Sunday Share with my Sister

Sunday….why do you show up so fast??? ‘Twas a busy weekend!! Little man (aka Aidan) had basketball and all the running around necessary to go to Hubs Christmas party. 

First…basketball !This is week #2 of the Upward season. This year…he is a King (like the Sacremento Kings).  He had a great game…puts some points on the board and played some DE-fense!!! We are so proud of him! He loves this sport just as much as Julian!

What did I wear, you ask?  Thanks for asking…..Lindsay kimono (LuLaroe)// “Go Jesus, It’s Your Birthday”! Tee (Prep Obsessed)//Red Leggings (LuLaroe)//White Slip on Chuck Taylors (Zappos)//Pearl necklace (Loft)

I can’t say enough about this outfit. Everything about it I LOVE– from the buttery soft leggings to the statement shirt to the kimono. 

The Lindsay is my newest LuLaroe purchase/obsession.  It’s thin enough to not be hot on warm days but thick enough to be warm on cool days. Want a better pic??See???? Isn’t she precious? 

“Wife.Mom.BOSS” shirt ({a}Haley Boutique)//Black leggings (LuLaroe)

If you’ve been reading, then you KNOW our resident Petite Gal is my/ our LuLaroe GirlBOSS! (FB: LuLaroe ~ Monica Vignier)

After basketball and errands, it was time to get ready for Hubs company Christmas party. Truth be told, I look forward to this every year because outside of this….I don’t really have an occasion to dress up! #newdress

Lace Capped dress -Vintage Champagne (J.Crew Factory)//Fioni Jubilee Platform Pump (Payless)//Gold Statement necklace (Charming Charlie)

Close up??

I can’t say enough about this dress!! I will say that I can add this dress to my “What they WANTED…What they GOT..” segment that I want to continue to build. Here’s the story- I ordered this online in petite in my size. Well…I went on a limb because I was in love when I saw it online. When I received it in the mail…I tried it on…..BOOB SMOOSHER!   Do you see it??? I was bummed!!! Here I found the perfect dress and it fit every where but the upper part! (Damn broad back!! Damn you swimming and CrossFit for contributing!). I was able to exchange the dress at my local store, which I didn’t know we had, and get the regular size. Yes petite ladies….I went NON PETITE because it didn’t fit correctly. ūüėĪ. Any way, What they WANTED for the dress (originally online) was $108….What they GOT (online) was $54.  But wait…there’s more! Upon my exchange, the price went down more, so What they WANTED was $108…What they GOT was $43! SCORE!
I was pretty pleased with my outfit selections this Sunday! That’s a first….

Until next week, my gals! Happy Sunday and thanks for reading! ‚̧ԳŹ

Sunday Share with my Sister

Hello every body!!  Another Sunday is here and more clothes to share! Our fearless petite gal/ fashion idol/ LuLaroe consultant is still in queue, waiting for the call to get her LuLaroe inventory. Keep those prayers coming that she will get her stuff soon! I can’t wait and I hope that you are excited to experience all that is LuLaroe.  

If you’ve been reading, you have been witnessing my boring transformation from my monotone colored clothing to LuLaHellYeah colors and patterns. My style of clothing hasn’t necessarily changed much (because I know what works for me and what doesn’t) but my fear of patterns has definitely changed! Let’s take a walk….

Cassie Arrow skirt (LuLaroe) // Yellow top (NY & Co ) // Black ballet flats (Payless)

My likes:

  • Color. Yellow! What can I say about you? I’ve been fearful of this color for quite sometime! I see it on other people and think it looks great and when I get it to me…no me gusta! But this skirt made me want to give it another shot! I’m glad I did…because I love it!
  • Pattern. How could you not like the arrow pattern? This was a first for me and I’m glad that I picked it! I believe petite gal and I will be #twinning at some point because she has the same Cassie!! 

My dislikes:

  • Shoes! Ugh…I can’t say enough about my shoes! I buy way too many clothing items and don’t even think about what shoes I may (more like don’t) have! I have incorporated more flats but I have just the basic.  And these shoes really bring this outfit down….! Work in progress, folks! Stay with me!!

