Sunday Share with my Sister

Sunday….why do you show up so fast??? ‘Twas a busy weekend!! Little man (aka Aidan) had basketball and all the running around necessary to go to Hubs Christmas party. 

First…basketball !This is week #2 of the Upward season. This year…he is a King (like the Sacremento Kings).  He had a great game…puts some points on the board and played some DE-fense!!! We are so proud of him! He loves this sport just as much as Julian!

What did I wear, you ask?  Thanks for asking…..Lindsay kimono (LuLaroe)// “Go Jesus, It’s Your Birthday”! Tee (Prep Obsessed)//Red Leggings (LuLaroe)//White Slip on Chuck Taylors (Zappos)//Pearl necklace (Loft)

I can’t say enough about this outfit. Everything about it I LOVE– from the buttery soft leggings to the statement shirt to the kimono. 

The Lindsay is my newest LuLaroe purchase/obsession.  It’s thin enough to not be hot on warm days but thick enough to be warm on cool days. Want a better pic??See???? Isn’t she precious? 

“Wife.Mom.BOSS” shirt ({a}Haley Boutique)//Black leggings (LuLaroe)

If you’ve been reading, then you KNOW our resident Petite Gal is my/ our LuLaroe GirlBOSS! (FB: LuLaroe ~ Monica Vignier)

After basketball and errands, it was time to get ready for Hubs company Christmas party. Truth be told, I look forward to this every year because outside of this….I don’t really have an occasion to dress up! #newdress

Lace Capped dress -Vintage Champagne (J.Crew Factory)//Fioni Jubilee Platform Pump (Payless)//Gold Statement necklace (Charming Charlie)

Close up??

I can’t say enough about this dress!! I will say that I can add this dress to my “What they WANTED…What they GOT..” segment that I want to continue to build. Here’s the story- I ordered this online in petite in my size. Well…I went on a limb because I was in love when I saw it online. When I received it in the mail…I tried it on…..BOOB SMOOSHER!   Do you see it??? I was bummed!!! Here I found the perfect dress and it fit every where but the upper part! (Damn broad back!! Damn you swimming and CrossFit for contributing!). I was able to exchange the dress at my local store, which I didn’t know we had, and get the regular size. Yes petite ladies….I went NON PETITE because it didn’t fit correctly. ūüėĪ. Any way, What they WANTED for the dress (originally online) was $108….What they GOT (online) was $54.  But wait…there’s more! Upon my exchange, the price went down more, so What they WANTED was $108…What they GOT was $43! SCORE!
I was pretty pleased with my outfit selections this Sunday! That’s a first….

Until next week, my gals! Happy Sunday and thanks for reading! ‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (August 5)

What the hell? It’s already August?! ¬†Where has the summer gone? ¬†Not that I am complaining. Fall will be here before you know it, and I’ll be dancing the happy dance! ¬†Fall has been my favorite season ever since I left home for college and was able to actually experience the seasons!!

img_2814For a cute business casual look this week, I opted the¬†Loft Striped Ottoman Wrap Skirt (XXS) in Forever Navy, which I bought a few days ago. ¬†I love this skirt because it’s an interesting take on the pencil skirt in my wardrobe. ¬†I love the faux-wrap look in the front. And I really love navy with yellow, so I paired this skirt with a yellow blouse (size XS) from¬†H&M and blue animal print Carlos Santana heels. ¬†And how can I forget about the necklace I am wearing, the¬†Kate Spade New York Set in Stone Reversible Pendant Necklace¬†(similar¬†here).


I love it. ¬†I found it at Nordstrom Rack for only $15, so yeah, buying it was totally a no-brainer! ¬†It’s hard to find anything Kate Spade for this price, especially something so cute.

This outfit features another pair of buttery soft #LuLaRoe leggings. I bought these in a surprise bundle, so I¬†wasn’t sure what I¬†would get, and, let me tell you, I was in love with these right away. You guys know I love bold bright colors, and these fit that bill to a T.

