Stitch Fix Review #7 (May 2016)

(If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, and are interested in learning more, scroll down to the bottom of this post).

Stitch Fix #6 was underwhelming, and not at all what I was hoping for, but Stitch Fix customer service being the bomb diggity and all, they contacted me after receiving my feedback for my last fix to offer me the styling fee for my next fix, and asked me, in addition to updating my profile and stylist notes as necessary, to answer a few questions to help get me the best fix for this go around.  Even though my profile, notes to stylist, Pinterest page, and even this blog very clearly reflect what I am always looking for (bold, bright colors and patterns that work on a petite frame), I was more than happy to provide these answers to their questions to ensure that this would be a good fix:

Q: What items do you wish you had in your closet?

A: Bold, bright colors/prints! (no blues, no reds, no dark/dreary colors, and no one item more than $75).  Some items I like from Stitch Fix: Pixley Stacey Scallop Hem Cut-Out Detail Skirt, the top from the resortwear blog, Papermoon Lamont Lace Detail Blouse, Taylor Poe dress, Dorie Print Floral Dress, Arlene Embroidered Top, Lexis Chevron Print Henly Tank, Cathleen Tulip Blouse, Sabina Textured Pencil Skirt, Le Lis Flit Crochet Trim Top, Zaria Romper, Fannie Striped Dress, Fuschia dress and the grey sequined outfit from NYE blog, Daniel Rainn Thornwood V-Neck, Just Black Dean Skinny Jean (but not in grey, green, salmon, or black), Kaleigh Skinny Jeans (but not in grey, green, salmon, or black), and Liza skinny jean (but not in grey, green, salmon, or black).

Q: What silhouettes best flatter your frame?

A: (1) anything fitted; (2) fit and flare dresses; (3) skinny jeans (but not in grey, green, salmon, or black); (4) v-neck shirts and dresses; (5) pencil skirts

Q: What styles and silhouettes would you like to avoid? 

A: (1) tunics (I don’t like them and they look awful on me); (2) midi or maxi skirts/dresses (I am 5′ tall, they are VERY unflattering); (3) horizontal stripes (same); (4) Anything loose and flowing (same); (5) big sweaters (same); (6) boxy/long tops; (7) ankle pants; (8) wide-leg pants; (9) cardigans/jackets; (10) dolman tops; (11) tube tops and skirts; (12) sneakers; (13) Toms shoes/loafers; (14) ballet flats.

In addition to this information, my profile and stylist notes were pretty clear about what I am looking for.  Since I started receiving fixes in 2015, I have learned that being as specific as possible is always best; sometimes, you may be disappointed even after giving this level of detail, but you are guaranteed to be disappointed if you don’t give as much specific feedback as possible!  And, I don’t think I can get anymore specific as far as what I like and dislike, want and don’t want!  So, when I previewed my fix on the app, I really felt like all of my input had been considered before my fix was put together!  If at first you don’t succeed…

And when the fix arrived two days later, I was even more excited with the bright colors staring back at me.  Even though my usual stylist, who was absent for fix #6, is still “unavailable,” my first impression of this fix after unboxing it was elation!   I asked for bold/bright colors and prints, and Briana, the “tenured stylist who works alongside [Amanda]” sent me bold colors in spades.  And I asked that nothing in my fix cost more than $75, and with the exception of the wedge sandals, Briana listened to that, as well.  So far, so good.

BCBG Generation Varida Lace Up Wedges ($89)

This is the first time I am receiving shoes in a fix, so I was pretty excited when I previewed these wedges in the Stitch Fix app.  And my first impression was that I liked the colors but thought the wedges had a whole lot going on, maybe too much.  But, I kept an open mind because you just never know about something until you see it in person and try it on!

First off, I LOVE the really cute bag Stitch Fix sends their shoes in! img_9868Not that I would just buy the shoes to get the cute bag, but I do like the bag a lot! 

When I opened the bag, I instantly loved the colors looking back at me – burnt orange and yellow.  I don’t have much of either color in my closet, so I thought that maybe these would work for me.  But when I tried them on, they just weren’t my jam.  I prefer my wedges to have a higher platform – these were too low for my taste.  I don’t like the lace-up straps on these wedges, either – they make the wedges look far too busy, especially when looking at them from above.  There was just too much effort required to put these wedges on.  Also, the straps were really long, so you have to wrap them around the ankle several times, very tightly, to prevent them from falling down.  This damn near cut off my circulation.  That would not be a cute look.  And if I didn’t tie them tight enough, I’d probably have to fiddle with them all day long. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

As much as I wanted to love these wedges because of the colors, they just don’t work for me.  And I didn’t want to spend $89 on a pair of wedges that I knew I wouldn’t wear.


