What I Want Wednesday!

I am still exhausted from the long weekend’s festivities.  And when I say festivities, I mean, 4 soccer games over the course of 2 days in 90-degree temperatures and 80% humidity!  Brutal.  But my son’s happiness and pride over his team’s performance over the weekend made feeling like I was melting totally worth it!  His team won 2nd place, and I couldn’t be happier for him and his teammates.

But, if I am being honest, my exhaustion to the point that I passed out on the couch every night this weekend by 9:30 p.m., does not (and probably will never) prevent me from browsing my favorite online shops for new arrivals!  And here are some of my favorite new arrivals!

Banana Republic Factory Petite Strappy Mini Dress


I love dresses and print dresses even more.  This dress would be the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe – it’s lightweight and has a hint of stretch, has a pretty floral print, and would look great on the beach with flip flops or while out and about. with wedges or strappy sandals.






Urban Outfitters Lucca Couture Tie-Front Tee

I haven’t shopped at Urban Outfitters since I lived in Ann Arbor, so we are talking 17 years people. There was an Urban Outfitters on State Street, and that store was my jam back then, even thought the store had a faint hint of patchouli when you walked in.  I bought so many fun, trendy things from that store, especially between 1997 and 1999.  Those were the days (when my parents were financing my shopping habit)!

Anyway, fast forward to 2016, I didn’t even realize that Urban Outfitters was still around, so I was pretty surprised to see this top in an article I read recently on Real Simple’s website about how to wear white denim.  And I instantly loved this top, whether paired with white denim or not!

Steve Madden Feliz Color Block Sandal

Swoooooon.  I love these shoes.  They are perfect.  That is all.

Loft Petite Embroidered Strappy Cam

I love this light, airy tank.  It’s perfect for the swampy summer months in the DMV, and will work as both a casual and dressy top.

Chelsea28 Square Neck Silk Top


What a gorgeous color! And I like the interesting details – the extra straps and the border on the top and bottom.  This will be a nice dressy top to wear to work this summer, either with a pencil skirt or a pair of cropped pants (since my office is business casual until Labor Day)!  Of course, I don’t need anymore blue in my closet, but really, when has that EVER stopped me?




I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and rest of the work week!



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Attorney.Wife.Mom.Wannabe Fashionista.Wannabe Interior Decorator.Just Trying to Have it All and Keep it REAL!

2 thoughts on “What I Want Wednesday!”

  1. I’m with ya’ except for the tie-front tee (looks forced) and the strappy cam (too baggy).

    Your Dad and I graciously accept kudos for our investments in your education AND wardrobe. 👏🏽👍🏽👏🏽

    We helped to make you the Attorney/Fashionista you are today. 😉

    Mom ❤️



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