What I Want Wednesday (May 4)

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Here are a few things that I like this week.

Top Shop Petite Crochet Mini Sundress

Crop tops are all over the place, and I have always liked them, but I don’t know if I am comfortable, at my age, going around the suburbs wearing a crop top.  Also, my stomach isn’t what it used to be.  So when I saw this dress, I really felt like I could have the best of both worlds – the look of a crop top, but without making a fool of myself when I am out and about.  This dress is such a pretty color and will be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe.

Loft Petite Off the Shoulder Top

Like crop tops, off-the-shuolder tops are also pretty big this year, and I am still in the market for one.  I really like this top because of the cute and subtle print. And, being from Loft, I know how it will fit well.

J.Crew Factory Petite Drapey Jumpsuit


Ordinarily, jumpsuits leave a lot to be desired on my petite frame, but J.Crew Factory has figured out how to make a jumpsuit that looks great on us short gals!  I have a grey jumpsuit from J.Crew Factory that fits amazingly well, so there is no doubt that this beauty will work for me, as well.  I love the teal floral pattern!



Tory Sport Cropped Rashguard and Tory Sport Printed Hipster Bikini Bottom

As much as I am unlikely to wear a cropped top out an about in my hood, I will, however, wear a crop top bikini the pool or beach.  This Tory Sport bikini is super cute.  But it’s pretty pricey, so I probably can’t swing buying this bathing suit.  A girl can dream, though.

Banana Republic Eryn Heeled Sandal cn10652544

I had a pair of sandals in a similar color and print back in the early 2000s, but sadly, I gave them away a few years ago.  So, of course, I stumble across these shoes and am kicking myself for not keeping the ones I used to own.  Oh well.  Story of my life.





Happy Wednesday!




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Attorney.Wife.Mom.Wannabe Fashionista.Wannabe Interior Decorator.Just Trying to Have it All and Keep it REAL!

2 thoughts on “What I Want Wednesday (May 4)”

  1. Cute. You have a good eye for fashion. I like the shoes, but my size 10 (wider) feet probably will not. I don’t know how old you are, but you keep mentioning it. I suspect the crop top would be a little “loose’ as it were, but the other fashion is suitable for ages high and low, as long as the accessories and shoes are age appropriate. Do you still need to try everything on first, or can you buy what you “feel” will work? Oh! I love jumpsuits. They’re back this year!!!


    1. Hi Jen! Thank you for stopping by. I’m pushing 40, so, more sensitive to looking like I am trying to be anything other than I am, you know? I typically don’t try things on unless I am shopping somewhere new or am trying out a new style/look. Because I am so short, I pretty much know that the smallest size they have is what I have to go with, and depending on the style/cut, it may work. Unfortunately, I am short but not built like a gradeschooler, so shopping has always been pretty hit or miss!



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