Amelia (LuLaroe) 

This was a two LLR outfit week. I really don’t know why I said that because there have been weeks with more than 2 outfits  a week. Hell…there have been some weeks when I have bought more than 2 LLR pieces in a week!! 

My likes:

  • Color. You can’t really tell from this picture, but it’s navy blue with a white pattern.  Anything nautical looking is fine in my book! 
  • Dress. If there has EVER been a dress/outfit that I am crazy about, it’s THIS dress! I went out on a limb and wore this dress with my Chuck Taylor’s!! (Truth be told…to work!!ūüėĀ). 

Let’s see what this week holds for me! 

If you haven’t found our petite gal, look for her:

Happy Sunday and Thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ

Sunday Share with my Sister

School starts in 1 week, y’all!! Here in the Sunshine State…August 10th is the day!! But until D Day begins, let’s talk clothes! 

Floral dress (NY & Co) // Teal ballet flats (Payless)

I think this dress is from Eva Mendez’s collection at NY & Company.  I’ve been hesitant to purchase much from them because their sizes have changed (although they claim they haven’t!).  

My likes:

  • Pattern.  The floral pattern is not too overbearing. The colors are perfect for spring and summer.  I’m not a floral person, but I sure do love this pattern!
  • Dress. The length of this dress looked great on the model online. When i received it, I wasn’t too sure how it was going to look on me. You know the petite lady that is NOT thin like a model!! 

My dislikes:

  • Material. Let me say, this dress is very light weight which I love living in Florida. Just becareful because it may be so light, it has the potential of being see through. I’ll still wear it….just cover up (or under).

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!‚̧ԳŹ

Sunday Share with my Sister

Today is a good day!! J came home from camp in Georgia last night/early this morning.  We missed him and so glad for his safe return! I will say that I wasn’t so happy to see/smell the laundry that found its way home too! Imagine this…Georgia, wet,sweat and teenage BOY…in a bag…for 11 hours! OMG!  What a wake up call this morning when I walked through the garage on the way out this morning! ūüėĚ #imUP

Let’s see what I have today…

Floral dress (Loft)

My likes:

  • The pattern. Again, out of the box on this one. It’s so girlie and made me feel all pretty…so NOT me! ūüėā
  • The style. I seem to do well with A line style dresses/skirts. And they really like the petite frame. 

My dislikes:

  • The color. You can’t tell by the picture, but it’s navy blue and white.    I love this combo, but I would have preferred some tropical colors for this dress. But notice… I apparently didn’t dislike it THAT much that I put it back on the rack!!!ūüėā

I’m going to start a section called “What they WANTED/What they GOT”.  People know I like to buy stuff on sale! I don’t like paying full price for clothes although I do.  I like the thrill of getting as steal on clothes…I mean…who doesn’t,right??

For this dress…what they WANTED was something like $60 or so, what they GOT was $15! See??? Fun, right???

Today I decided to break in a new Lularoe dress. If you’ve been reading, you probably remember that Lularoe is the new clothing obsession for me! Ladies, meet….

…..Julia!!!  Isn’t she cute??? 

 I chose to wear her a little differently because I don’t have the right shoes for her…
See!!?!? I belted the dress and pulled it over to make it look like a separate top and skirt versus a full dress. I accented with my Chucks because they go with everything and can go everywhere! The kimono cover was a last minute decision because I was really a little uncomfortable .

My likes:

  • Versatility. This dress can be worn a few ways, as above (with or without a belt) or like this….
  • Fabric. This company has the most giving fabrics. This is a form fitting dress but it doesn’t feel like I’m a stuffed sausage!!
  • Pattern. I really love the colors in this dress! I don’t usually do florals but it has enough that doesn’t make me feel like a doily.

My dislikes:

  • I have a gut! Well…it ain’t the dress’ fault!! This was really out of my zone in terms of fit. I’m not quite sure I would wear it without a kimono or a sweater tied around my waist. I’m not body confident enough to go without an accessory. 

What do you think??

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ

Sunday Share with my Sister

Happy Sunday!! Busy day today, with basketball and packing J for camp…again!  This is the first non basketball camp this summer. And truth be told…last one for the summer! School starts August 10th!!! Where has the summer gone???