Market & Spruce Kasey Knit Romper ($64)

So, if you have been reading my blog the last few months, especially my What I Want Wednesday feature, you’ll know that I have been crushing hard on rompers.  Even though have a few rompers from years past when I only liked (but didn’t love) them, this year, I am totally gaga over rompers and need (want) more!  This romper is perfect.  The material is so light and soft – perfect for the swampy summer months.  The print is pretty (I love the combination of eggplant, blue, pink, and white) and doesn’t overwhelm my petite frame.  And this romper can be dressed up, with some statement jewelry and strappy sandals, or dressed down for a more casual look, with a pair of espadrille wedge sandals or thong sandals.  I am sooo excited to put this into the rotation.


Papermoon Tulip Sleeve Blouse in Green XSP ($44)

I knew when I previewed this shirt that I was going to love the color, as I only have one other green blouse in my wardrobe.  Green is a color I need more of, so I was hopeful that this top would work out…

…and work out, it did!  The color is beautiful in person, and the blouse fits just right – not too big and not too long.  And I love the keyhole in the back.  I have so many outfit ideas featuring this blouse, which I will wear both at work (tucked into a epncil skirt, what else?) and at play (with!


THML Brea Embroidered Mini Skirt in Teal Green – XS ($58)

I actually pinned this skirt a while back, probably last year when I first started scheduling fixes, so when I previewed this fix, I was really excited to be receiving something from my Pinterest board.  But, when I tried it on, like many things in my wardrobe, it was pretty roomy in the waist.


But, I really love this skirt, and if I tuck in whatever shirt I wear with it, et voila, problem solved!

I love the color on this skirt even better than the one that I pinned (which was blue and black).  Coral and green are such great colors together!  And although I knew going in that it is a mini skirt (and was afraid that it would be too short even for a short gal such as myself), when I tried it on, it wasn’t too short for me at all.  Yay.

Of course, I definitely wouldn’t be able to get away with wearing this mini to the office, but that’s totally fine because I didn’t want any pieces that were strictly for work in this fix anyway.   With this skirt, I have a great addition to my closet that I can totally rock in my non-working life – dressed up with strappy sandals for a night out, or dressed down with gladiator sandals or cute flip flops for a more casual weekend look.

Best part about this skirt is, it can go into the immediate rotation once all this rain stops, as I already have a few things in my closet that work really well with it – the green H&M tank I am wearing above, and the green Papermoon blouse from this fix, and a coral top from J.Crew Factory that i bought a while back.  I even can see myself wearing this with a grey tee or a denim/chambray shirt and canvas sneakers for a really casual look.  The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to wear it!


Papermoon Woven Split Back Knit Tank in Coral – XS ($44)

When I first previewed this top, I knew I would love the color.  I don’t have a lot of coral in my wardrobe, and it’s a color that I have specifically listed in my profile as a must-have.  And seeing the color in person, I loved it even more.

img_0005This would be a gorgeous color to incorporate into my summer wardrobe, especially now that I am trying to use the color wheel as I get dressed.  And in general, I am all over mixed media tops like this one. But the tank is a tad more sheer than I would like and I would need to wear a tank under it even if I wore a beige bra (I’m not wearing a tank in this photo so that you can see what I am talking about).  And having to wear a tank would add unnecessary bulk and also would take away from the whole idea of a split back top.


Speaking of the back, this tank is longer in the back than in the front, but it’s just too long for me, falling mid-thigh. And the split back, at least on me, is more like a split butt! Unfortunately, that’s not cute on me – there is simply no need for this petite gal to accentuate her posterior like this.  Nobody wants to see that!  LOL.

Also, the top is too roomy in the body.  See how it bunches up?  As much as I love the color and idea of this tank, I can’t justify keeping it.  I’ll note that I emailed customer service to see if this tank comes in XSP, but It doesn’t. So this has to go back.


Final Thoughts about Fix #7:

Even though I had to return 2 items for fit issues, I was very, very pleased with this fix.  And really, my wallet doesn’t need for me to buy everything every time! The hubs would kill me, anyway!  My happiness with this fix come mostly from the fact that I received most of what I had asked for – bold colors and/or prints, affordable pieces that I can wear outside of the office, and even a skirt that I have had pinned for quite some time.  Briana did a great job styling me!  Happy petite gal over here!


Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist service.  All you do is fill out a style profile, including your wants, likes, and dislikes, and schedule a “fix” to be sent to you on a specified date.  The styling fee is $20, which you can use toward the purchase of anything your stylist has sent to you.   You buy what you want and return what you don’t want, and you only pay for the items that you keep.  Interested?  Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself?  Want to also help a petite gal get a $25 referral fee to feed her shopping obsession? Click here.

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