Trunk Club Review #2 (Part 1)

Well, the summer, at least where the weather is concerned, is finally here, and so I contacted my stylist, Kelsey, at Trunk Club, and asked her to send me bold colors and prints for casual summer outfits.  Today, I am sharing Part 1 of my review, as Kelsey will be sending me a few additional items due to my request for some smaller sizes of items I received.  (Don’t know what Trunk Club is? Want to learn more?  Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more information.)

After declining about 8 or so of the initial pieces that Kelsey suggested for this trunk, I received a message in the Trunk Club app that Kelsey was sending me the following items:

So far, so good.  I was pretty happy that there were going to be a lot of pretty prints and colors in this trunk. And when the trunk arrived, even my dog was unable to contain her excitement about what was inside!

And I just loved seeing how vibrant the colors looked when I opened the trunk!  I knew I was going to find a bunch of keepers just by looking at the clothing all neatly folded like this!

And I was right – everything was soooo pretty.  And even though I didn’t keep everything, it wasn’t because I was unhappy with what Kelsey sent me.  On the contrary, I pretty much liked everything – but unfortunately, because of my 5’0″ frame, so of the pieces were just a tad too big.

Here we go – I’ll start first with the items I sent back!


Pleione Sleeveless Faux Wrap Blouse (XS) – $58 – RETURNED

Vince Camuto Size Zip Pants (0P) – $79 – RETURNED


As for the blouse, I totally love the color and print.  It would have been perfect for the summer, and would have worked really well with shorts, cropped pants, and jeans alike.  I could have even worn it to work with a pencil skirt.  But, it was just too big for my liking – too much material and just too much.  And it is super long on me.  I’ll be honest, if it had been $25 or so, I would have bought it and just made it work, but it’s not, so I sent back.

The pants, well, there’s nothing wrong with them and they fit okay (well, more like decent, because they do bunch up a bit at the knees, which seems to be a common occurrence for me), but I just don’t like pants a whole lot, truthfully.  And the 4 or 5 pairs of ankle pants that I own, I barely wear them.  I simply don’t like ankle pants for me.  So, these went back.

Caslon Shirred V-neck Tee (XXS) – $58 – RETURNED

I loved the color – turquoise – one of my favorites.  And it fits well, although it comes in XXSP and I am not sure why Kelsey didn’t send that size.  While there wasn’t anything wrong with this tee, there also isn’t anything special about it either.  This tee would have been a no-brainer if it had an interesting print. Even though it is an inexpensive tee, I had to pass on it!

NYDJ Dayla Colored Wide Cuff Capri Jeans (0) – $98 – RETURNED

I really liked the color of these jeans – navy – but the fit wasn’t right on me.  They are supposed to be capri pants, but they were practically ankle length on me. Most likely because they aren’t petite size.  And they were roomy in the waist and throughout the legs, which I didn’t really like.  I liked how soft the material is, but given the fit issues and the price, these had to go back.

Pleione Split Neck Top (XS) – $48 – RETURNED

I absolutely loved the color of this top, and it’s mixed media which I seriously love, so I really, really, really wanted to keep it, but it simply did not fit me very well.  It is too long, and too roomy in the body. WAH.  I asked Kelsey if this came in a petite size – either XXSP or XSP – but this color isn’t available in petite.  DOUBLE WAH.  There is a cream one online in my size, but I don’t really want that color.  As much as I like this top, it has to go back.

1.State Back Keyhole Stretch Knit Top (XS) – $59 – RETURNED

The color on this top is very pretty – a deep red orange, and I absolutely love back keyholes tops.  I like the split front on this tank, as well.  But, I decided to return this tank because I didn’t want to spend $59 on it.  Also, the arm holes are somewhat big and I fear I’d spend a lot of time messing with the tank so that my bra doesn’t show.  I think this is another one that should have been sent to me in the next size down, XXS.

Two by Vince Camuto Stripe Floral Jacquard Top (XS) – $69 – RETURNED

Another top with an interesting print that I had to send back because of sizing issues.  It’s roomier in the body than I like, and is too long.  I generally like to wear my tops untucked, and I don’t like the tops to completely cover my bum.  I also asked Kelsey if this top comes in XXSP or XSP, but it doesn’t appear to. Bummer. I also didn’t like the price tag.  So, it had to go back.

Halogen Scoop Neck Woven Tank (XS) – $23.40 – RETURNED BUT…

I will admit I was a tad disappointed when the tank that I received wasn’t the one in the picture on the left, but I did like the print that was sent to me. Unfortunately, the fit was wrong.  The top is too long in the back and a tad roomy in the body.  But, have no fear, I asked Kelsey if she could send me this tank in XXSP, and while this exact print isn’t available, she will send me two others in this style.  So, stay tuned for part 2!

