Sunday Share with my Sister

Wow!! I looked to see when my last post was….October!!  How did time slip that fast? Life gets in the way, that’s one thing for sure! 

Cooler weather is starting to surface here in the Sunshine State. We Floridians will use any excuse to bring out sweaters, scarves, boots, jackets…even if that means the temperature only drops to 70! ūüėā

C’mom and see what I pulled out of my arsenal for the temp change…

Puffy Monogram Black Vest (Marley Lilly)// Relaxed White Tee (Old Navy)// Grey Rock Star Jeans (Old Navy)// White Converse Slip on (Zappos)

My likes:

  • I have need wanting this vest for ever!!! Marley Lilly had a recent sale, like $30 off, so I ran with it!! It’s so cute and comfy…
  • These jeans are everything! I was hesitant on grey jeans because I wasn’t quite sure it was going to look good on me. 

My dislikes:

  • It only comes in one other color…so I bought it! ūüėā

How I “Roe’d” this past week…Randy T (LuLaroe)// Vest (The Ikat Elephant Boutique)// Black Leggings (LuLaroe

My shoes????


Grey Del Ray Sneakers (Toms)

My likes:

  • If you have never tried or been in a pair of LuLaroe leggings…listen to me! You OWE it to yourself to purchase a pair! These are so soft and comfy! And…I know a consultant if your are interested! LuLaroe ~ Monica Vignier. #youvebeenWARNED
  • The leggings are NOT see through! Seems to me that manufacturers are making leggings so thin! Another FINE reason to go LuLaroe! (see above for consultant! ūüėāūüėČ)
  • This vest I use a lot! It does well over shirts and dresses! The color compliments many items in my wardrobe!!  If you find something like this, buy it! 

My dislikes:

  • Sometimes…sometimes…this vest makes me look a little chunky, so I worry about using it too much! #bodyissues

This week went fast and now we are looking at ūü¶É Turkey Dayūü¶É and I just saw in the store it is 34 shopping days until ūüéĄChristmasūüéĄ! Whaaaaaaaa???

To all my Florida peeps, enjoy this lovely weather!!   You know by next week it will be back in the high 80s!!  I hope those of you that aren’t in the Sunshine State are enjoying your state’s weather,too!!

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (September 16)

Happy Friday, ya’ll. ¬†I hope everyone has had a great week! ¬†I am still basking in the¬†joy¬†of having been able to meet two of my best girlfriends up in Delaware for a girls mini one-night getaway! ¬†Since they live in New York and I live in the DC area, Delaware is the half way point for us. ¬†With our busy schedules filled with work, kids, and, well, LIFE, we only get to see each other a few times a year. ¬†And to make it easier on us all, we will meet up in Delaware to catch up, sit by the pool, get tattoos (!), go out for¬†dinner/drinks, TALK, LAUGH, and then pretend that we can stay up late when in fact we pass out by midnight. ¬†Fun times!

Getting our ‘Roe on!

But back to reality! ¬†Fortunately, I felt pretty inspired with my outfit choices this week. ¬†Yeah, I have on lots of LuLaRoe, but I can’t help it if LuLaRoe is an excellent compliment to what I already have in my closet!

On Saturday, while I was driving to meet the girls, my Wolverines played. Saturdays mean I have to represent and wear Maize and Blue!  Fortunately, I found a pair of maize and blue LuLaRoe leggings to wear on the drive Рcomfy and full of team spirit!

(Top: H&M; Shoes: Banana Republic; Necklace: Charming Charlie)

img_3820-1I work from home several days a week, and I’ll be honest, it’s hard to¬†motivate myself to do more than keep on my pajamas all day! ¬†I’m lucky if I can muster up the strength to shower! ¬†Sorry, but that’s the truth. ¬†But, I will say, since submitting paperwork to LuLaRoe, I have focused a bit more on looking presentable on the days when I am at home. And that’s a win in my book.

I still like to be comfy, though, when I telework, so I found the perfect LBD in my closet from H&M that still had the tags on. ¬†I didn’t even know it was in there. So, it felt like Christmas getting dressed that morning!


(Cardigan: LuLaRoe Sarah Cardigan; Shoes: Banana Republic; Necklace: Charming Charlie)


On another day that I worked from home, I decided to do a little less dressy than the LBD day. ¬†Also, one of the LuLaRoe consultants on my team had to take her 3 year old daughter for her third open heart surgery, so we all decided to wear red in support. ¬†Of course, red isn’t a color I have a great deal of, given my dislike of Ohio State and anything red and gray, so it was hard to find something to wear. Fortunately, I found a sorta red LuLaRoe Randy tee. ¬†As I understand it, my teammate’s daughter is resting and recovering!