Last week, I shared some Lularoe outfits. Let me say, I’d love to share some more!!

I went to pick up my sister’s Cassie that I bought for her. I’ve been wanting to try another dress and was able to when I got there. Ladies….meet Amelia!

It’s she PRECIOUS!?!??

My likes:

  • The pattern. I tell you, the best thing about finding this company (outside of the comfort of the clothes) are the patterns! I have really been able to step…no…JUMP out of the box that I am in! You know…black, white, grey and all in between! Now I am forced to see other colors!! ūüėā
  • Pockets. If you’ve been reading you know a few things-stripes, polka dots, and POCKETS! This girl has pockets!!! #nuffsaid
  • Size. I suggest, as well as my consultant (you like that…MY consultant!!) to try on the dress/skirts you like because the fabric/patten may or may not be stretchy. This dress needed to be in XS because of the material and it was perfect!! I love everything about this dress! The petite girl look great in this A line cut! Go get one!!!

My dislikes:

  • One. I only own one! But won’t be that way for long!! ūüėā

Searching for something else online, I came across a lovely dress that was my favorite combo…cute and cheap!

Patterned pocket dress (Lemon Nectar from Groop dealz)

My likes:

  • The color. It’s like a teal, which I like! I don’t own anything in this color.
  • The pockets. That’s all.
  • The cap sleeves. This look honestly make you look like you have the FLOTUS’ athletic arms! YES! I’ve always been a fan of cap sleeves and they are a great complement to the petite gals frame.

My dislikes:

  • One. More colors PLEASE!!!

I tell ya….for the first time in a long time, I am truly loving my clothes! I’ve always liked my clothes, but I am really feeling what I’m selecting lately. Probably because I’m actually in some color!!! ūüėā. And 44 has me understanding what works for my petite body (and gut!) and what doesn’t! The rule I continually live by, including picking my clothes:

Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (July 15)

Hi everyone! ¬†This week has really flown by. ¬†I am still not able to understand how the summer (at least for the kiddos) is almost half over). ¬†School will be back in session before I know it. ¬†But, in a way, that’s a good thing, because this summer has been particularly busy. ¬†And extremely hot. ¬†Yesterday it was like 98 degrees. ¬†I felt so bad for my kids, who were suffering through soccer practice in that hot muggy heat, whilst I enjoyed the A/C in my car. ¬†#badmom

Enough of my whining though. ¬†This week I want to share a few work outfits and a few play outfits. ¬†Please excuse my “summer hair,” AKA my “I am not going to even bother flat ironing until September hair!

Office Attire:


I am really loving this outfit for a¬†“casual summer” office look – it really looks and feels sooo summery. ¬†The skirt (size 0P) is from¬†Loft, maybe 2-3 years ago. ¬†I picked it out today because I wanted to do something a little different than my normal pencil skirt uniform. ¬†Yeah, the skirt is a tad roomy, but with the white blouse (size XXSP), also from¬†Loft, tucked in, everything fits very nicely. To complete the look, I wore a pair of wine-colored heels from BCBG¬†and¬†a¬†grey and bronze necklace from¬†H&M that I absolutely adore!

img_2217I also really love this outfit i wore to the office. ¬†Yes, it is a navy blue pencil skirt (Loft, size 0P) paired with a sleeveless blouse (Halogen, size XSP, from¬†Trunk #2 Part 2), but since it is casual summer for the office until September, I went a little crazy with my shoes to make this¬†work “uniform”¬†a bit more interesting. ¬†The belt is a gold sparkly belt that I bought from¬†Target 4 or 5 years ago, and the blur and white plaid shoes are from¬†Nordstrom Rack. ¬†




Casual Attire:

On this day, I wore #LuLaRoe #Leggings right into the rotation. These are OS (one size), which, while comfy, are a tad big for this petite gal.  It may be TMI, but they are a tad roomy in the crotch area, and I had to pull them up way above my waist (that the bump to the right of this picture pulled the leggings up to). So, I will probably stick to the tween size for leggings.  The fit much better.

