Sunday Share with my Sister

Sunday….why do you show up so fast??? ‘Twas a busy weekend!! Little man (aka Aidan) had basketball and all the running around necessary to go to Hubs Christmas party. 

First…basketball !This is week #2 of the Upward season. This year…he is a King (like the Sacremento Kings).  He had a great game…puts some points on the board and played some DE-fense!!! We are so proud of him! He loves this sport just as much as Julian!

What did I wear, you ask?  Thanks for asking…..Lindsay kimono (LuLaroe)// “Go Jesus, It’s Your Birthday”! Tee (Prep Obsessed)//Red Leggings (LuLaroe)//White Slip on Chuck Taylors (Zappos)//Pearl necklace (Loft)

I can’t say enough about this outfit. Everything about it I LOVE– from the buttery soft leggings to the statement shirt to the kimono. 

The Lindsay is my newest LuLaroe purchase/obsession.  It’s thin enough to not be hot on warm days but thick enough to be warm on cool days. Want a better pic??See???? Isn’t she precious? 

“Wife.Mom.BOSS” shirt ({a}Haley Boutique)//Black leggings (LuLaroe)

If you’ve been reading, then you KNOW our resident Petite Gal is my/ our LuLaroe GirlBOSS! (FB: LuLaroe ~ Monica Vignier)

After basketball and errands, it was time to get ready for Hubs company Christmas party. Truth be told, I look forward to this every year because outside of this….I don’t really have an occasion to dress up! #newdress

Lace Capped dress -Vintage Champagne (J.Crew Factory)//Fioni Jubilee Platform Pump (Payless)//Gold Statement necklace (Charming Charlie)

Close up??

I can’t say enough about this dress!! I will say that I can add this dress to my “What they WANTED…What they GOT..” segment that I want to continue to build. Here’s the story- I ordered this online in petite in my size. Well…I went on a limb because I was in love when I saw it online. When I received it in the mail…I tried it on…..BOOB SMOOSHER!   Do you see it??? I was bummed!!! Here I found the perfect dress and it fit every where but the upper part! (Damn broad back!! Damn you swimming and CrossFit for contributing!). I was able to exchange the dress at my local store, which I didn’t know we had, and get the regular size. Yes petite ladies….I went NON PETITE because it didn’t fit correctly. 😱. Any way, What they WANTED for the dress (originally online) was $108….What they GOT (online) was $54.  But wait…there’s more! Upon my exchange, the price went down more, so What they WANTED was $108…What they GOT was $43! SCORE!
I was pretty pleased with my outfit selections this Sunday! That’s a first….

Until next week, my gals! Happy Sunday and thanks for reading! ❤️

Sunday Share with my Sister

School starts in 1 week, y’all!! Here in the Sunshine State…August 10th is the day!! But until D Day begins, let’s talk clothes! 

Floral dress (NY & Co) // Teal ballet flats (Payless)

I think this dress is from Eva Mendez’s collection at NY & Company.  I’ve been hesitant to purchase much from them because their sizes have changed (although they claim they haven’t!).  

My likes:

  • Pattern.  The floral pattern is not too overbearing. The colors are perfect for spring and summer.  I’m not a floral person, but I sure do love this pattern!
  • Dress. The length of this dress looked great on the model online. When i received it, I wasn’t too sure how it was going to look on me. You know the petite lady that is NOT thin like a model!! 

My dislikes:

  • Material. Let me say, this dress is very light weight which I love living in Florida. Just becareful because it may be so light, it has the potential of being see through. I’ll still wear it….just cover up (or under).

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!❤️

Sunday Share with my Sister

I was struggling what to share with you all when I wrote this post.  I wasn’t really inspired by any of my outfits this week-they were generally the same! Nothing that you all haven’t seen before…nothing that you’d be like “Angie…where ever did you get that??”

I went to International Plaza (Tampa,FL) last weekend on the birthday weekend.  I just so happened to find myself at Loft. Now…don’t laugh at outfits! Maybe not the actual clothes themselves…but the staging of the outfits (i.e. Accessories, shoes, etc) and the photos in the fitting room. 

Ruffle Drawstring Romper (Loft) // Black sandals (Payless)

They had a SALE last weekend and I coped this for 50%!! And….I went back to get one for Mo! 

I with Mo… I am in LOVE with rompers!!!    They complement the petite frame very well!!  I deviated from my usual black and went with coral.  I tried on the MP, but it was huge! Like potato sack huge!!  I forget this because I sometime over estimate my size but Loft tends to run a little big, so I went with SP.  Perfecto!  BTW…there are a ton more that I want to buy!!

I usually do not like to shop for shorts because of my legs and how they fit me…

Riveria shorts (Loft)

….See how they bunch in the front?  ðŸ˜This is why I don’t like shorts! But these were so comfy and I love this green….they came home with me! They were 50% off too!

Not sure if I’d actually wear this top with the shorts, but it came home with me too! 😉
I am fairly proud of myself for selecting colors (even though I went with a staple black and white striped shirt). It’s a work in progress, y’all, so stick with me!! 