On this day, I wanted to keep it fairly simple, since the leggings were the star of this show, so I put on a black tank top – I even let the bra straps show because they matched the leggings. ¬†That’s called coordination like a BOSS! ¬†To complete the look, I put on a pair of fuchsia thong sandals from H&M¬†and gold accessories.

Another casual outfit this week featured one of my favorite summer tanks from H&M (size XS).  I really love the pink, cream, and turquoise floral print on this tank, which I can wear around the house or even to the office with a pencil skirt.  I paired this tank with a pair of beige shorts from Old Navy (size 0), and gold leather flip flops from Banana Republic. And yeah, because I love that Kate Spade necklace so much, I wore it again!

And, probably my favorite outfit this past week is this beauty right here. My hubs and I were able to squeeze in¬†a long-overdue date night this week! ¬†YESSSS! It’s sometimes easy to forget how nice it is to enjoy a meal where I don’t feel the need to rush (or tell anyone to STHU)!

But, I have to say, I actually find it hardest to get dressed for a date night. ¬†Yeah, I have tons of clothes, but date nights¬†always stress me out where getting dressed is concerned. ¬†I put on and took off at least 5 outfits before deciding on this one. ¬†I really hate that feeling of “I have nothing to wear,”¬†especially¬†when I know damn well that I have plenty to wear. ¬†But sometimes, as I stand in my closet and stare at all of my beautiful clothes, I simply don’t know where to start. ¬†Fortunately, this date night gave me a good excuse to put the¬†Loft Striped Lace Riviera Short (size 00) in Light Tangerine into the immediate rotation. ¬†I bought them on a shopping trip with my daughter only a few days before.

Despite the fact that my husband’s first comment when he saw this was “eww you’re wearing Gators colors,” I really LOVE¬†this outfit. ¬†First, in response to the hubs, the shorts aren’t orange they are tangerine, so no Gators colors in sight! This tangerine is definitely a new color for my wardrobe, which is exciting! Second, the shorts are just the right length for me – not too long and not too short. And the shorts pair really well with one of my fave Stitch Fix finds, the 19 Cooper Cathleen Split Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse in Cobalt. ¬†I finished this outfit off with a gold belt from¬†Target, the¬†Bancroft Powell Leather Detail Bangle Set – Yellow from Stitch Fix #2, the¬†Ali Chevron Stacked Pendant Necklace¬†from Francesca’s that my 6 year old daughter picked out (she has great taste!), and¬†tiger-print heels from Carlos Santana.

And, in case you were wondering, the hubs and I had a great night out.img_2811

Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everyone!


Sunday Share with my Sister

Today is a good day!! J came home from camp in Georgia last night/early this morning.  We missed him and so glad for his safe return! I will say that I wasn’t so happy to see/smell the laundry that found its way home too! Imagine this…Georgia, wet,sweat and teenage BOY…in a bag…for 11 hours! OMG!  What a wake up call this morning when I walked through the garage on the way out this morning! ūüėĚ #imUP

Let’s see what I have today…

Floral dress (Loft)

My likes:

  • The pattern. Again, out of the box on this one. It’s so girlie and made me feel all pretty…so NOT me! ūüėā
  • The style. I seem to do well with A line style dresses/skirts. And they really like the petite frame. 

My dislikes:

  • The color. You can’t tell by the picture, but it’s navy blue and white.    I love this combo, but I would have preferred some tropical colors for this dress. But notice… I apparently didn’t dislike it THAT much that I put it back on the rack!!!ūüėā

I’m going to start a section called “What they WANTED/What they GOT”.  People know I like to buy stuff on sale! I don’t like paying full price for clothes although I do.  I like the thrill of getting as steal on clothes…I mean…who doesn’t,right??

For this dress…what they WANTED was something like $60 or so, what they GOT was $15! See??? Fun, right???

Today I decided to break in a new Lularoe dress. If you’ve been reading, you probably remember that Lularoe is the new clothing obsession for me! Ladies, meet….

…..Julia!!!  Isn’t she cute??? 

