Me. The 5th Percentile.

Let’s just put it out there…I’m 5 feet tall. My 20’s are a tiny speck in my rear view mirror. I’ve birthed 4 kids. I no longer look like this……

ah, to be 27 again!

Or even this, post 2-kids, hotness!

and then I went and had 2 more kids!

I work full-time. My kids are over-scheduled. I don’t feel like working out.  My husband needs attention, too.  Although I feel like a superhero, what with all the running around I do around here trying to keep thing going

I don’t always feel like Wonder Woman.  And definitely don’t always look like her.  I fact, I usually look all kinds of crazy.  Sometimes, I look like this…IMG_0035

(Ugh, that dress. And holy frizzy HAIR, Batman!)  Or this…









Or even this…

Okay, just kidding.  At least I don’t look like that anymore!  But, let’s face it – a stick thin, 6 foot tall goddess/supermodel who looks effortless flawless in everything she puts on, I will never be.  I don’t look like a fashionista or like I belong in a print ad when I walk the streets.  My hair is usually a hot mess because even at my advanced age, I am still trying to figure out what products work for my hair.  I don’t usually wear makeup, so I am just starting to look my age (read: old).  

And my clothes, well, they don’t always fit me well, no matter how hard I try. Sometimes they’re just too long – getting mud all over your nice wood floors because you INSISTED on wearing those cute, sparkly ballet flats with your boot cut jeans, isn’t a good look. Sometimes, they’re just too tight – seriously, petite doesn’t mean I’m built like a 10 year old girl (I have hips and junk in my trunk, dammit)!  And, even worse yet, sometimes I look like I’m playing dress up in my mom’s closet (didn’t the baggy look go out of style at the turn of the millennium?).  

My struggle is real, y’all! 

But, I KNOW there are cute clothes out there for shorties like me.  Being in the 5th percentile in the height department for adult females doesn’t have mean we can only look nice 5% of the time.  Just because we are shorter than a majority of 5th graders doesn’t mean we want to dress like them!  Just because we don’t have our hair and makeup game on fleek (just learned that word a few months ago!) doesn’t mean we don’t want to look our very best.

So, I am on a mission to find everyday pint-sized, stylish fashion that doesn’t break the bank and make-our-lives-easier products, for us gals who just wanna look like we’re having fun, even when we are too busy rushing home from work and carting our kids to soccer, basketball, swim practice, and dance class, to actually have any fun!  After all, don’t we have an inalienable right to look fierce and flawless too?   After all, GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES!

5 thoughts on “Me. The 5th Percentile.”

  1. Hi !

    Trying to read your latest stitch fix post—I can’t access it at all!

    BTW- THOSE were supposed to be spring colors?


  2. You’re pretty, so there!
    I’m 5’10 but not everything looks good on me either. I just don’t fret about it. I know my colors, which I have to match with my darker skin tone. I know my makeup, which I spend $$$ on, and I know my moods, which help me to choose for the day, time, and the occasion. I believe I’m fabulous, so I usually am. You seem to have fashion sense, and style. I don’t believe you’d have a fashion blog if you didn’t have something going on. Any women who owns a Super Hero costume gets *** from me!!!


  3. Love your blogs. I’m now only 59” and have a hard time finding clothing that fits me right. Tops especially are long in length and dresses not so easy to find either. Been really admiring LuLaRoe clothing but never sure what size to get. That is what lead me to your blogs.


    1. HI Lori! Thanks for stopping by! I have been busy with LLR, so I haven’t been posting a lot on my blog lately, but I’ll be back at it soon! In the meantime, I am so happy to answer any questions you may have about LLR – I have had a lot of success finding clothing to fit my small frame, so it has been great for me!! Please feel free to join my LLR FB group : or email me at if you need more information or have any questions! Have a great Thanksgiving!




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