(Shorts: Old Navy; Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger)


And, finally, today’s outfit had to be yellow/gold because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and every Friday at my kids’ school, they #gogold to spread the word. ¬†There’s not a lot of yellow or gold in my closet, either, so this proved to be a challenge. But, this beautiful yellow pleated skirt from¬†Banana Republic did the trick!

(Top: LuLaRoe Classic T; Shoes: Carlos Santana; Necklace: H&M)

Also, stay tuned for another Trunk CluB review, which should be coming your way early next week!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and weekend!


Sunday Share with my Sister

Well, it has been a minute or two since I’ve posted here.  I’ve been not enthusiastic about anything I have been wearing lately.  Nothing worthy of posting…. and I’ve said this before… I really don’t want to share anything that I am really not feeling. But maybe I should just post any way because maybe some one will get something from it. I know I am inspired by others….  Ehh….who knows, we’ll see…

Yesterday, I finally wore my Lularoe leggings.  

My likes:

  • Comfort.  Man…are these leggings comfortable. I honestly don’t think I have owned anything this comfortable!
  • Pattern. I was very skeptical about this pattern, but I like the way it looks. I won in from a consultant contest and I got to pick the leggings. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I love them. And…hey…Chuck Taylor’s make everything better!!

My dislikes:

  • Not an DAMN thing! Oh wait….that I don’t own MORE! #workingonit ūüėā

This morning…..

Lace skirt (Ross) // “Merci” T-shirt (Old Navy)

My likes:

  • Lace. I like the lace overlay on this skirt.  You can dress this up or down. #winning
  • Tee. Who doesn’t love a t-shirt that says SOMETHING??? 

There you have it, ladies! I’m working on getting some more outfits, as I feel like I’m in a rut! 

Thanks for sticking with me and reading! Happy Sunday! ‚̧ԳŹ

Sunday Share with my Sister

Well, I/we finished week one of school! Actually we stated on Wednesday, so it’s really I/we finished Day 3! ūüėā. 

I was absolutely uninspired by anything I wore last week. That’s why I had no “share” for you all last Sunday. I’m mean, if I’m not loving it or feeling it…who wants to see it?? ūüėā. 

I went with something basic at work and I have to say, I was feeling IT! 

Tee dress (Old Navy) // ana Kimono (JcPenney) // Necklace (NY & Co)

The necklace received RAVE reviews (THANKS, MOM!!ūüėė)….

Again I own something that probably matches everything I own in my closet! I got this from my Mom for my birthday in June.  She seriously has great taste and most of the items I receive complements on have come from her!!! 

I felt a little more inspired to share this week. Let’s see what the next week(s) have to bring! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!! ‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (July 22)

Happy Friday, everyone. ¬†Another week has flown by. ¬†This week has been so hot, with even more sweltering temperatures (100+) on the horizon over the weekend. ¬†Sometimes I feel like I still live in Arizona – but at¬†least in Arizona, AKA “it’s the dry heat,” I could keep my hair from the frizz, even when it was 115. Here in the DMV, not so much, as you can see in all of my summertime posts thus far! ¬†Frizz City, sweetheart!! ¬†Anywho, I digress. ¬†Here’s a few outfits I put together this week:
As I am sure I have already mentioned, my¬†oldest 2 kids are on our country club’s summer swim team, which means early a.m. swim meets on Saturdays through the end of July. ¬†And it is really unbearably hot by around 10:00 a.m. on those days, so for last week’s swim meet, I picked out a fun, yet cool outfit to wear. ¬†I dug out a pink skirt from Old Navy that I have never worn, and paired it with a grey and pink tank, also from¬†Old Navy. And to set it off, I wore the grey and bronze necklace from¬†H&M that¬†I’ve worn a bunch of times in the last few weeks¬†and a pair of gold leather flip flops¬†from¬†Banana Republic. ¬†Perhaps that was a little much for a swim meet, but who cares?

One of my favorite outfits this week was the Ruffle Drawstring Romper¬†from Loft that my sister over at¬†Miles, Moms, and Mishaps¬†bought for me. ¬†She also has one, too, which you can see here! ¬†I love the neon coral hue on this romper, and really, this is just a cute, fun romper than I can dress up or down depending on my mood. ¬†On this day, I put on a gold skinny belt (I tied¬†the drawstring that’s on the romper around the belt since I couldn’t hide it) and a pair of sandals from¬†Target. ¬†This was a perfect outfit for shopping!