 I chose to wear her a little differently because I don’t have the right shoes for her…
See!!?!? I belted the dress and pulled it over to make it look like a separate top and skirt versus a full dress. I accented with my Chucks because they go with everything and can go everywhere! The kimono cover was a last minute decision because I was really a little uncomfortable .

My likes:

  • Versatility. This dress can be worn a few ways, as above (with or without a belt) or like this….
  • Fabric. This company has the most giving fabrics. This is a form fitting dress but it doesn’t feel like I’m a stuffed sausage!!
  • Pattern. I really love the colors in this dress! I don’t usually do florals but it has enough that doesn’t make me feel like a doily.

My dislikes:

  • I have a gut! Well…it ain’t the dress’ fault!! This was really out of my zone in terms of fit. I’m not quite sure I would wear it without a kimono or a sweater tied around my waist. I’m not body confident enough to go without an accessory. 

What do you think??

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (July 15)

Hi everyone! ¬†This week has really flown by. ¬†I am still not able to understand how the summer (at least for the kiddos) is almost half over). ¬†School will be back in session before I know it. ¬†But, in a way, that’s a good thing, because this summer has been particularly busy. ¬†And extremely hot. ¬†Yesterday it was like 98 degrees. ¬†I felt so bad for my kids, who were suffering through soccer practice in that hot muggy heat, whilst I enjoyed the A/C in my car. ¬†#badmom

Enough of my whining though. ¬†This week I want to share a few work outfits and a few play outfits. ¬†Please excuse my “summer hair,” AKA my “I am not going to even bother flat ironing until September hair!

Office Attire:


I am really loving this outfit for a¬†“casual summer” office look – it really looks and feels sooo summery. ¬†The skirt (size 0P) is from¬†Loft, maybe 2-3 years ago. ¬†I picked it out today because I wanted to do something a little different than my normal pencil skirt uniform. ¬†Yeah, the skirt is a tad roomy, but with the white blouse (size XXSP), also from¬†Loft, tucked in, everything fits very nicely. To complete the look, I wore a pair of wine-colored heels from BCBG¬†and¬†a¬†grey and bronze necklace from¬†H&M that I absolutely adore!

img_2217I also really love this outfit i wore to the office. ¬†Yes, it is a navy blue pencil skirt (Loft, size 0P) paired with a sleeveless blouse (Halogen, size XSP, from¬†Trunk #2 Part 2), but since it is casual summer for the office until September, I went a little crazy with my shoes to make this¬†work “uniform”¬†a bit more interesting. ¬†The belt is a gold sparkly belt that I bought from¬†Target 4 or 5 years ago, and the blur and white plaid shoes are from¬†Nordstrom Rack. ¬†




Casual Attire:

On this day, I wore #LuLaRoe #Leggings right into the rotation. These are OS (one size), which, while comfy, are a tad big for this petite gal.  It may be TMI, but they are a tad roomy in the crotch area, and I had to pull them up way above my waist (that the bump to the right of this picture pulled the leggings up to). So, I will probably stick to the tween size for leggings.  The fit much better.

But, fit aside, you can’t really beat this print, blue and yellow, with a few red accents as well (which, sadly, are mostly on the back of these leggings). ¬†And to bring out the red (and to really get into color wheel dressing), I wore a red tank top from¬†Old Navy¬†and gold leather flip flops from¬†Banana Republic. ¬†This really was a great outfit to wear on a day when I had to take my kids to morning swim practice, camps, and then soccer practice in the afternoon.


And here is another outfit feature something from #LuLaRoe!  This is the #ClassicTee (size XXS).  I love these tees because they are comfy and soooo soft. And yes, they are a oversized, but there are so many fun ways to tie these tees.  This classic tee was a must-buy because of my favorite colors Рmaize and blue РGO MICHIGAN!)!  i PAIRED THIS TEE WITH A PAIR OF J.Crew Factory skinny jeans, beige thong sandals from Nine West, and a bauble necklace in yellow, teal, and purple from Charming Charlie.  This was the perfect outfit for a day outside with the kids.



And that is it for this week!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!!