But, fit aside, you can’t really beat this print, blue and yellow, with a few red accents as well (which, sadly, are mostly on the back of these leggings). ¬†And to bring out the red (and to really get into color wheel dressing), I wore a red tank top from¬†Old Navy¬†and gold leather flip flops from¬†Banana Republic. ¬†This really was a great outfit to wear on a day when I had to take my kids to morning swim practice, camps, and then soccer practice in the afternoon.


And here is another outfit feature something from #LuLaRoe!  This is the #ClassicTee (size XXS).  I love these tees because they are comfy and soooo soft. And yes, they are a oversized, but there are so many fun ways to tie these tees.  This classic tee was a must-buy because of my favorite colors Рmaize and blue РGO MICHIGAN!)!  i PAIRED THIS TEE WITH A PAIR OF J.Crew Factory skinny jeans, beige thong sandals from Nine West, and a bauble necklace in yellow, teal, and purple from Charming Charlie.  This was the perfect outfit for a day outside with the kids.



And that is it for this week!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!!




Sunday Share with my Sister

How do???  Another week has flown by once again!!! This week’s share is brought to you by my new clothing obsession…Lularoe!!! 

No…I don’t sell it. This post isn’t sponsored by it.  But, I sure do BUY IT!! 

Lord….where do I begin?!?!?!!?

My first purchase was an adorable skirt, Azure, for our HHI vacay and 4th of July. I didn’t have anything cute to wear, and I stumbled acrossed a cute skirt.  My sister has a few friends that are consultants, so it was easy to buy and she was able to bring it to me when she arrived in HHI. 

I wish could see how comfortable this skirt is!! 

My likes:

  • Comfort. Well, you know I love comfort and I hit the jackpot with this one!
  • Color/pattern. I have really stepped out of the box on the pattern. I’m not usually in anything red, but there you have it!
  • Versitile. This skirt can be worn so many ways. I chose to wear it high waisted like the top left picture.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try the others…yet! ūüėČ
    Source: Lularoe Jeanna Hilton VIP (one of the Consultants I have purchased from!!)

My dislikes:

  • Size. I purchased the medium which is for 6-8. I am a 6, so that’s a no brainer on the correct size.  But with this skirt, I could have (really should have) gone with the small. It would have fit better! I still love it, but I am going to “play” with how to make it better looking on me. This length looks good on the petite gal. It would probably look a wee better with heels. 

Since I was so in love with that skirt, off I went to find something else when I got home from HHI.   I found a Cassie that I just had to have!

My likes:

  • Color/Pattern. Seriously….how can you NOT love these colors and the floral pattern?? I would have picked a better top, but I isn’t really have a thing except white. You can mix and match patterns, which I am going to try soon; just have to find the right mix.
  • Size. Pencil skirts work well on the petite frame. This skirt has the “yoga” band on the top, so it can hide the/ my Mom belly! ūüėČ. And….I selected the correct size on this skirt! 

My dislikes:

  • Not a DAMN thing!!! 

If you haven’t heard of or haven’t had a chance to shop Lularoe, as my BIL would say, “You owe it to yourself” to try!  The website can help you find a consultant near you.  The pieces I have purchased have been friends of my sister’s in Haymarket (VA).  It’s fine because items are shipped to your house.  I just found a local consultant here in Valrico, FL. I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing!ūüėā. Honestly, it’s good because I can try on a piece that I am obsessing over. But….it’s bad because she’s local and I can get my hands on pieces all too quickly! 

Have you heard of Lularoe? What are your likes/dislikes? I’ve already found my next piece!!!  

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (April 15)

Ah, it’s tax day. . Well, I guess since they’re not technically due until Monday, it’s not really tax day, but let’s not split hairs on this beautiful Spring Friday! ¬†I was really happy with the outfits I wore to work this week – definitely lots of color!

On Monday, I wore an Old Navy Sheath Dress (size XSP) in Lost at Sea Navy. ¬†You can find the similar dress here¬†(I actually really like the white and navy one, but since I just wrote that fat check to the IRS, I’m not doing any shopping any time soon)!

My mom bought this for me for my birthday, and I know she’ll be glad to see me blogging about this dress. (HI MOM!). The dress fits really well, gently hugging the curves, and is just the right length. ¬†What I like best about this dress, though, is how it looks fairly ordinary in the front, but when you turn around, voila, stripes!