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❤️

Sunday Share with My Sister

May 1st?!?!? Really?? How did the time fly?  My son Julian will finish 8th grade on T-minus 25 days…which mean High School is around the corner! Wha????? (in my best Li’l Wayne voice from the Samsung Galaxy commercials 😂). 
April brought some hot a** weather here in Florida.  This may not sound so surprising but it’s APRIL for heaven’s sake! We don’t get this hot until late July/early August.  Why do you need to know this?  Because not only do the “blah days” call for dresses but so does “hot a** Florida weather“! 

Monday called for….

Navy blue and white polka dot dress (Charming Charlie)// Tassel necklace (Charmin Charlie) // Teal ballet flats (Payless)
Tassel necklace (Charming Charlie)

My likes:

  • This dress is behind comfortable!
  • The length is PERFECT!
  • And…the necklace! I can’t get enough of this tassel necklace. I can’t wait to find something else to wear with it!!

My dislikes:

  • Be aware that wearing this dress, you may need a slip…or whatever your generation calls it. (I just really showed all of my soon to be 44 years telling you to use a slip!)
  • I managed to pick another dress with that “I can’t hide the baby fat” waistline.  But it’s shrinking because  I’m working that!!😉

Tuesday brought…
Dress (LOFT)// Black Sweater (H&M)// Black ballet flats (Payless)

Without with sweater…

A little Tuesday flex for ya…!
My likes:

  • STRIPES!!! Y’all know I’m a sucker for stripes!! 
  • The chambray color with the white! ❤️
  • The A line cut of the dress actually works for me (and my gut!)
  • It’s a perfect fabric for the Summer! It’s not heavy and not see through,either! 

My dislikes:

  • Nothing! I ❤️ the dress

This lovely price got me to “Hump Day”..

Shift polka dot dress (Charming Charlie)// Teal ballet flats (Payless)

My likes:

  • Ok, I feel the same about polka dots as I feel about stripes. ❤️
  • I love the length of the dress.

My dislikes:

  • The sleeves. I feel like this dress calls for different sleeves.  They don’t make me sick enough to to NOT wear the dress, but it looks like it should have a different sleeve.

What’s in store for Thursday??

Lou & Grey dress (LOFT)// Teal ballet flats (Payless)

My likes:

  • The little keyhole pattern on the dress. You probably can’t see it well in the picture.
  • It feels like I have a big ol’ Tshirt on, it’s so comfy! 
  • One of my staple colors- GREY!

My dislikes:

  • If I pulled the drawstring a little tighter, the length would have changed from “cute” to “oh no, that old lady is NOT wearing that shirt dress!“. 

There you have it! Almost a weeks worth of dresses that this petite girl wears.  I hope I own enough to get me through the summer! 

SN: I do, in fact, own more than just 2 pairs of ballet flats!😂. I am usually featuring an outfit that I am wearing to work (where I usually look my best) and being on my feet all day…used to involve heels, but now is flats, all day,baby! Maybe I should do a Payless commercial about their flats….. #imreadyformyCLOSEUP

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❤️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Another Sunday has come and will soon be gone! Here in the Sunshine State is just…getting hotter! Summer seems like it is on its way sooner than I’d like…weather wise,that is!

You ever have those days where you just feel blah?? Blah about how you feel about your body and what you plan on doing to help mask it! 😂.   For me, those are the days that the dresses get pulled out of closet. I didn’t want anything on or around my gut, so I usually opt for a dress on these blah days.

 Dress (Old Navy)//Black ballet flats (Payless)

I couldn’t wait to get this dress! It looked so cute on the model (well…of COURSE it does!!!). The dress is a perfect length for us petite ladies. 

My likes:

  • The color on this dress is what made me want it. Remember I’m trying to get out of my rut/go to colors. 
  • It’s comfortable and light weight linen (hell-OOOO wrinkles!!!).
  • The back has a cute key hole opening (sorry no pic!)

My dislikes:

  • I tend to not purchase dresses with drawstrings or elastic “bunchy” material. I feel like it’s a flashing arrow for “HEY!!! Look at my baby fat gut!!“. Mind you, my “baby” is almost 9…! #whatevs
  • Wrong shoes!! I swear, if I spent as much time shoe shopping as I do clothes, I wouldn’t have this problem! 

What do you think about it?

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❤️

Sunday Share with my Sister


This week I was exhausted and frankly not very inspired with my clothes.  Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I hope I’m not boring you all to death.  

This week, I went with this dress…

 Striped dress (Stitch Fix keeper)//Black ballet flats (Payless)//Seafoam cardigan sweater (H&M-super cheap!!)//Necklace (Walmart)

  I receive more complements on this necklace than any other piece of jewelry I own (costume or real)…and I got it from Walmart!!

Without the sweater…..  
I found this little nugget (i.e. dress)when I was fishing through the closet trying to find something inspiring to wear.   I added the sweater to give me some color, because I’m a sucker for not using color in my daily wardrobe! 😂

My likes:

  • My sweater. I love that this color goes with many things in my closet!
  • The dress. I’m really a sucker for anything with stripes. Black, blue,whatever color I can get my hands on!