Petite Fashion Friday (July 1)

I can’t believe it’s already July!  Just a short post this week, as I am on my way to the beach with the fam to enjoy the holiday weekend. And let me tell you – packing for this trip was a real pain in the arse. Now that the summer is in full swing, and I’m looking for cute warm-weather outfits, I’m experiencing that dreaded “I have nothing to wear!” No matter how many purchases I make, when it’s time to get dressed lately, I just don’t like anything in my wardrobe. Which is totally ridiculous as much as I shop. Anywho, here are a few outfits from this week. 


As I rummaged through my summer clothing drawer, toward the bottom I found these never-been-worn J.Crew Factory 3″ Printed Boardwalk Pull-On Short (size 00, similar here).  I bought these back in March 2016, so I’m not sure how I could have forgotten about them already. But in any event, I’m so glad re-discovered these pretty shorts. And they’re so comfy. I totally love pull-on shorts! 

Since the print on these shorts has a bit of orange in it, so I picked out a coral tee is from Loft (size XXSP) to give this outfit a pop of color. And to finish the look off, I wore beige thong sandals from Nine West (size 6.5) and a grey and bronze statement necklace from H&M


On Monday, I had to go into the office, and was trying very hard to avoid picking out one of my old faithful summer pencil skirts, and I was simply feeling really uninspired. But I rallied, and came up with this outfit. 

This navy bell skirt is from Banana Republic (size 0P) and I paired it with a navy and white striped tank from J.Crew Factory (size XS)  But I get really cold on the train and in my office, so I picked out a cardigan that would bring a much needed pop of color to this otherwise monochromatic look. The mustard cardigan is from Mossimo (Target) and the shoes are Carlos by Carlos Santana (size 6.5). And to complete the look, I put on a gold beaded necklace and gold bangles. 

And that’s all for this week. Yes, I did get dressed Tuesday through Friday, but I was too lazy to take pictures of what I wore the rest of the week. My bad. Next week, I’ll do better (and will have some beach vacation looks to share with you)!  Have a great weekend and Happy 4th!


Petite Fashion Friday – LuLaRoe Edition (June 24)

Happy Friday! ¬†So today’s edition of Petite Fashion Friday focuses why I think LuLaRoe is great for petite gals. ¬†I’ll be honest, up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know much about¬†LuLaRoe¬†apart from the printed leggings that I see many women in my neighborhood wearing. And since I don’t really wear leggings except for in the winter, I never really bothered looking at the many FB pages put together by the women in my hood who are consultants. ¬†Also, if I am being even more brutally honest, I pride myself in drumming to the beat of my own tune, so I avoided¬†LuLaRoe¬†like the plague. I held out as long as I could, y’all.

As¬†much as I tried to resist, eventually, I broke down when one of my good buddies became a¬†LuLaRoe¬†consultant. ¬†Of course I wanted to support her small business, and once I learned¬†LuLaRoe¬†was more than just patterned leggings, it was pretty much over for me. I started looking at the online shop hosted by my friend, as well as those of a few of the ladies in my hood, and of course, found the clothing to be gorgeous. Beautiful, bright, bold colors and prints galore. You KNOW that’s right up my alley!

And then I heard something about a 4th of July collection, and I went a little nuts, buying a few Stars and Stripes tops (the¬†Randy, in size XXS), some stars and stripes leggings for my daughter (tween), a red, white, and blue dress for myself (the Julia, size XXS), and a classic tee (size XXS). ¬†I also picked up a few kids baseball tees (the Sloan, size 12), because these fit the petite gal pretty well. As you can see, I need help, as I can’t ¬†stop buying stuff!

I’ll also confess the manner in which these items are sold online shopping is totally contributing to my delinquency! ¬†When new items are posted on the consultants’ online shops, it’s first come, first served. That sales approach makes me want things even more! ¬†Like, I have to score the piece before someone else gets it. If it’s something I sorta like, once I see someone asking questions about it, I can’t stop myself from buying it! This same thing happens when I’m at a store and I see someone near something I sort of like. ¬†I have to grab it before they grab my size first. It’s sick, and explains why I should ever go to an auction – the thrill of the hunt would be too much for me and I’d go broke.