These stripes on the back really kick this dress up a notch.  Unfortunately, it gets really cold in my office, and I needed a cardigan to keep the chill off, so I put on the yellow cardigan I picked up a few months ago from H&M.  I hate how I have to cover up the stripes on this dress, but at least the ones on the side, which really help define the waist, can peek though).

On Thursday, I wore the Banana Republic Linda Floral Pencil Skirt (00P), which I bought in 2012.

This skirt was really my first foray into trying floral patterns for work clothes, at least on a skirt.  Before 2012, I pretty much only wore black, beige, grey, and blue skirts to the office.  Pretty boring and typical lawyer wear, right?  But while on maternity leave with baby #3, I was browsing BR online, and remember being immediately drawn to the floral pattern on this skirt.  Once I bought it, I just hoped I would lose the baby pudge so that I could wear it when I returned to work.  I was sooo excited that first day back in the office that this skirt fit, so I wore it.  It looked so cute then, and I still love this skirt to this day!

Anyway, the purple button down blouse (XSP), also from Banana Republic, is from 2008. ¬†I hardly ever wear it because it has french cuffs and the sleeves look ridiculous when I don’t roll them up, and only a little better when I do. ¬†But, this blouse looks really nice with this skirt, and is a pretty color that isn’t adequately represented in my closet, so I’ll not get rid of this skirt anytime soon. ¬†And the purple pumps are from BCBG.

Today’s outfit is the¬†¬†Loft Petite Batik Bouquet Print Basketweave Cotton Pencil Skirt (0P), which I¬†bought in 2013 (you can find a¬†similar pencil skirt, here).

I love this skirt. ¬†The cotton on this skirt is really soft, and it’s such an interesting pattern. ¬†And I really like the blue and burnt orange color combination – it gives you a lot of options as far as what to wear.

Today, though, I stuck with a white button-down blouse from Banana Republic circa 2008. ¬†Yeah, I wasn’t feeling very adventurous or inspired – it has been a long week. ¬†The tan heels I am wearing are from Nine West. ¬†I think my mom bought these for me for Christmas in 2014.

Oh, and it was like 37 degrees when I left the house this morning (damn you Spring), but I have a brand new J.Crew Factory Petite Trench Coat (00P), which the hubs bought me for my birthday last month.

This is the first trench I’ve owned that actually fits well. ¬†It’s not roomy in the body and isn’t overly long. ¬†I have had 3 or 4 others over the years that were¬†just too voluminous. I’m pretty sure my mom even bought me one a¬†few years back from Old Navy. But that one was too big too (sorry mom – but on the¬†bright side, mom, that’s 3 references to you in one post)!

Back to this trench, it really kept me warm against to chill in the air, so I’m pretty happy.

That’s all for today. ¬†I hope everyone has a happy Friday and enjoys the weekend.


What I Want Wednesday (April 6, 2016)

Hey everyone!  I took a week off from What I Want Wednesday, mostly because I was trying to get my head right and get back into the swing of things after being on vacation with my family.  But, now that I have (mostly) recovered from the excesses of my spring break vacation, I am READY TO WINDOW SHOP!  Lord help my wallet!

This week, I found a bunch of things that I would LOVE to own!  Check them out!

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies “Nats” No 3

christian lou sideSo, I was on FB last week and saw an ad for these shoes, touting the fact that it finally occurred to someone that “nude” is not one shade fits all – depending on your skin tone, what is traditionally considered nude simply doesn’t work as a truly nude shoe, and doesn’t always create that lengthening, slimming, and sleek look that you are supposed to get when wearing a nude pump. Enter Christian Louboutin, who¬†now offers nude pumps in 7 different hues, ranging from your a pale bone color to a deep chocolate brown hue. ¬†The hue here, “Nats”, is the closest nude to my complexion, and man, oh man, do I want these shoes badly! But yeah, $675 isn’t in my budget for one pair of shoes. ¬†A girl can dream, though!

