Petite Fashion Friday – LuLaRoe Edition (June 24)

Happy Friday!  So today’s edition of Petite Fashion Friday focuses why I think LuLaRoe is great for petite gals.  I’ll be honest, up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know much about LuLaRoe apart from the printed leggings that I see many women in my neighborhood wearing. And since I don’t really wear leggings except for in the winter, I never really bothered looking at the many FB pages put together by the women in my hood who are consultants.  Also, if I am being even more brutally honest, I pride myself in drumming to the beat of my own tune, so I avoided LuLaRoe like the plague. I held out as long as I could, y’all.

As much as I tried to resist, eventually, I broke down when one of my good buddies became a LuLaRoe consultant.  Of course I wanted to support her small business, and once I learned LuLaRoe was more than just patterned leggings, it was pretty much over for me. I started looking at the online shop hosted by my friend, as well as those of a few of the ladies in my hood, and of course, found the clothing to be gorgeous. Beautiful, bright, bold colors and prints galore. You KNOW that’s right up my alley!

And then I heard something about a 4th of July collection, and I went a little nuts, buying a few Stars and Stripes tops (the Randy, in size XXS), some stars and stripes leggings for my daughter (tween), a red, white, and blue dress for myself (the Julia, size XXS), and a classic tee (size XXS).  I also picked up a few kids baseball tees (the Sloan, size 12), because these fit the petite gal pretty well. As you can see, I need help, as I can’t  stop buying stuff!

I’ll also confess the manner in which these items are sold online shopping is totally contributing to my delinquency!  When new items are posted on the consultants’ online shops, it’s first come, first served. That sales approach makes me want things even more!  Like, I have to score the piece before someone else gets it. If it’s something I sorta like, once I see someone asking questions about it, I can’t stop myself from buying it! This same thing happens when I’m at a store and I see someone near something I sort of like.  I have to grab it before they grab my size first. It’s sick, and explains why I should ever go to an auction – the thrill of the hunt would be too much for me and I’d go broke.

But getting back to LuLaRoe, their clothes fit petite frames really well. Actually, they seem to fit every woman, of every size, really well, which I guess is why it’s so popular. I’ve had success buying the different styles in size XXS, as well as kids size 12/14. I think any woman size 6 and under can safely rock the kids sizes (and save a few bucks, which you KNOW I am all over!).

Anywho, here are a two LuLaRoe outfits I put together this week.


I had to go into the office on Thursday, and I was super excited to incorporate my recent LuLaRoe finds into my work wardrobe.  This is a LuLaRoe Classic Tee in size XXS (all Classic Tees are $35). Omg. I just love this bold print. I don’t have nearly enough orange and yellow in my wardrobe so this was a must-have!  And I finally have something interesting to wear with this J.Crew Factory Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton in Neon Flame (size 0P). And I paired this colorful outfit with my animal print Carlos Santana open-toe pumps, a favorite of mine.  I am sure once I stepped off the train in DC, people could see me coming from a mile away!  I love it!


I had to take the kids to swim practice this morning at 7:30 before starting my work day, and that meant I needed a casual outfit. And another perfect opportunity to put some LuLaRoe into the rotation.  This top is from the Sloan collection (all Sloan tops are $28), which is for girls.  The Sloan is a baseball tee, similar to the Randy, but cut smaller. Which is PERFECT for me.  I like that the sleeves go up to the elbow, and of course, I love the polka dot print, which pairs really well with the J.Crew Factory 3″ Floral Jacquard Boardwalk Pull-on Shorts in sea mist (size 00).   And to complete the sporty, casual look, I put on a pair of blue Tommy Hilfiger canvas sneakers.

If you are interested in seeing more of what LuLaRoe has to offer, check out the Lularoe FB pages for a two of my favorite consultants, Yasmeen and Jeanna. Please know that I am giving them this shout out totally unsolicited, and I’m not getting anything at all in return. I didn’t even mention that I was doing this!  I’m sure they don’t even know about this blog.  But, since the main reason I started Petite Girl Need Clothes Too! is to share my favorite petite fashion finds, I wanted to let you know about another resource for finding cute, affordable clothing that works really well for us petite gals! Happy shopping and have a great weekend!



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