Felicity & Coco Print Slipdress (XS) – $78 – RETURNED

This dress is nothing if not colorful, and I love me some bright colors and prints, but when I tried this on, I didn’t really like it on me.  It really needed a belt, and it just seemed a little too busy.  It seemed like it needed a belt or something, but none I my belts looked good with this dress.  I also didn’t love the price, so this had to go back!

Caslon Print Split Neck Boho Blouse (XSP) – $58 – RETURNED

So, when I previewed this item, I didn’t think I would like it much, but when I tried it on, I actually liked it.  The material is soft, and even though I wasn’t looking for work clothes, I actually thought I could wear it with a pencil skirt during casual all summer work attire.  And it also would work just as well with shorts.  But, I didn’t love it, and I didn’t think it looked all that great on me, so I didn’t want to spend the money on it.

Halogen Sleeveless Shirt Dress (XS) – $35.40 on sale – RETURNED BUT…

I thought the print was gorgeous, totally up my alley.  And the material was so soft and silky.  Really, this dress is perfect for me, but I am looking at the pictures and I just think it makes me look really shapeless.  I needed this in an XXSP, which they have available in other colors online.  So, I am going to see if Kelsey can send this exact one to me, and if not, I am ordering one of the other colors they have in my size online.  This gorgeous dress should be in my closet, but it may not be meant to be!


Two by Vince Camuto Ikat Front Tee (XS) – $59 – KEPT

You’ll just have to excuse my nephew, who is visiting us for the month.  He lives to photobomb!  I have been seeing the ikat blouses a lot lately, and have been hoping for one, so I was really excited about this top.  Yeah, it’s a bit roomy, but it’s supposed to be oversized.  And, I love the mixed media look, with the heather grey on the back of the tee.  The colors are great, too.  It works with sooooo many things in my closet, so keeping it was really a no-brainer.  I did ask Kelsey if this was available in XXSP, but it isn’t, so I will make due with this size.

Trouve Twist Back Dress (XXS) – $78 – KEPT

This dress, well, I didn’t think I would like it when I previewed it.  I wanted colors, and this is obvs black, so I was skeptical.  But when I tried it on, I love it. Yeah, it’s a tad long in the back, but OMG, I love the twist back.  My back is one of the few areas on my body that I don’t mind getting some exposure.  And I think this dress would look so cute with a wide belt and strappy sandals for a dressier look.  Or, with gladiators for a more casual look, as I did here.  I think this dress has a lot of potential, and I certainly need an updated LBD.


Even though I only kept 2 pieces from this trunk, I thought that this was pretty successful overall.  The colors and prints that Kelsey sent to me were, for the most part, perfect.  I love receiving a trunk with vibrant colors staring back at me.  Sure, sizing was an issue – I need to make sure that Kelsey knows that I really need the smallest sizes they have (XXSP or 00P in tops and XSP or 0P for bottoms) so that I don’t look like I am swimming in my clothes – but I think Kelsey was definitely on the right track.  I am excited to schedule another trunk in the near future.

Oops.  I almost forgot, I will be getting 3 tops in XXSP, since so many of this tops in this trunk were too big.  Fingers crossed for part 2!


Your stylist will reach out to you by phone/email/IM in the Trunk Club app to get to know you and understand your clothing needs and preferences. Your stylist will send an email containing recommended items, individually selected for you. If you don’t want any of the items sent, you can decline them and your stylist will replace those items and send your trunk to you.  When you receive your trunk, you have 10 days to try everything on – keep what you want and send back the rest. Shipping is free both ways (including returns) and you ONLY pay for what you keep. There are no commitments or minimum purchase requirements, and there is no up-front styling fee.

Would you like to try Trunk Club?  I’d love it if you would click my referral link and help me feed my shopping habit!


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6 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review #2 (Part 1)”

  1. Morning!

    As a wearer of the next size up from yours, I’ve experienced the sizing challenge many times over the last 10-15 years and yet again just the other day while on vacation in TN.

    Petite sizes are vanishing and those that remain will soon require the enumeration system assigned to girls’ clothing.

    Regardless of what vendors claim, small and petite small sizes have gotten larger!

    With cost in mind if I see it and it fits, I buy it!

    Let’s remain vigilant in our search.
    Mom ❤️👗👚❤️


  2. Super colorful trunk! I love that you were sent so many pieces at reasonable prices too, that was good to see, Also, Trunk Club now has a $100 sign-up fee. The money is used as a credit towards your first purchase, so it’s not an actual “fee” unless you don’t spend at least that much money.


    1. Really? When did they start that? I know a few people that recently signed up, and they didn’t pay any sign-up fee. That kind of makes their service a little less appealing. And is that a one-time fee?


      1. Yes it’s one-time, from what I read in the Q&A’s. I think it’s an attempt on their part to re-establish as a luxury styling service and separate themselves from services like stitch-fix.



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