Cole Haan Ripley Embossed Leather Slingback Wedge Mules

s1I am kicking myself because I had a pair of shoes similar to these in the 90s, that I gave away in the early 00s. ¬†Matter of fact, I had several ¬†pairs of wedge mules back in the day, and I would totally be on trend¬†now if only I had kept them. ¬†That’s the problem with purging ¬†your closet – sometimes you get rid of things that you like but have gone out of style, when you KNOW they’ll eventually come back in. ¬†They ALWAYS do! ¬†I hate that!

I really love these shoes and would have to buy them knowing I could have had these already had I just kept them all these years. ¬†That’s going to be a hard pill to swallow.

I have a pair of similar sandals in nude that I bought maybe 10 years ago from the Victoria’s Secret catalog. ¬†I wore the hell out of those shoes during my clubbing days, but since those days ended in 2005, I pretty much only wear the ones I have once or twice a year. ¬†But the damage done to them from clubbing is apparent and it is high time to replace these sandals that I love so much! ¬†How nice that BR offers these sandals in 6 different hues. ¬†These three are my favorites, and since my nephews bought me a BR gift card for my birthday, I will definitely use it to buy a pair or two!

I am really digging eyelet print right now and I really like how the print totally transforms this otherwise simple top.  This top would make a great addition to any wardrobe because it can be dressed up or dress down depending on what you wear with it.  I would definitely wear this top to work with a pencil skirt or skinny ankle pants, or at home with shorts or skinny jeans.




Banana Republic Factory Petite Print Ccululotte

I’ll be the first to adit that I am not really a huge fan of culottes. ¬†But I saw these, and instantly liked them. ¬†They would definitely be something different for my wardrobe, and I need that! ¬†I really think that I could make them work if they are truly cut for a petite¬†(def must try these on BEFORE purchase to make sure they hit right at or below the knee). ¬†I think with the right top (MUST¬†be fitted and hit right at waist or be able to be tucked in for a seamless sleek look, maybe a crop top?) these pants will be super cute.

That’s all for this week’s edition. ¬†Enjoy the rest of your week!



Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 18)

March 21, by my calculations, is the last day of this 30-day challenge to clean out my closet. And it can’t come soon enough.  I am really tired of standing in that closet every morning agonizing over wearing something that hasn’t yet been worn.  It’s so much easier to just wear my old faithful pieces!  On the one hand I am glad that I am forcing myself to get it together, but man, I am mentally exhausted.  And yes, I recognize that this is total a first-world problem, but dammit, hurry up March 21!

Today, I had my heart set of wearing a dark green top that I bought from H&M last year, but this top really only looks good with a pair of shorts.  And as warm as it is outside (81 degrees on March 9 – WHAAAAA?), wearing shorts in March when I am not on vacation, or living in Florida, California, or Arizona feels wrong.  In other words, I didn’t shave my legs and wasn’t planning to.  TMI, sorry.

So, I scrapped the plans for the pretty green shirt and went back to the drawing board.  I thought a lightweight dress with leggings might be nice because I could cover up the unshaved legs but still be comfortable when I venture outside later on today.  But of course, it had to be a dress and leggings that I either haven’t ever worn, or hadn’t worn this year.  The only leggings I have are either black (and worn a lot), or this one pair of leopard print leggings that I have never worn.  Leopard print leggings it is.

I bought these grey leopard Patterned Leggings from Old Navy in 2015, but once they arrived in the mail, I never actually felt like wearing them.  I never even tried to wear them like I normally do.  I literally threw them into my bottom drawer and never gave them a second thought.  Until today.

The black shirt dress (size XSP) with a drawstring waist is also from Old Navy.  I think my mom bought this for me back in 2012 or 2013.  I’ve worn it 3 or 4 times, most recently last summer.  Even though a black dress is typically a no-no when it’s 80 degree or higher, the dress is a light enough material that it doesn’t get all sticky and gross.  I like that this dress has a drawstring waist, because otherwise, I’d look like I was wearing a burlap sack.  And when you are only 5 feet tall, that’s not a good look.  I finished off the outfit with the teal pointed ballet flats I always wear, because I didn’t want to detract from the leopard print.

I’m pretty pleased with this outfit.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes. All of it!