But getting back to¬†LuLaRoe, their clothes fit petite frames really well. Actually, they seem to fit every woman, of every size, really well, which I guess is why it’s so popular. I’ve had success buying the different styles in size XXS, as well as kids size 12/14. I think any woman size 6 and under can safely rock the kids sizes (and save a few bucks, which you KNOW I am all over!).

Anywho, here are a two LuLaRoe outfits I put together this week.


I had to go into the office on Thursday, and I was super excited to incorporate my recent¬†LuLaRoe¬†finds into my work wardrobe. ¬†This is a¬†LuLaRoe¬†Classic Tee in size XXS (all Classic Tees¬†are $35). Omg. I just love this bold print. I don’t have nearly enough orange and yellow in my wardrobe so this was a must-have! ¬†And I finally have something interesting to wear with this¬†J.Crew Factory Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton¬†in Neon Flame (size 0P). And I paired this colorful outfit with my animal print¬†Carlos Santana¬†open-toe pumps, a favorite of mine. ¬†I am sure once I stepped off the train in DC, people could see me coming from a mile away! ¬†I love it!


I had to take the kids to swim practice this morning at 7:30 before starting my work day, and that meant I needed a casual outfit. And another perfect opportunity to put some¬†LuLaRoe¬†into the rotation. ¬†This top is from the Sloan collection (all Sloan tops are $28), which is for girls. ¬†The Sloan is a¬†baseball tee, similar to the Randy, but cut smaller. Which is PERFECT for me. ¬†I like that the sleeves go up to the elbow, and of course, I love the polka dot print, which pairs really well with the J.Crew Factory 3″ Floral Jacquard Boardwalk Pull-on Shorts in sea mist (size 00). ¬† And to complete the sporty, casual look, I put on a pair of blue¬†Tommy Hilfiger¬†canvas sneakers.

If you are interested in seeing more of what¬†LuLaRoe¬†has to offer, check out the Lularoe FB pages¬†for a two of my favorite consultants, Yasmeen and Jeanna. Please know that I am giving them this shout out totally unsolicited, and I’m not getting anything at all in return. I didn’t even mention that I was doing this! ¬†I’m sure they don’t even know about this blog. ¬†But, since the main reason I started Petite Girl Need Clothes Too! is to share my favorite petite fashion finds, I wanted to let you know about another resource for finding cute, affordable clothing that works really well for us petite gals! Happy shopping and have a great weekend!


What I Want Wednesday (June 22)

Hey everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  So, my kids (and nephew) started their respective summer camps this week, and between that and morning swim practice, I have a lot more time on my hands to window shop.  Yay!  Here are the items I like this week!

White House Black Market Petite Printed Blouson Dress


I love this dress.  It looks so light and airy, and perfect for the swampy summer months.  The dress is stretchy, which I means the dress will be fitted but not super tight.

The print is very pretty and will not overwhelm the petite frame.  And the colors Рmuted, but gorgeous nonetheless.

This dress will work well either for a casual look, or for a dressy night out on the town!

Banana Republic Petite Flutter-Sleeve Print Top


The colors and print on this blouse are EVERYTHING.  That pretty much is all I need to say about this top.

J.Crew Leather Eyelet Sandals with Ankle Strap

Bright Poppy
Bright Poppy

These sandals come in two colors – bright poppy and¬†sea salt – but I am partial¬†to bright poppy. ¬†I normally try to stay away from ankle straps because A) they’re supposed to be a no-no for petites, and B) I have really skinny ankles and I can never get the strap tight enough¬†(I know, I know), but I really like these, so there you have it.

I am really digging all thinks eyelet, so that’s the first plus. ¬†And second, these will make a nice addition to my casual summer wardrobe. ¬†I may even get away with wearing them to work during casual summer attire.

