Sunday Share with My Sister

May 1st?!?!? Really?? How did the time fly?  My son Julian will finish 8th grade on T-minus 25 days…which mean High School is around the corner! Wha????? (in my best Li’l Wayne voice from the Samsung Galaxy commercials 😂). 
April brought some hot a** weather here in Florida.  This may not sound so surprising but it’s APRIL for heaven’s sake! We don’t get this hot until late July/early August.  Why do you need to know this?  Because not only do the “blah days” call for dresses but so does “hot a** Florida weather“! 

Monday called for….

Navy blue and white polka dot dress (Charming Charlie)// Tassel necklace (Charmin Charlie) // Teal ballet flats (Payless)
Tassel necklace (Charming Charlie)

My likes:

  • This dress is behind comfortable!
  • The length is PERFECT!
  • And…the necklace! I can’t get enough of this tassel necklace. I can’t wait to find something else to wear with it!!

My dislikes:

  • Be aware that wearing this dress, you may need a slip…or whatever your generation calls it. (I just really showed all of my soon to be 44 years telling you to use a slip!)
  • I managed to pick another dress with that “I can’t hide the baby fat” waistline.  But it’s shrinking because  I’m working that!!😉

Tuesday brought…
Dress (LOFT)// Black Sweater (H&M)// Black ballet flats (Payless)

Without with sweater…

A little Tuesday flex for ya…!
My likes:

  • STRIPES!!! Y’all know I’m a sucker for stripes!! 
  • The chambray color with the white! ❤️
  • The A line cut of the dress actually works for me (and my gut!)
  • It’s a perfect fabric for the Summer! It’s not heavy and not see through,either! 

My dislikes:

  • Nothing! I ❤️ the dress

This lovely price got me to “Hump Day”..

Shift polka dot dress (Charming Charlie)// Teal ballet flats (Payless)

My likes:

  • Ok, I feel the same about polka dots as I feel about stripes. ❤️
  • I love the length of the dress.

My dislikes:

  • The sleeves. I feel like this dress calls for different sleeves.  They don’t make me sick enough to to NOT wear the dress, but it looks like it should have a different sleeve.

What’s in store for Thursday??

Lou & Grey dress (LOFT)// Teal ballet flats (Payless)

My likes:

  • The little keyhole pattern on the dress. You probably can’t see it well in the picture.
  • It feels like I have a big ol’ Tshirt on, it’s so comfy! 
  • One of my staple colors- GREY!

My dislikes:

  • If I pulled the drawstring a little tighter, the length would have changed from “cute” to “oh no, that old lady is NOT wearing that shirt dress!“. 

There you have it! Almost a weeks worth of dresses that this petite girl wears.  I hope I own enough to get me through the summer! 

SN: I do, in fact, own more than just 2 pairs of ballet flats!😂. I am usually featuring an outfit that I am wearing to work (where I usually look my best) and being on my feet all day…used to involve heels, but now is flats, all day,baby! Maybe I should do a Payless commercial about their flats….. #imreadyformyCLOSEUP

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❤️

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Mom, Miles, and Mishaps

40 "something" (YIKES!!) mother, who like most, is trying to have it ALL!! I am BLESSED to be the mother of two amazing boys, "J" and "A", wife to "M", and a Physician Assistant. I have a HUGE appetite for sports- especially my BELOVED University of Florida Gators! (Go Gators!!!). I am on a journey to be a "Fit Mom"...with a love for running, triathlons and all things CrossFit. Come with me on my journey my balancing act of motherhood, fitness, and....FUN!

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