Sunday Share with my Sister

Happy Sunday,folks!  This weekend was busy…Saturday morning I had a triathlon in Clemront, Julian had weight training, graduation party AND Dad’s birthday!  No wonder Sunday got here so quickly!! 

This week, I felt like wearing pants again.

There you go….a little sliver of my face!

Navy striped top (J.Crew)// Navy jogger pants (Loft)// Camel colored heels (Nine West)

My likes:

  • My favorite color blue is all OVER this outfit!
  • This loose top can be tucked in or left out.  It’s perfect for HOT Florida weather!!
  • The pants can be dressed up (with heels) or dressed down (sneaks or flats)

My dislikes:

  • I’m not sure this is a very flattering outfit for me.  In my HEAD this outfit worked well; just not throughly convinced it was EXECUTED well. 
  • Jogger pants look GREAT on taller women; not so hot on the petite gal. But….I think I’m gonna still try and wear them. 😉

What are your thoughts on his outfit?  Don’t be scared….I can take it!!  

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!!❤️

Published by

Mom, Miles, and Mishaps

40 "something" (YIKES!!) mother, who like most, is trying to have it ALL!! I am BLESSED to be the mother of two amazing boys, "J" and "A", wife to "M", and a Physician Assistant. I have a HUGE appetite for sports- especially my BELOVED University of Florida Gators! (Go Gators!!!). I am on a journey to be a "Fit Mom"...with a love for running, triathlons and all things CrossFit. Come with me on my journey my balancing act of motherhood, fitness, and....FUN!

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