What I Want Wednesday – On Hiatus Until Mid-August 2016!!!

Another week has flown by without my posting my weekly What I Want Wednesday feature, but in all honesty, I have put myself on a shopping punishment given my new obsession with #LuLaRoe and all of the purchases I have made over the last month.  So, I have to give my online window shopping a real rest until I go to #LuLaRoeREHAB!

I am hoping to get the LuLARoe problem under control by mid-August, so until then…Happy Shopping!

What I Want Wednesday (June 22)

Hey everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  So, my kids (and nephew) started their respective summer camps this week, and between that and morning swim practice, I have a lot more time on my hands to window shop.  Yay!  Here are the items I like this week!

White House Black Market Petite Printed Blouson Dress


I love this dress.  It looks so light and airy, and perfect for the swampy summer months.  The dress is stretchy, which I means the dress will be fitted but not super tight.

The print is very pretty and will not overwhelm the petite frame.  And the colors – muted, but gorgeous nonetheless.

This dress will work well either for a casual look, or for a dressy night out on the town!

Banana Republic Petite Flutter-Sleeve Print Top


The colors and print on this blouse are EVERYTHING.  That pretty much is all I need to say about this top.

J.Crew Leather Eyelet Sandals with Ankle Strap

Bright Poppy
Bright Poppy

These sandals come in two colors – bright poppy and sea salt – but I am partial to bright poppy.  I normally try to stay away from ankle straps because A) they’re supposed to be a no-no for petites, and B) I have really skinny ankles and I can never get the strap tight enough (I know, I know), but I really like these, so there you have it.

I am really digging all thinks eyelet, so that’s the first plus.  And second, these will make a nice addition to my casual summer wardrobe.  I may even get away with wearing them to work during casual summer attire.

Banana Republic Petite Pleated Stripe Skirt


I already have a few BR pleated skirts that I really like (yellow, brown, and blue), but when I saw this one, I instantly knew I had to have it.  I love stripes, and particularly black and white stripes, because they work with soooo many colors!  And this skirt is now an extra 40% off (although I will hold out a tad bit longer, because I am cheap).




Loft Wedge Sandals


Another pair of sandals with ankle straps.  I guess I don’t really care what the fashion rules are for petites.  Oh, I’m such a rebel!

But seriously, I am really digging these wedge sandals in marsala red. I can definitely wear these to work, and I’d also wear them out and about this summer.  They’d look so cute with pencil skirts and shorts alike. And yeah, wedges make me appear tall(er), so, get in my closet, you pretty wedge sandals, you!

That’s it for this week.  Have a great Wednesday!


What I Want Wednesday (June 15)

Sorry I missed last week – I am so busy.  My 9-year-old nephew is in town for the month, so that means I am responsible for 5 kids.  Oh boy – keep me in your thoughts.  Just kidding – it’s actually not that bad, it’s just louder!  But I am sooooo used to a loud house, so it really makes only a negligible difference.  But I digress.

Here are a few things that I really like this week.  I think you will really like these!

J. Crew Petite off-the-shoulder dress in Ratti Into the Wild print. 

I really, really like the off-the-shoulder dress look, so this dress needs to get in my closet now.  The print reminds me of being in Jamaica, where I spent a lot of time during the 8 or so years my dad lived there.  And since I am not presently in Jamaica, this would be the closest thing to it.




J. Crew Factory Printed Cam Dress

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I love bold colors and prints.  I love this print in particular because its base color is purple, and I need more purple in my life.  This dress looks pretty simple, but it will be a great addition to my summer wardrobe because it can be worn as a casual dress or I can dress it up with heels if I am going out.


Topshop Tie Wrap Dress 

There was a time when I was all about the wrap dress.  But ever since I birthed my 4 kids and lost the full bosom I had pre-kiddos, I have avoided this look like the plague.  But when I saw this dress, I was instantly in love.  I love the color and since Topshop is pretty good as far as sizing for the petite gal, I really want to give this dress a try.