Banana Republic Petite Pleated Stripe Skirt


I already have a few BR pleated skirts that I really like (yellow, brown, and blue), but when I saw this one, I instantly knew I had to have it.  I love stripes, and particularly black and white stripes, because they work with soooo many colors!  And this skirt is now an extra 40% off (although I will hold out a tad bit longer, because I am cheap).




Loft Wedge Sandals


Another pair of sandals with ankle straps. ¬†I guess I don’t really care what the fashion rules are for petites. ¬†Oh, I’m such a rebel!

But seriously, I¬†am really digging¬†these wedge sandals in marsala red. I can definitely wear these to work, and I’d also wear them out and about this summer. ¬†They’d look so cute with pencil skirts and shorts alike. And yeah, wedges make me appear tall(er), so, get in my closet, you pretty wedge sandals, you!

That’s it for this week. ¬†Have a great Wednesday!


Sunday Share with my Sister

I was struggling what to share with you all when I wrote this post.  I wasn’t really inspired by any of my outfits this week-they were generally the same! Nothing that you all haven’t seen before…nothing that you’d be like “Angie…where ever did you get that??”

I went to International Plaza (Tampa,FL) last weekend on the birthday weekend.  I just so happened to find myself at Loft. Now…don’t laugh at outfits! Maybe not the actual clothes themselves…but the staging of the outfits (i.e. Accessories, shoes, etc) and the photos in the fitting room. 

Ruffle Drawstring Romper (Loft) // Black sandals (Payless)

They had a SALE last weekend and I coped this for 50%!! And….I went back to get one for Mo! 

I with Mo… I am in LOVE with rompers!!!    They complement the petite frame very well!!  I deviated from my usual black and went with coral.  I tried on the MP, but it was huge! Like potato sack huge!!  I forget this because I sometime over estimate my size but Loft tends to run a little big, so I went with SP.  Perfecto!  BTW…there are a ton more that I want to buy!!

I usually do not like to shop for shorts because of my legs and how they fit me…

Riveria shorts (Loft)

….See how they bunch in the front?  ūüėĚThis is why I don’t like shorts! But these were so comfy and I love this green….they came home with me! They were 50% off too!

Not sure if I’d actually wear this top with the shorts, but it came home with me too! ūüėČ
I am fairly proud of myself for selecting colors (even though I went with a staple black and white striped shirt). It’s a work in progress, y’all, so stick with me!! 

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (June 17)

Happy Friday! It has been a long week. And it really feels like the summertime because the kids’ last day of school is today. I know the teachers are probably jumping up and down with glee, but the summer isn’t my favorite because A) it’s hot and humid, and B) I have to scramble to figure out what camps the kids are going to. ¬†And now that they’re¬†getting older and actually have opinions about where they want to go to camp, well, it’s a pain in the arse to say the least! ¬†Of course they don’t want to got to the same camp as they did last year. ¬†But, as usual, I digress! ¬†Here are some of my outfits this week.


On Sunday, it was hot as heck, so I had to wear as little as possible without looking scandalous! ¬†I picked out a peach sleeveless tee that I found a few years back for like $1 at an Old Navy sidewalk sale. ¬†The shorts are also from Old Navy – my mo originally bought these, but gave them to me, maybe because she had multiple pairs, or they were too short? ¬†I can’t remember. ¬†And the thong snakeskin print sandals are from H&M – I picked them up during a Memorial Day sale for $9.


On Monday, I had to bring my nephew into the office so I was really rushing to get ready. ¬†This was the best I could come up with – an orange sleeveless lace blouse from Banana Republic, a black pencil skirt from Loft, and a black open front cardigan from Banana Republic (because it is always freezing on the train to DC, as well as in my office). ¬†I’ll note that when i arrived in DC, I realized that my cardi had a HUGE hole in the sleeve. ¬†Sadly, I had to throw the cardi away, which is sad because I have had this for a long while. ¬†Sigh. ¬†I guess all good things have to come to an end. ¬†My snakeskin print heels are Mossimo, which¬†I bought at Target.


