Petite Fashion Friday (September 9)

Happy, Friday, everyone! I am so excited for this weekend. My kids’ first soccer games are tomorrow and I am going to meet two of my best friends on Saturday afternoon in Delaware, which is half-way in between where we live, for a mini, teeny tiny girls’ getaway. Hey, you have to fit it in when- and where ever you can!

So, as I mentioned last week, I sublimated paperwork to become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, which I am super excited about.  I decided to do this in part because I love the clothing sooo much, which you will see by my outfits for this week.  (NOTE: I don’t want to bore you every Friday wearing only LuLaRoe, so not to worry, I haven’t given up on my love of clothing!)

I’m wearing the LuLaRoe Julia dress here.  I have already shown you this dress in a more dressy look, but here it is for a casual look.  I had to go furniture shopping with the hubs while their grandma was watching them, so I wanted to look cute but also be comfy.  The dress is log if you are short like me, but I actually prefer it this way!  This dress is great for work and at play!

(Sandals: Steve Madden; Belt: Mossimo Supply Co; Necklace: My kids made it!)

Here, I am wearing the LuLaRoe Irma top with a pair of buttery soft leggings in a colorful print.  You can definitely see me coming and going, peeps!  I love it.  The Irma is an oversized top that looks great with leggings, and even with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans.  I love the stone color on this one, which really brings out the light grey color in my leggings.

(Sandals: Steve Madden; Necklace: H&M)

And last but not least, here is my favorite outfit from this week!  You know I love pencil skirts, and so I put on my favorite black pencil skirt from Ann Taylor.  I just love how slimming this skirt is.  I paired this skirt with a black and white stripped crop top from Banana Republic, and a Bianka kimono from, you guessed it, LuLaRoe.  I love the black and turquoise stripes on this Bianka kimono.  Note: the Bianka kimono is a girl’s style, but if you get size 3, which is like an oversized size 10/12 girls, you have a kimono that fits the petite frame PERFECTLY!

I’m also really getting the hang of pattern mixing, folks!  I just love mixing my stripes, which really creates a nice long and lean look.  And in the spirit of mixing colors and patterns, I am wearing a pair of brown and white polka dot pumps with a teal trim.

(Shoes: Steve Madden)

Well, that’s it for this week, folks.  I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their Friday, and has an awesome weekend.  Stay tuned for a review of my latest Stitch Fix box, which will post on Sunday!


Petite Fashion Friday (April 1)

Ugh. The last few days have really been dreary, especially after coming home from vacation in the Dominican Republic, where the skies were beautiful and blue every day.  Sigh.  Needless to say, it has been a challenge getting dressed this week when I feel so blah about being back to rality.  And the weather today makes it even more difficult.  This is what I am dealing with today:

THE STRUGGLE!  April showers and all that jazz, I guess.  But rain is particularly annoying today because I finally flat ironed my hair this week after going natural for the last two weeks. It is is a long, extended process getting my hair from curly (kinky) to somewhat straight.

After fighting my hair’s natural state for a few hours, only to be faced with humidity, which is my kryptonite, I am bitter.

Anywho, I tried not to let bad weather (and the prospect of frizzy hair) weather put a damper on my outfit choices this week. So, today I am wearing something sure to brighten my day. I picked out the J Crew Factory Printed Cap-sleeve Shirttale Blouse in Navy Purple Red, which I bought in December 2015. You can find the solid color version here.

I really love the bold colors on this blouse. And because this blouse has red-orange, navy blue, purple, burgundy, and cream stripes, the possibilities for wearing this blouse both at home and in the office are endless! For work, I can pair this blouse with any number of pencil skirts in my wardrobe, as I own baby blue, orange, red,  and burgundy skirts. I can also wear this blouse with my beige suit or keeping it simple, I can wear it with a black skirt as I did here today. 

This Petite Ponte Pencil Skirt (size 0P) is from Ann Taylor, and I bought it 2 months ago on the sale rack (extra 40% off baby!). I really love this skirt, as it has a perfect amount of stretch, so it looks really slimming and sleek. It doesn’t ride up the way many stretchy skirts do, so I am not tugging at the skirt all day long.  And the material isn’t too thick or too thin, so it is perfect for year-wrong use. This skirt works really well with blouses that need to be tucked in because it really holds them in place.  I really wish I had bought this skirt in other colors (chianti and heather charcoal grey) when they were available in my size!  Dammit! I hate when that happens!
Since it’s so chilly in my office on most days, I threw on a cobalt blue cardigan from New York and Company, for an extra pop of color.  Of course, the cardigan looks more purple than cobalt in this picture, but what can I do?

And rather than wearing boring black pumps, I wore my purple Nine West heels that I dug out during Operation Clean Out My Closet.



And here’s another outfit I wore this week, sticking with the mood-improving bold colors…

The skirt is a J. Crew Factory Petite Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool – Oxbow Blue (0P), which I bough in December 2015.  I love this skirt – even though it’s wool, which you typically would only wear in the Fall and Winter, this skirt isn’t really overly heavy, so it works during the Spring as well.  I don’t think I’ll wear it after this month, but the bright cobalt color totally works for now.  The blouse I am wearing is from Old Navy,  maybe 2013 or so?  I love the v-back on this top. Definitely a party in the back, so for work I put on a sea foam green cardigan, also from Old Navy, which is probably 5 or 6 years old.  My shoes are J. Renee Striped Pump Pumps & Heels (blue/white), which I bought from DSW, I dunno, 4 or 5 years ago.  I love these shoes.  I wish I had bought them in yellow when they still sold them.  This always happens to me.  I need to really go with my instincts and just buy stuff if I like it.



Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 20)

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I’m really excited to be 2/3 of the way done with this challenge to clean out my closet. As annoying as it has been, I am really doing a great job already (if I don’t say so myself) of eliminating things in my closet that I know I won’t wear anymore (or ever).  As I was looking through my blouses and tops to get dressed this morning, I was able to place 3 blouses on the giveaway pile. I also found a top that I love that has a hole in it, so that went on the discard pile (although I think H&M takes textiles in any condition, so I need to look into that).  I’m actually thinking about trying ThredUp to sell the brand new items that I have decided to get rid of. Does anyone have any experience with them??  And I think for everything else, I am going to donate. Hopefully everything finds a good home!

Anywho, back to today’s outfit. It was pretty easy to get dressed this morning. I knew I wanted to finally wear a blouse that I received back in a September 2015 Stitch Fix box.

Love it when the kiddos photobomb me!

This is the Papermoon Seaport Crew Neck blouse (size XSP). I have been wanting to wear this blouse for a long while, but I haven’t liked it with anything in my closet when I previously tried to wear it. And then it was the Winter, so I haven’t really been able to wear this blouse in the last few months. But I think Spring has finally sprung, so the pastel colors on this blouse are perfect!

The skirt I’m wearing is a relatively new addition to my closet, so I guess it doesn’t count for the purposes of this challenge. But I couldn’t wait to wear it (and also, didn’t want to wear this blouse with shy of my go-to black pencil skirts). This is the Ann Taylor Petite Ponte Skirt (size 0P).  This skirt is so flattering – it is stretchy but not right, and it really looks very sleek. I like that when I tuck a blouse into this skirt, the blouse stays put!  I wish this skirt came in other colors or prints!  I’d be all over that!

The pointed-toe heels I’m wearing are by Colin Stuart. I think I bought these from the Victoria’s Secret catalog in late 2007 or early 2008.  I wore them twice in 2008, and haven’t worn them since.  Most likely because they are soooo high.  Check out the heel on these puppies! 

Back when I bought these, I was replacing similar pair (with a lower heel) that I wore a lot but that had crapped out! I was in court every day and has many suits that required black heels! So I bought these thinking I had found a winner. But I remember these heels stopped being comfortable by midday if I had to walk a lot or stand up when addressing the judge.  FAIL!  Truthfully, I’m not sure why I though such high heels were a good idea – they’re sleek and sexy, no doubt, and I’m actually of average height when I wear these, but not very practical, are they?

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? I am definitely keeping the blouse.  It’s really pretty and now that it’s warming up, I am sure this will get a lot of play!  The skirt is obvs a keeper because it’s brand new and will be in the heavy rotation for work wear.  And finally, the heels – I will keep them.  They aren’t practical, but not everything needs to be.











Favorite Petite Finds #1

Some of my new favorite petite finds, courtesy of Ann Taylor (and 40% off)!!! Seriously crushing over here!

Ann Taylor Petite Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (Spruce Green, 0P) 

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I haven’t really been a fan of leather bottoms (faux or otherwise) since the early 00’s, but this pencil skirt that I bought online from AT last month has renewed my love of the leather look in an instant! Of course, I’m obviously a huge fan of pretty much any pencil skirt, but im loving this one especially because of the color and fit. Spruce Green sounds like it will be drab and boring, but it’s not. It’s so pretty. It’s really versatile, and I can see myself wearing this with more than just black. Maybe a print top? Or stripes?  It’s definitely a nice change from my normal black, grey, and navy pencil skirts that I wear during the Fall. I also like that this pencil skirt is a bit longer than I normally wear – right at the knees versus above the knee, so I think it will look really cute with leather or suede boots in another few weeks when it’s starts to dip below 50 consistently. Also, you can’t really tell that it is faux leather. And the price, of course, was awesome. You just can’t beat a sale price plus and additional 40% off. This skirt also comes in cherry brown (which looks gorgeous, by the way) and black, and it’s 60% off now!

Ann Taylor Petite Collared Chiffon Top (Black XXSP) 
I bought this top a few weeks ago online, also because I had a 40% off coupon code (and I was trying to reach the $ amount that would get me free shipping). I need another black top like I need a hole in my brain, but this is so cute. I was afraid it would look too feminine/romantic, but I’m totally glad I bought it. I decided to try the smallest size they have, XXSP, because I didn’t want this top to be baggy or overly long. After all, it’s chiffon, and I wanted it to look delicate, not voluminous. It’s sheer, but there’s a band of material in the bust area that isn’t sheer, so it’s totally appropriate for work. But it’s definitely cute for outside of the office, too. And I got this at a very good price, so I’m happy!

But what shoes to wear with this? 

  I figured it would be a pretty a boring snoozefest if I wore this outfit with black heels. So, I decided animal print heels would really set this outfit off. These aren’t my most comfortable shoes, but I like how the animal print contrasts the green skirt. 
After putting this “favorite petite finds” outfit together, I have to admit I am pretty damn excited to be in the office!