My dislikes:

  • Honestly, I kind of like the whole outfit, which is a first for me.

How about my weekend wear? 

 R2D2 hooded tank top (Amazon)// UA capris (Under Armour)// Adrenaline GTS 16 (Brooks

I did ACTUALLY work out this time!!  I ran the Star Wars 10kat Walt Disney World (Orlando).  I had a shirt with my favorite driod, R2D2….

 I am also a sucker hoodies, too! 😂

I will have a full race recap on my blog on Monday. Check it out if you are interested.

Let’s see what kind of inspiration I find this week!  Here’s to hoping…..

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading! ❤️

Sundays with my Sister

Seems like the weeks are going by fast!!!  I am secretly fearing that my stuff isn’t interesting like my sisters, so please don’t feel afraid to tell me what you think! I’m all about constructive criticism,folks!!

This week I wanted to show you a favorite pair of pants I own. I bought them about 3 years ago at Ross.  I was hesitant for a few reasons…

  1. I bought them at the height of the skinny jeans outbreak and I wasn’t quite sure I could pull them off
  2. The color! As much as I loved the color, I wasn’t sure I could pull off wearing a pair of colored pants.  And…it’s out of my comfort “black-white-grey” zone.  

So, here you go… 

 Nine West Vintage America skinny jeans (Ross)// Daniel Rainn tunic (Nordstrom Rack) // Chocolate Blazer (NY&Co circa 2006) // Boots (Payless; similar)

Here’s the top without the jacket… 

 This is probably one of the first petite tops I have purchased.  I have to say that I was surprised it fit me so well! This petite girl just might have to branch out of the “regular” world and try some petites!  

My likes: The top has a pattern that is pretty! I didn’t realize that I had the pants to go with it! 

My dislikes: Nothing! I really love everything about this outfit! 

I tried these pants with another patterned top (Operation “Get Angie some Patterns” in her life!). Again, the nerves had me worrying I could do this! Like “How DARE I try to be cute with these patterns???”. 

 H&M top (similar)// Black flats (Ross)

I usually buy my cardigans from H&M so this was my first non-cardigan purchase. H&M doesn’t disappoint, let me say! This top can literally go with everything in my closet! I love it!!

My likes: I feel like I scored again with this top! Trying to think out of the box seems to be working for me! 

My dislikes: My shoes! These were the only ones I had that I could wear to work.  I really need to up my game in the shoe department! Any help, folks???

Thanks for reading!❤️

Any clothes that you have that was out of your comfort zone??

Sundays with my Sister

Hey ladies!  You all know that my sister has been on point with Operation “look what I found that I forgot I had!!“.  I don’t have this problem because unlike my sis, I have been up and down sizes my entire 20s and 30s (Minus pregnancy! Ugh…).  It wasn’t until late 30s and into my 40s, that I am finally at a stable size.  I still have some spots or areas that are “under construction” but I’m working on it.  

This week, I looked at some of the clothes I wore to work.  Unlike Mo, I heart pants! Don’t get me wrong, I wear skirts and dresses (and I have some I’ll share with you), but pants are my jam! It’s probably a “I don’t really like showing my legs” thing. #underconstruction

At work, I used to wear a white coat, so I didn’t really do much or pay attention to styling myself.    I don’t wear scrubs because I’m in an outpatient office (Family Practice) and I don’t go to the hospital.  I stopped wearing a coat about 5 months ago when I started having to carry a laptop into the rooms with me 😝. Who wants to hold a stethoscope, Rx pad, phone AND laptop???  Bye bye jacket…hello to  jazzing up the old wardrobe. 

 Pintuck-Bib top (Old Navy)// Black Ankle pants (Ross; similar)// Teal flats (Payless; similar //Charming Charlie necklace 

The weather was a little fickle in The Sunshine State, so I opted to go with a light trench with my outfit…

 Teal Trench coat (Forever 21; similar)

This was one of my finds about 7 years ago at Forever 21. I’m kinda too old to shop there (then and now), but it’s a store that you can always find something cute (and CHEAP) to wear.  Plus…if you want to try something trendy but don’t want to break the bank, it’s your store!

I have always loved trench coats and peacoats.  They are classic and never go out of style.  I think my love came from my fashion girl crush Audrey Hepburn.   I think the petite body is perfect for these kinds of coats.  Do yourself a favor…add one to your closet if you don’t have one. I’m currently courting this to add to my closet…
 Double Breasted Trench (Charming Charlie). I’m not a pink girl but I do love this coat. We shall see..

For this Sunday’s outfit..

My likes: I’m a sucker for ankle pants! I have too many to count (and looking to add more). Petite gals rock in these types of pants.  I hope I don’t bore you with my pants! 

My dislikes
: honestly, nothing! I love this outfit just the way it is!! Wouldn’t change anything. That’s a first for me!

Thanks for reading. See you next Sunday!❤️