On Thursday, I woke up to grey¬†skies and drizzle, and even though it was muggy, it was a chilly humid morning. ¬†So I felt that pants and a long sleeve shirt were in order. ¬†The pants and top are both from J.Crew Factory. My husband actually picked both out, which he loves to point out. I guess I should give him props because I really like this outfit. ¬†It’s comfy, and even when the sun came out, it kept me cool and comfortable all day long. ¬†The shoes are from H&M, which I bought for $9 during the same memorial Day sale during which I bought the snakeskin print sandals.


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! ¬†WOO-HOOO! ¬†NOT! Today, the kids don’t even go the full day, so I was scrambling all morning to get the house in semi decent shape for their play date after school Because I like to pretend that my house is semi-clean all the time. ¬†Don’t want their friends going home saying how dirty the Vig’s house is! ¬†LOL. ¬†So, fashion takes a backburner on this Friday.

I am wearing a really old pair of white shorts from¬†Old Navy, with a navy¬†and white striped sequined tank, also from¬†Old Navy. ¬†The gladiator sandals I am wearing are from¬†Via Spiga. ¬†And I don’t know if you can see the¬†bracelets on my right arms, but I was cleaning out my daughter’s very nasty backpack and came across the ones she wore almost 2 months ago for 80’s day at school. ¬†being too lazy to take them upstairs to put in her jewelry box, they are part of my outfit today!

That’s all for today, folks. ¬†I have to go pick up the kids and take them, their cousin, and their friend out to lunch to celebrate the last day of school. ¬†That’s me plus 6 kids. ¬†By myself. ¬†Oh lord. ¬†Keep me in your thoughts ya’ll. ¬†have a great Friday and weekend!



What I Want Wednesday (June 15)

Sorry¬†I missed last week – I am so busy. ¬†My 9-year-old nephew is in town for the month, so that means I am responsible for 5 kids. ¬†Oh boy – keep me in your thoughts. ¬†Just kidding – it’s actually not that bad, it’s just louder! ¬†But I am sooooo used to a loud house, so it really makes only a negligible difference. ¬†But I digress.

Here are a few things that I really like this week.  I think you will really like these!

J. Crew Petite off-the-shoulder dress in Ratti Into the Wild print. 

I really, really like the off-the-shoulder dress look, so this dress needs to get in my closet now.  The print reminds me of being in Jamaica, where I spent a lot of time during the 8 or so years my dad lived there.  And since I am not presently in Jamaica, this would be the closest thing to it.




J. Crew Factory Printed Cam Dress

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I love bold colors and prints.  I love this print in particular because its base color is purple, and I need more purple in my life.  This dress looks pretty simple, but it will be a great addition to my summer wardrobe because it can be worn as a casual dress or I can dress it up with heels if I am going out.


Topshop Tie Wrap Dress 

There was a time when I was all about the wrap dress.  But ever since I birthed my 4 kids and lost the full bosom I had pre-kiddos, I have avoided this look like the plague.  But when I saw this dress, I was instantly in love.  I love the color and since Topshop is pretty good as far as sizing for the petite gal, I really want to give this dress a try.


Loft Petite Geo Eyelet Skirt

I love the scalloped hem on this skirt – I have been looking for this look for a while now, but this is the first one I think would work for me. ¬†I actually really like both colors too, but I probably, if I had to choose just one, would have to go with the faded mint. ¬†Whenever I wear white, I become a magnet for dirt and grime. ¬†Or someone gets a nosebleed. And that’s not a cute look!

Either way, this skirt is very versatile – it can be worn with pretty much any kind of top you can imagine, and is both casual and dressy, depending on what you pair it with. This skirt is definitely a must for me (and it’s on sale now – 50% off)!

Loft Petite Off the Shoulder Romper


Yeah, so I am evidently a little¬†obsessed with the off the shoulder look, and I am fine with that! And the fact that this is a romper makes it even more appealing. ¬†I wish this came in a different color, but this has to get in my closet anyway! ¬†I’ll just have to make it a bit more interesting with a funky pair of shoes and a cute belt.



And that’s all for this week. ¬†I hope you see something here you like!