Petite Fashion Friday (May 6)

I know that it’s supposed to rain a fair amount during the Spring months, but c’mon, enough is enough. It pretty much rained all week, which wrecked havoc on my hair and on my fashion choices. And it hasn’t just been raining – it has been cold too. So much for getting organized and storing my winter clothes. Basically, I’m so over this weather. Of course, I’ll be complaining next month about how hot and muggy it is, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Here are some of my outfits during this chilly and rainy week. I realized that although I have tons of dresses, I still always seem fall back on wearing pencil skirts for work. But that is really very boring, so on Monday, 

Laila Jayde Bowie Dolman Sleeve Top from Stitch Fix #3. Mossimo Supply Co. Gena Huaraches Sandals (similar here

And on Friday, I wore the Loft Petite Sailor Pencil Skirt, which I bought on sale in the store for $15 last month. I don’t usually like the nautical look, it’s just too preppy for my liking, but I needed a new black skirt and I couldn’t pass up this price. Plus, sometimes it’s good to buy something outside of your norm, just to keep things interesting. 

I had a bit of a hard time deciding on the top to wear with skirt, as the goldbuttons were really throwing me off. And I didn’t want to go plain with a white button Shen blouse. 

Bancroft Powell Leather Detail Bangle Set from Stitch Fix #3. 


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