Loft Petite Geo Eyelet Skirt

I love the scalloped hem on this skirt – I have been looking for this look for a while now, but this is the first one I think would work for me.  I actually really like both colors too, but I probably, if I had to choose just one, would have to go with the faded mint.  Whenever I wear white, I become a magnet for dirt and grime.  Or someone gets a nosebleed. And that’s not a cute look!

Either way, this skirt is very versatile – it can be worn with pretty much any kind of top you can imagine, and is both casual and dressy, depending on what you pair it with. This skirt is definitely a must for me (and it’s on sale now – 50% off)!

Loft Petite Off the Shoulder Romper


Yeah, so I am evidently a little obsessed with the off the shoulder look, and I am fine with that! And the fact that this is a romper makes it even more appealing.  I wish this came in a different color, but this has to get in my closet anyway!  I’ll just have to make it a bit more interesting with a funky pair of shoes and a cute belt.



And that’s all for this week.  I hope you see something here you like!


What I Want Wednesday (June 8)…NOT!

Sorry, guys.  A) I know it’s not Wednesday and B) I don’t have anything to share with you this week.  Yeah, I slacked off on this week’s post.  I actually haven’t even felt like window shopping this week, which hardly EVER happens.  But, in my defense, things have been really very busy on my end.  This past weekend, my daughter had her dance recital.  And that was a little emotional because this is her last recital.  her dance studio is closing, and my daughter is ready to move on from dance.  Add to that, my mom and nephew are in town, and I just haven’t really been able to bring you guys anything special.  I’ll get back on track for next week.

But, what I can say is that I just received another Trunk from Trunk Club!  so, stay tuned for the big reveal!

What I Want Wednesday!

I am still exhausted from the long weekend’s festivities.  And when I say festivities, I mean, 4 soccer games over the course of 2 days in 90-degree temperatures and 80% humidity!  Brutal.  But my son’s happiness and pride over his team’s performance over the weekend made feeling like I was melting totally worth it!  His team won 2nd place, and I couldn’t be happier for him and his teammates.

But, if I am being honest, my exhaustion to the point that I passed out on the couch every night this weekend by 9:30 p.m., does not (and probably will never) prevent me from browsing my favorite online shops for new arrivals!  And here are some of my favorite new arrivals!

Banana Republic Factory Petite Strappy Mini Dress


I love dresses and print dresses even more.  This dress would be the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe – it’s lightweight and has a hint of stretch, has a pretty floral print, and would look great on the beach with flip flops or while out and about. with wedges or strappy sandals.






Urban Outfitters Lucca Couture Tie-Front Tee

I haven’t shopped at Urban Outfitters since I lived in Ann Arbor, so we are talking 17 years people. There was an Urban Outfitters on State Street, and that store was my jam back then, even thought the store had a faint hint of patchouli when you walked in.  I bought so many fun, trendy things from that store, especially between 1997 and 1999.  Those were the days (when my parents were financing my shopping habit)!

Anyway, fast forward to 2016, I didn’t even realize that Urban Outfitters was still around, so I was pretty surprised to see this top in an article I read recently on Real Simple’s website about how to wear white denim.  And I instantly loved this top, whether paired with white denim or not!

Steve Madden Feliz Color Block Sandal

Swoooooon.  I love these shoes.  They are perfect.  That is all.

Loft Petite Embroidered Strappy Cam

I love this light, airy tank.  It’s perfect for the swampy summer months in the DMV, and will work as both a casual and dressy top.

Chelsea28 Square Neck Silk Top


What a gorgeous color! And I like the interesting details – the extra straps and the border on the top and bottom.  This will be a nice dressy top to wear to work this summer, either with a pencil skirt or a pair of cropped pants (since my office is business casual until Labor Day)!  Of course, I don’t need anymore blue in my closet, but really, when has that EVER stopped me?




I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and rest of the work week!



