintain the nice, crisp, bright white color.

I paired this skirt with the Loft Petite Floral Variety Pencil Skirt (size 0P), which, funny enough, I last wore when I posted about it last April.  I even wore it with the same tan Nine West pumps last year too.  Anyway, I like this skirt paired with a relatively simple white shirt, the tan pumps, and a cool grey and gold necklace I found from H&M for $3.  I find I don’t always have to go nuts with my color combos – sometimes a little simplicity goes a long way!  I just let the bold floral pattern on my skirt do all the talking.

I complained all the way home on Tuesday how  hot and gross it was outside, so of course, Wednesday was a rainy day and chilly day.  That pesky karma again! But, have no fear, rainy weather and frizzy hair (you can actually see my hair’s volume grow between the picture above and the picture below) didn’t stop me from putting together a decent outfit.

I knew I wanted to wear something a bit more “professional” because I had meetings all day, and I wanted to look a little more “lawyerly,” so I decided on a chambray tuxedo button-down from Loft (size XXSP) and the Loft Petite Curvy Fit Ponte Trouser Pencil Skirt (size 0P).  And since I knew I would be walking a fair amount that day, I wanted to wear the same tan Nine West pumps because they are my most comfy heels.  And to finish off the outfit, I put on a tan skinny belt from Banana Republic and a floral necklace that I found from H&M for $5 (of course, only half of the necklace is visible so the necklace looks all kinds of crazy, but whatevs).

Well, that’s all, folks.  The rest of my outfits this week were pretty meh, mostly because I put away all of my cold weather stuff, and what I managed to wear, as a result, was not post-worthy.

Happy Friday!




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