This outfit here was a bit risky for me, in that I wore a pair of super short shorts.Way shorter than I normally feel comfortable wearing.  But I bought these floral print Joie shorts from Nordstrom Rack 2 or so years ago and have never worn them, so I wanted to give them a try.

Since the shorts are¬†so short, I needed to wear a less “scandalous” top, so I picked out a navy blue 3/4 length shirt from¬†Old Navy. ¬†And wore the pair of sandals from¬†Target¬†again.




img_2437My 6 year old daughter took this picture of my outfit. Thus, the grainy, fuzzy, crooked image.  Oh well. The hubs and I decided to take the kids for some tapas at one of my favorite tapas restaurants in the DC area РLa Tasca.  It was sooo good. I love that my kids eat anything and everything. Although their sophisticated palates can get expensive. Pardon the #humblebrag!  LOL.

Anyway, I am wearing a wine-colored shift dress from¬†Banana Republic. ¬†I have always loved this dress, mostly because it has pockets. Can’t go wrong with a dress that has pockets in my opinion. ¬†I paired the dress with a pair of chrome gladiator sandals because I wanted to be comfy if I had to chase one of my kids. ¬†With those crazies, you really have to be ready for all contingencies. ¬†And I am wearing silver jewelry to complete the look.

img_2672This last outfit is what I am wearing right now – it’s super comfy and casual, which is perfect for a sweltering day working from home! ¬†The cream tank top is from¬†Old Navy, as is the olive green and cream striped skirt. ¬†And I am wearing a pair of¬†copper wedge sandals to finish the look.

And that is all for this Friday’s edition of Petite Fashion Friday! ¬†I hope everyone enjoys their day and has a fabulous weekend!



Petite Fashion Friday (July 15)

Hi everyone! ¬†This week has really flown by. ¬†I am still not able to understand how the summer (at least for the kiddos) is almost half over). ¬†School will be back in session before I know it. ¬†But, in a way, that’s a good thing, because this summer has been particularly busy. ¬†And extremely hot. ¬†Yesterday it was like 98 degrees. ¬†I felt so bad for my kids, who were suffering through soccer practice in that hot muggy heat, whilst I enjoyed the A/C in my car. ¬†#badmom

Enough of my whining though. ¬†This week I want to share a few work outfits and a few play outfits. ¬†Please excuse my “summer hair,” AKA my “I am not going to even bother flat ironing until September hair!

Office Attire:


I am really loving this outfit for a¬†“casual summer” office look – it really looks and feels sooo summery. ¬†The skirt (size 0P) is from¬†Loft, maybe 2-3 years ago. ¬†I picked it out today because I wanted to do something a little different than my normal pencil skirt uniform. ¬†Yeah, the skirt is a tad roomy, but with the white blouse (size XXSP), also from¬†Loft, tucked in, everything fits very nicely. To complete the look, I wore a pair of wine-colored heels from BCBG¬†and¬†a¬†grey and bronze necklace from¬†H&M that I absolutely adore!

img_2217I also really love this outfit i wore to the office. ¬†Yes, it is a navy blue pencil skirt (Loft, size 0P) paired with a sleeveless blouse (Halogen, size XSP, from¬†Trunk #2 Part 2), but since it is casual summer for the office until September, I went a little crazy with my shoes to make this¬†work “uniform”¬†a bit more interesting. ¬†The belt is a gold sparkly belt that I bought from¬†Target 4 or 5 years ago, and the blur and white plaid shoes are from¬†Nordstrom Rack. ¬†




Casual Attire:

On this day, I wore #LuLaRoe #Leggings right into the rotation. These are OS (one size), which, while comfy, are a tad big for this petite gal.  It may be TMI, but they are a tad roomy in the crotch area, and I had to pull them up way above my waist (that the bump to the right of this picture pulled the leggings up to). So, I will probably stick to the tween size for leggings.  The fit much better.

But, fit aside, you can’t really beat this print, blue and yellow, with a few red accents as well (which, sadly, are mostly on the back of these leggings). ¬†And to bring out the red (and to really get into color wheel dressing), I wore a red tank top from¬†Old Navy¬†and gold leather flip flops from¬†Banana Republic. ¬†This really was a great outfit to wear on a day when I had to take my kids to morning swim practice, camps, and then soccer practice in the afternoon.