What I Want Wednesday (May 25)

Hey everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  Dresses really are my jam, especially during the warm summer months, so today I want to share a few dresses that I am seriously crushing on this week.  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Old Navy Petite Patterned Pleated Maxi Dress for Women


Maxi dresses usually are a no-no for me, because they are just too darn long and make me look too darn stumpy!  But I have had decent luck in the maxi dress department when buying from Old Navy Petites.

This maxi dress is really pretty – I love the paisley pattern!  I also really love the fact that it has an elasticized waist, which will give the dress some shape – and will accentuate my waist.  And the dress has a keyhole closure in the back – love!

Being from Old Navy, the price is RIGHT!  This pretty dress is definitely going to get in my closet!

White House Black Market Petite Strapless Denim Fit-and-Flare Dress

I haven’t worn a denim dress since sophomore year of college, I think.  It was a cute button-down denim dress from the Gap that I wore all summer and into the Fall of sophomore year.  So, we’re talking almost 20(!) years ago, people.  In the years since I rocked a denim dress like it was nobody’s business, I have been uninterested, to say the least, in revising that style.  Until I saw this dress.

Wow!  What a cute dress.  It’s a fun, flirty dress that will be perfect for the summer.  This dress can definitely be dressed up or dressed down depending on what shoes and accessories you pair it with!  And I love that it can be worn with or without straps.  So, it’s really two dresses in one.  THAT, folks, totally justifies this purchase. Get in my closet right now!

Banana Republic Petite Off-Shoulder Flutter Sleeve Dress

br dress

I am still in the market for an off-the-shoulder blouse, so it totally makes sense that an off-the-shoulder dress is on my want list, as well. This dress is so cute and definitely on-trend.  I will definitely be able to wear this a lot during the summer months, as it works as a casual dress with gladiator sandals, or with strappy sandals for a more dressy look.  And it has pockets.  I LOVE dresses with pockets for some unknown reason; they’re my JAM!



Kate Spade Ombre Stripe A-line Dress

kate spade

What a fun dress this is!  I love the back cut-out and the cute bow on the back, as well.  This just looks like a nice, light dress for the warm summer months.  This is a dress that I could wear to a wedding or for a casual outing by just changing up the shoes and accessories!

I’ll admit that, just to make things interesting, every now and a again, I will throw something completely unrealistic onto my want list. At $398, this cutie is unlikely to ever make it into my closet, but I’m including it anyway.  If nothing else, it gives me a good idea of the style of dress I would like to add to my wardrobe this summer.  If I could find a like-dress elsewhere, I’d be a happy camper.

J.Crew Petite Flutter-Sleeve Dress in Ikat

jcrew dress

I found another very cute dress that is versatile – I can wear this to work, or while out and about on the weekends.  This silk dress is perfect for the warm summers in DC, as it is a lightweight material.  And the neutral pattern really gives you an opportunity to really make a statement with a bold-colored pair of shoes.

I will admittedly wait until this dress goes on sale, but it’s worth the wait!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and rest of the work week!


What I Want Wednesday (May 18)

Hey everyone!  Although, I really do need to slow my roll in the shopping department, there are so many cute things I want this week.  Here are some of my favorites.

Anthropologie Madras Petite Tank

I know I will be complaining pretty soon about how much I loathe the summer, but right now, after suffering 2 weeks on nonstop rain, I am really, really longing for some summer sunshine.  And nothing says summer like a madras tank!  This tank is so pretty – I love the muted colors and the cute back cutouts.

Anthropologie Vanoise Petite Dress

I remember when, a few years ago, I ran away from floral prints like they were trying to rob me!  Thankfully, I have seen the light and have come to realize how pretty floral prints can be.  This one is truly gorgeous.  I absolutely love the v-back. I really want this dress BAD, but, OF COURSE it’s sold out in my size.  I’ll keep checking back – maybe I get lucky and the restock it!

Banana Republic Print Halter Dress

Since realizing how little green I have in my closet, I am on the warpath for some green pieces to add to my wardrobe.  I love this dress – it’s a great color (green and navy) and a great print.  It also has such cute keyholes on both the front and back.  If you aren’t into green, it also comes in black and white.  But I’m only interested in the green one!  And, best of all, it’s on sale!  GET IN MY CLOSET!

