Sunday Share with my Sister

Hello every body!!  Another Sunday is here and more clothes to share! Our fearless petite gal/ fashion idol/ LuLaroe consultant is still in queue, waiting for the call to get her LuLaroe inventory. Keep those prayers coming that she will get her stuff soon! I can’t wait and I hope that you are excited to experience all that is LuLaroe.  

If you’ve been reading, you have been witnessing my boring transformation from my monotone colored clothing to LuLaHellYeah colors and patterns. My style of clothing hasn’t necessarily changed much (because I know what works for me and what doesn’t) but my fear of patterns has definitely changed! Let’s take a walk….

Cassie Arrow skirt (LuLaroe) // Yellow top (NY & Co ) // Black ballet flats (Payless)

My likes:

  • Color. Yellow! What can I say about you? I’ve been fearful of this color for quite sometime! I see it on other people and think it looks great and when I get it to me…no me gusta! But this skirt made me want to give it another shot! I’m glad I did…because I love it!
  • Pattern. How could you not like the arrow pattern? This was a first for me and I’m glad that I picked it! I believe petite gal and I will be #twinning at some point because she has the same Cassie!! 

My dislikes:

  • Shoes! Ugh…I can’t say enough about my shoes! I buy way too many clothing items and don’t even think about what shoes I may (more like don’t) have! I have incorporated more flats but I have just the basic.  And these shoes really bring this outfit down….! Work in progress, folks! Stay with me!!

Amelia (LuLaroe) 

This was a two LLR outfit week. I really don’t know why I said that because there have been weeks with more than 2 outfits  a week. Hell…there have been some weeks when I have bought more than 2 LLR pieces in a week!! 

My likes:

  • Color. You can’t really tell from this picture, but it’s navy blue with a white pattern.  Anything nautical looking is fine in my book! 
  • Dress. If there has EVER been a dress/outfit that I am crazy about, it’s THIS dress! I went out on a limb and wore this dress with my Chuck Taylor’s!! (Truth be told…to work!!😁). 

Let’s see what this week holds for me! 

If you haven’t found our petite gal, look for her:

Happy Sunday and Thanks for reading!❤️

Petite Finds # 6

Another day, another Ann Taylor petite find. This time, it’s a Floral Stripe Split Back Tank that I found several months ago in the store. Of course, the top was 50% off. (why else would I buy it?!) They didn’t have it in petite, sadly, so I settled for XS rather than XXSP, which is what I normally like for tops from AT.  It’s a little bigger than I would normally wear, but no biggie (pun intended! ;)).

Wrong size notwithstanding, I love this top.  It’s totally business in the front but PARTAY in the back!

 So I can wear it to work and while out and about on the weekends!  This makes me happy.

Petite Styling Tip #12 (Mixing Prints)

I’m trying to do a better job of incorporating prints into my wardrobe, as the solid-on-solid look, day in and day, out can sometimes be a snoozefest. It’s pretty bad if your own outfits put you to sleep!   But while I regularly wear one patterned piece per outfit, that look is starting to get just as boring as only wearing solids. So, lately, I’ve been on a mission to pair multiple prints in one outfit.

But how do you mix prints and not look like a clown? Well, there are probably many was to accomplish this great feat, but I figured that the simpler I approach this trend, the better. It seems that if you stick to colors that match, then your prints should probably match, too, which will make them look like they should be paired with each other.  Prints in matching colors will compliment each other, and make the common colors really pop. At least that’s my theory.

To test this theory, this morning I decided I wanted to wear my Ann Taylor Diamond Jacquard Pencil Skirt in Blue Multi (00). I got the skirt for $20 several months back. 50% off sale items. Oh yeah. Since the skirt has a navy blue, light blue, and olive green pattern, I looked in my closet for a print blouse with one of these colors. Lucky me, I have a light blue dot button-down blouse I bought probably 6-7 years ago from Banana Republic that matches the light blue in my skirt perfectly.

 The light blue blouse really brings out the light blue and brightens up this skirt. It is like these were patterns meant to be worn together. 

Not a bad attempt at mixing patterns, right?

Matchy Matchy

It’s hard to break out of the matchy matchy fashion rut. From an early age, it was instilled in me that clothes must match, and you shouldn’t mix prints and patterns, or wear contrasting colors. If I wore a red shirt with jeans, I was wearing red socks. Blue and white shirt? I layered blue and white tube socks. Polka dots and stripes were a no-no. And, God forbid I mix brown and black. Just didn’t happen.  Color blocking? Hell-to-the-naw.

In my mid-to-late 20s, I pretty much always wore a black skirt, with some kind of blouse, and black shoes to work, and my idea of adventurous work attire consisted of a dark beige suite (GASP) with a black shell and beige animal print shoes (heart be still). My clubbin/bar outfit usually consisted of black pants or jeans, a colorful top from Forever 21 (that was my jam), and black boots (winter) or strappy sandals (the rest of the year). Every now and again I would throw on my purple or turquoise animal print strappy sandals JUST FOR FUN. Cuz I  they were the bomb. The first three decades of my life, everything needed to perfectly coordinate or I felt out of sorts. 

As I approached my mid-30s, I started to move away from being so matchy matcy all the time. I just got tired of looking like I was wearing a uniform everywhere I went. But, I’m still learning to think outside the box when I get dressed. It’s a process. 

So, it absolutely amazes me that I didn’t pass along my fashion deficiencies to my daughter. Truthfully, sometimes her outfits are really out there, but generally, she can put together an outfit like nobody’s business. She somehow gets the rules of mixing patterns and colors, and she looks like a little fashionista in training. She picked out this little ensemble yesterday without any help from me. 


Now if I had tried to mix polka dots and stripes, it would have been a hot mess.  But she totally makes it work by sticking with similar red patterns. 

And today, she is wearing this.   

Again, she sticks with navy blue polka dots and stripes, and looks so adorable. 

Perhaps I should let her take over this blog from now on. She clearly knows better than her mama!