And here is another outfit feature something from #LuLaRoe!  This is the #ClassicTee (size XXS).  I love these tees because they are comfy and soooo soft. And yes, they are a oversized, but there are so many fun ways to tie these tees.  This classic tee was a must-buy because of my favorite colors Рmaize and blue РGO MICHIGAN!)!  i PAIRED THIS TEE WITH A PAIR OF J.Crew Factory skinny jeans, beige thong sandals from Nine West, and a bauble necklace in yellow, teal, and purple from Charming Charlie.  This was the perfect outfit for a day outside with the kids.



And that is it for this week!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!!




Petite Fashion Friday РPetite Girl on Vacation 

Hey everyone!  I have been on a wee bit of a hiatus the last week or so, but I was on vacation with my army and my sister and her family, so having fun took precedence over blogging.  And then, once I got back home, I was totally exhausted, as usual after a vacation with the kiddos.  So, I really needed a few days to recharge and get back into the swing of things.  But, now I am back and so glad to share with you some of my outfits from vacation, as well as give you a small glimpse of the fun that we had eating, drinking, and beaching our way through Hilton Head Island.

First things, first – the outfits!  You’ll have to excuse the hair – it was out of control all week long.  I chalk that up to the humidity coupled with not giving a f! LOL!

My sister and I both rocked our rompers on the first day there.  Great minds thinks alike.  I simply love rompers, and I love how we have two very different, but equally cute looks going here for lounging by the pool.  My romper is several years old and from Old Navy.  Angie’s romper is from.   I will note, however, that our lounging was interrupted by my oldest banging his head on a chair in the hotel room not 10 minutes after our arrival, which necessitated an ER visit and stitches.  But we tried to keep it cute nonetheless!!


This dress is from Old Navy and I absolutely love it.  It’s the perfect length, fits well (fitted but not snug), and the print is gorg.  And it’s such a versatile dress – I have worn it to work, around the house, and to a nice dinner, which I did on this vacation.  The restaurant we went to the night I wore this dress was AMAZING!  It’s called Breakwater and it’s in Beaufort, SC.  You have to stop there if ever in the vicinity of Hilton Head Island.


On this evening, we went out to eat at an outdoor restaurant called Black Marlin, so I wanted to wear something that was casual, comfy, and kept me cool.  The white Old Navy shorts and green H&M tank were perfect for the occasion.  My hair on the other hand…Oye.





This is dress is a Julia, from the 4th of July Collection from LuLaRoe!  I love the colors and print on this dress – totally me!  The dress is a bit long, but I found a few new tricks to make it a bit shorter, which will help me next time I wear this (or the other 2 Julias I now own)!


On our last night in Hilton head Island, which also happened to be the 4th of July, my daughter and I rocked some comfy leggings, also from LuLaRoe’s 4th of July collection.  Truth be told, my 6-year-old daughter (who is clearly very tall for her age) is wearing my leggings, and I am wearing hers, but that’s the beauty of LuLaRoe – their clothing is stretchy and can fit anyone of any size.  (if you want to learn more about LuLaRoe, check out my homey’s FB page)

And some of my favorite pics…

And of course, a picture of my lovely family!


And that’s all for this week, guys…I sure wish I was still on the beach…img_0436


Sunday Share with my Sister

I’m on vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC and I totally forgot today was Sunday, so I could share! I’m here with my blogger host, aka The Petite Girl Extraordainare, aka my sister! 

I am kinda geeked out to share my outfit because it is absolutely vacation inspired!!

Amelia Island Tunic -Pink Pout Flamenco (Lily Pulitzer)// White shorts (Old Navy)// Sandals (Nine West)

I have be wanting a Lilly Pulitzer anything for quite some time. Hubs bought me his tunic for my birthday and he knew exactly what where I’d wear it! I couldn’t wait!! 

My likes:

  • The colors!! You all know I am trying to break the mold and incorporate more color. What better way than Lilly???
  • The versatility. This tunic can be dressed up or down; that’s how most of my clothes need to be!