Banana Republic Factory Stripe Fit-and-Flare Dress


I LOVE fit and flare dresses. So, I am totally crushing on this dress from Banana Republic Factory.

Yeah, this dress has horizontal stripes, which are supposed to be a no-no for petite gals, but Banana Republic petite clothes are cut really well.  And it’s a fit and flare dress, which will give the illusion of length!  Also, the stripes are relatively thin, which also give the illusion of length. Don’t believe me, check out this article on how petites gals can successfully incorporate stripes into our wardrobes!

I can’t wait to add this dress to my wardrobe!

Loveapella Double Surplice Sleevless Romper in Royal Blue


Even though I just bought a romper that was sent to me in Stitch Fix #7, I am still on the romper kick.  And this one is such a gorgeous color.  And the price, $39.97, is right.  So, it’s gonna have to get in my closet!

That’s all for this week.  Have a great Wednesday!


What I Want Wednesday (May 11)

Nothing but shoes, shoes, shoes on my mind this week.

I really can’t get enough of shoes, and even though there are just too many damn shoes in my closet already, there are still more cute shoes out there that I must have!  Here are a few of my favorites!

J.Crew Mixed Gingham Sandals with Ankle Strap

shoe 3

I don’t normally go for ankle straps, as they’re supposed to be yet another thing that petite gals are supposed to stay away from, but these right here are way too pretty to pass up!  I love the mix of gingham prints – absolutely gorgeous!  These two colors have a lot of representation in my closet, so I can wear these with sooo many things.  And the heel is the perfect height for me!  These are definitely a must for me!

Sam Edelman Amber Studded Sandal

shoe 2
I’ll admit, these are kid’s sandals. But I am including these because my dog ate a similar pair of Sam Edelman sandals from the big kid’s section in Nordstrom Rack that I blogged about a few weeks ago.
My dog hasn’t eaten shoes in like 9 years or something, so I was crushed when she destroyed those sandals.  They were so cute and I was looking forward to another summer wearing them.  But it isn’t meant to be.  Since I know that the Sam Edelman kid’s sandals fit me well, and are cheaper than the adult version, there is simply no shame in picking up these ones as a replacement.

shoe 1

These Kate Spade pumps are absolutely stunning.  And on sale.  Nuff said!

Banana Republic Bryce Fringe Sandal

br shoe

These shoes are outside of my comfort zone, what with the fringe and all, which is why I like them so much.  They are really very pretty, and would be great paired with a cute dress for a date night with the hubs.  Or with cropped jeans for a girl’s night out.  I will definitely keep my eye out for these going on sale!






Nora Leather-trimmed Embroidered Mesh Sandal

mulesAnother pair of sandals outside of my norm.  I haven’t worn mules in over a decade, but mules are back, and I think these, or something like them, would be a nice foray back into this trend.








Well, that’s all for this Wednesday’s edition.  Have a great day!




What I Want Wednesday (May 4)

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Here are a few things that I like this week.

Top Shop Petite Crochet Mini Sundress

Crop tops are all over the place, and I have always liked them, but I don’t know if I am comfortable, at my age, going around the suburbs wearing a crop top.  Also, my stomach isn’t what it used to be.  So when I saw this dress, I really felt like I could have the best of both worlds – the look of a crop top, but without making a fool of myself when I am out and about.  This dress is such a pretty color and will be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe.

Loft Petite Off the Shoulder Top

Like crop tops, off-the-shuolder tops are also pretty big this year, and I am still in the market for one.  I really like this top because of the cute and subtle print. And, being from Loft, I know how it will fit well.

J.Crew Factory Petite Drapey Jumpsuit


Ordinarily, jumpsuits leave a lot to be desired on my petite frame, but J.Crew Factory has figured out how to make a jumpsuit that looks great on us short gals!  I have a grey jumpsuit from J.Crew Factory that fits amazingly well, so there is no doubt that this beauty will work for me, as well.  I love the teal floral pattern!



