My Petite Clothing Hall of Fame…

Every woman experiences that awful feeling of going into a store, trying something on in their size, only to find that the evil clothing trolls have switched up the sizes! Petite gals are no different! All too often, the size that fits me like a glove in one store, is too tight in another store, and too baggy in yet another store. This sucks. But, through lots of trial and error, and alternating tears and glee, I think I have found stores where, more often than not, a petite gal can find clothes without shedding a tear in the fitting room!


My Petite Clothing Hall of Fame:

(Caveat: If you have hips and a booty like I do, you may prefer to stick with regular sizes rather than petite for bottoms, especially for skirts. Also, even though birthing 4 kids has deflated the chest region, I still have a hard time finding strapless styles that don’t give me the uniboob look, which is NOT cute – so proceed with caution, my friends!)

1. Ann Taylor Petite (many styles come in petite; if petite isn’t available, I usually go next the size down. So, for example, if 0P is unavailable, 00 usually works just fine)

2. Ann Taylor Loft (same)

3. Banana Republic (unlike AT and Loft, if the petite size isn’t available at BR, I don’t get the next size down because it won’t fit over my arse. So be careful)

4. H&M (their sizes run small because 2/XS is the smallest size; so, in my experience, a size 2 at H&M is a size 00 at AT, Loft, or BR)

5. (Sometimes) Old Navy Girls size L (10/12) for dresses and tops and XL (14) for bottoms. 

6. Asos

7. Nordstrom Rack

8. Top Shop


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