My dislikes:

  • The shorts. They must have cut the shorts differently because they are too big and too long. I have lost some weight but not THAT much!! I’m kind of weird because I am in between sizes. *sigh*

I am itching to get my hands on some other Lilly pieces. My sis got me a bathing suit that I will be getting into soon. Maybe I’ll share….ūüėČ

Thanks for reading! Happy Sunday and Happy 4th of July!! ‚̧ԳŹūüáļūüáł

Sunday Share with my Sister

Happy Sunday!! This is a basketball share! Why?? Because my oldest, Julian (or J as I have been accustomed to calling him because I’m too LAZY to write/text his name when I refer to him!) came home from basketball camp at University of Florida (my Alma Mater)…

Any way…you want clothes not basketball!  As I write this post, I am dropping J off at Duke University for…you guessed it…basketball camp. ūüėā

Floral top (Old Navy) // Pixie Chinos White (Old Navy) // Camel heels (Nine West) 

I really love this top!! I saw it on the mannequin at the store and literally walked around the store like twice to find it. They “had” to get it off of the display because I had to have it! I didn’t care what the size was…it was coming home with me!  Lucky me…it was my size and on sale!!  Old Navy tends to run big, so I copped this top in XS. #winner

With the sweater….

Cardigan sweater (H&M)

What do you think?

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ  

Petite Fashion Friday (May 27)

Happy Friday!  I am looking forward to this long weekend, as my oldest has a soccer tournament, and I really love watching him and his teammates fight hard and succeed.  Who knew that this (American) football chick would come to love the real football so much?

Anywho, we finally got a break from the rain after Monday, and now it is hot as Hades.  So, of course I am complaining about how hot I am.  But warmer weather means I can really step up my game in the wardrobe department, and I am really happy with my outfits this week!


I barely ever wear pants to work anymore. ¬†Well, i should say, I didn’t even really wear pants all that often to begin with, but now, I may wear them a few times a year, even in the frigid winter months. Pants, at least for my office looks, are not my jam. ¬†This is probably because as a 5’0″ woman, work pants usually are ill-fitting – too long and/or too baggy. ¬†I never feel confident wearing pants to work. ¬†But on this day, I took a chance, and decided it was high time to take a break from my usual pencil skirt-top look for work. ¬†So glad I did.

I am wearing Banana Republic Petite Sloan-Fit Slim Ankle Pant (size 00P). Even though I don’t normally even like ankle pants on me, I really like these pants. ¬†They fit me to a T – they fitted without being so tight I can’t breathe and they hit exactly at the ankle. ¬†I paired these ankle paints with¬†Banana Republic Factory Striped Crop Top¬†(size XXSP), a black Mossimo cardigan, and a pair of black round-toe slingback¬†pumps¬†from Nine West.


On Thursday, I knew it was going to be in the high 80’s (um, it’s almost as if we skipped Spring altogether and went right into mid-Summer. ¬†Gross!), so I wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t melt in on my way into work. ¬†Enter the¬†Ann Taylor Petite Polka Dot Curve Seam Flare Dress (size 00P). ¬†I found this on sale and it was in my size, so I bought it without trying it on. ¬†That’s how I roll – if it’s my size and on sale, NO BRAINER! ¬†Anyway, I like this dress – I’ll admit the dress flares a bit more than I would like, but it otherwise fits me very well. ¬†It’s the right length and doesn’t add bulk to my frame. ¬†And even though I don’t normally go for polka dots, I like the polka dots here. ¬†Since I keep most of the shoes I love in the office, I put on these polka dot pimps from Steve Madden thinking they would pair well with the dress and my turquoise cardigan from Old Navy. ¬†But when I got into the office and looked at the shoes thrown about under my desk (yeah, I don’t even pretend to want to keep them organized anymore), I found a shoe box with a pair of teal suede pumps from Nine West that I had totally forgotten about. ¬†I guess that’s what happens when there’s a mountain of shoes underneath your desk. ¬†So, I ended up changing into these shoes once I got settled.

Pardon the elevator selfie!

I like the pop of color these pumps provide much better than the shoes I put on at home.



On Friday, I knew I wanted to wear the Papermoon Tulip Sleeve Blouse in Green¬†(size XSP) from Fix #7, but didn’t want to wear it with just anything. ¬†I ended up deciding on a black pin stripe skirt from Old Navy. ¬†Of course you can’t see the pinstripes in this picture, but trust me, they’re there. ¬†And since this skirt has belt loops, I put on a zebra print belt. ¬†To finish the look, I put on a pair of Colin Stuart strappy sandals that I bought back during my clubbin’ days. ¬†So, these have to be more than 11 years old. ¬†Since my clubbin’ days ended when I left NYC in 2005, these sandals are still in pristine condition.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend with good friends and family!