Tory Sport Cropped Rashguard and Tory Sport Printed Hipster Bikini Bottom

As much as I am unlikely to wear a cropped top out an about in my hood, I will, however, wear a crop top bikini the pool or beach.  This Tory Sport bikini is super cute.  But it’s pretty pricey, so I probably can’t swing buying this bathing suit.  A girl can dream, though.

Banana Republic Eryn Heeled Sandal cn10652544

I had a pair of sandals in a similar color and print back in the early 2000s, but sadly, I gave them away a few years ago.  So, of course, I stumble across these shoes and am kicking myself for not keeping the ones I used to own.  Oh well.  Story of my life.





Happy Wednesday!



What I Want Wednesday! (April 27)

I am really excited about this week’s edition of What I Want Wednesday!  It’s amazing what you can find when you are laying in bed fighting a bad cold and pink eye.  Thank goodness I am almost 100%.

Adelyn Rae Print Skort Romper in Ivory/Orange.

skort 1

I usually really hate the idea of those ads that you see on Facebook or basically everywhere you go on the Internet – I hate being tracked and profiled.  But, unfortunately, they seem to be really spot-on in the clothing department.  The bastards!  This skort romper is no exception.  I typically think of being in elementary school when I think of skorts, and who wants to look like a fifth grader?  But when I saw this skort romper on the sidebar of my Facebook page a few days ago, I instantly liked it and has to click on the link to find out more.

I actually didn’t realize it was a skort at first, but I don’t have any skorts in my closet, so that’s a plus. And I really love the bright colors on this romper – what a pretty floral pattern!  It really seems like this romper can be dressed up with strappy sandals, or, for a more casual look, with flat thong or gladiator sandals.

Loft Petite Striped Pull On Pencil Skirt in Neon Coral.

loft 1Horizontal stripes are usually a no-no on this petite gal, but I have found that if the skirt is cut well and is fitted, horizontal stripes can be a great look for petites.  Loft skirts usually fit me very well, so I’d be willing to take a chance on this skirt.

I love the colors in this skirt – my closet is filled with a lot of blues and greens, and not many reds and oranges, so I really want to add this skirt to my wardrobe. And as with everything else multicolored in my closet, the possibilities of what to wear with it are endless. That really makes me feel like I’m getting multiple skirts in one!  Like a two-fer or three-fer!  In my mind that ALWAYS justifies the purchase!

Adelyn Rae Racerback Print Chiffon Romper in Multi.

I’m sure you guys have figured out by now that I am all about rompers these days.  I really love the bright and sunny colors on this romper, which are absolutely perfect for the summer.  And I love the racerback top.  Like the other romper I’m crushing on this week, this romper can be dressed up with strappy sandals, or dressed down with a pair of flat sandals.

Hudson Jeans Bacara Straight Cuff Jean in Stella.

jean 2

Nordstrom Rack is having a huge online sale for 2 days on Hudson Jeans.  And since I had to return the pair of white cropped Hudsons that I received in my Trunk Club trunk last month, I am really excited that I have another chance to get these at such a good price.

I definitely don’t need another pair of jeans as we inch closer tot he warm, muggy summer months, but, at this price, I think I have to partake just on principle!



J.Crew Factory Canvas Espadrille Wedges in Navy or Flax.

Even though wedges are supposed to be off-limits for petites because they make the legs appear stumpy (or stumpier than they are), I LOVE wedges because they give me a nice boost of height without having to risk breaking my neck as I do with skinny heels!  I like my neck exactly as it is, so wedges it is!

As for these wedges, they would be a nice change of pace from the wedge sandals that currently occupy my closet.  And I would be able to wear these to the office, which I can’t do with wedge sandals (well, I guess I could, but I wouldn’t want to). But which ones to buy – the navy or flax? Decision, decisions!

Have a great Wednesday!