Petite Fashion Friday (July 22)

Happy Friday, everyone.  Another week has flown by.  This week has been so hot, with even more sweltering temperatures (100+) on the horizon over the weekend.  Sometimes I feel like I still live in Arizona – but at least in Arizona, AKA “it’s the dry heat,” I could keep my hair from the frizz, even when it was 115. Here in the DMV, not so much, as you can see in all of my summertime posts thus far!  Frizz City, sweetheart!!  Anywho, I digress.  Here’s a few outfits I put together this week:
As I am sure I have already mentioned, my oldest 2 kids are on our country club’s summer swim team, which means early a.m. swim meets on Saturdays through the end of July.  And it is really unbearably hot by around 10:00 a.m. on those days, so for last week’s swim meet, I picked out a fun, yet cool outfit to wear.  I dug out a pink skirt from Old Navy that I have never worn, and paired it with a grey and pink tank, also from Old Navy. And to set it off, I wore the grey and bronze necklace from H&M that I’ve worn a bunch of times in the last few weeks and a pair of gold leather flip flops from Banana Republic.  Perhaps that was a little much for a swim meet, but who cares?

One of my favorite outfits this week was the Ruffle Drawstring Romper from Loft that my sister over at Miles, Moms, and Mishaps bought for me.  She also has one, too, which you can see here!  I love the neon coral hue on this romper, and really, this is just a cute, fun romper than I can dress up or down depending on my mood.  On this day, I put on a gold skinny belt (I tied the drawstring that’s on the romper around the belt since I couldn’t hide it) and a pair of sandals from Target.  This was a perfect outfit for shopping!


This outfit here was a bit risky for me, in that I wore a pair of super short shorts.Way shorter than I normally feel comfortable wearing.  But I bought these floral print Joie shorts from Nordstrom Rack 2 or so years ago and have never worn them, so I wanted to give them a try.

Since the shorts are so short, I needed to wear a less “scandalous” top, so I picked out a navy blue 3/4 length shirt from Old Navy.  And wore the pair of sandals from Target again.




img_2437My 6 year old daughter took this picture of my outfit. Thus, the grainy, fuzzy, crooked image.  Oh well. The hubs and I decided to take the kids for some tapas at one of my favorite tapas restaurants in the DC area – La Tasca.  It was sooo good. I love that my kids eat anything and everything. Although their sophisticated palates can get expensive. Pardon the #humblebrag!  LOL.

Anyway, I am wearing a wine-colored shift dress from Banana Republic.  I have always loved this dress, mostly because it has pockets. Can’t go wrong with a dress that has pockets in my opinion.  I paired the dress with a pair of chrome gladiator sandals because I wanted to be comfy if I had to chase one of my kids.  With those crazies, you really have to be ready for all contingencies.  And I am wearing silver jewelry to complete the look.

img_2672This last outfit is what I am wearing right now – it’s super comfy and casual, which is perfect for a sweltering day working from home!  The cream tank top is from Old Navy, as is the olive green and cream striped skirt.  And I am wearing a pair of copper wedge sandals to finish the look.

And that is all for this Friday’s edition of Petite Fashion Friday!  I hope everyone enjoys their day and has a fabulous weekend!



Petite Fashion Friday – Petite Girl on Vacation 

Hey everyone!  I have been on a wee bit of a hiatus the last week or so, but I was on vacation with my army and my sister and her family, so having fun took precedence over blogging.  And then, once I got back home, I was totally exhausted, as usual after a vacation with the kiddos.  So, I really needed a few days to recharge and get back into the swing of things.  But, now I am back and so glad to share with you some of my outfits from vacation, as well as give you a small glimpse of the fun that we had eating, drinking, and beaching our way through Hilton Head Island.

First things, first – the outfits!  You’ll have to excuse the hair – it was out of control all week long.  I chalk that up to the humidity coupled with not giving a f! LOL!

My sister and I both rocked our rompers on the first day there.  Great minds thinks alike.  I simply love rompers, and I love how we have two very different, but equally cute looks going here for lounging by the pool.  My romper is several years old and from Old Navy.  Angie’s romper is from.   I will note, however, that our lounging was interrupted by my oldest banging his head on a chair in the hotel room not 10 minutes after our arrival, which necessitated an ER visit and stitches.  But we tried to keep it cute nonetheless!!


This dress is from Old Navy and I absolutely love it.  It’s the perfect length, fits well (fitted but not snug), and the print is gorg.  And it’s such a versatile dress – I have worn it to work, around the house, and to a nice dinner, which I did on this vacation.  The restaurant we went to the night I wore this dress was AMAZING!  It’s called Breakwater and it’s in Beaufort, SC.  You have to stop there if ever in the vicinity of Hilton Head Island.


On this evening, we went out to eat at an outdoor restaurant called Black Marlin, so I wanted to wear something that was casual, comfy, and kept me cool.  The white Old Navy shorts and green H&M tank were perfect for the occasion.  My hair on the other hand…Oye.





This is dress is a Julia, from the 4th of July Collection from LuLaRoe!  I love the colors and print on this dress – totally me!  The dress is a bit long, but I found a few new tricks to make it a bit shorter, which will help me next time I wear this (or the other 2 Julias I now own)!


On our last night in Hilton head Island, which also happened to be the 4th of July, my daughter and I rocked some comfy leggings, also from LuLaRoe’s 4th of July collection.  Truth be told, my 6-year-old daughter (who is clearly very tall for her age) is wearing my leggings, and I am wearing hers, but that’s the beauty of LuLaRoe – their clothing is stretchy and can fit anyone of any size.  (if you want to learn more about LuLaRoe, check out my homey’s FB page)

And some of my favorite pics…

And of course, a picture of my lovely family!


And that’s all for this week, guys…I sure wish I was still on the beach…img_0436


Petite Fashion Friday (May 27)

Happy Friday!  I am looking forward to this long weekend, as my oldest has a soccer tournament, and I really love watching him and his teammates fight hard and succeed.  Who knew that this (American) football chick would come to love the real football so much?

Anywho, we finally got a break from the rain after Monday, and now it is hot as Hades.  So, of course I am complaining about how hot I am.  But warmer weather means I can really step up my game in the wardrobe department, and I am really happy with my outfits this week!


I barely ever wear pants to work anymore.  Well, i should say, I didn’t even really wear pants all that often to begin with, but now, I may wear them a few times a year, even in the frigid winter months. Pants, at least for my office looks, are not my jam.  This is probably because as a 5’0″ woman, work pants usually are ill-fitting – too long and/or too baggy.  I never feel confident wearing pants to work.  But on this day, I took a chance, and decided it was high time to take a break from my usual pencil skirt-top look for work.  So glad I did.

I am wearing Banana Republic Petite Sloan-Fit Slim Ankle Pant (size 00P). Even though I don’t normally even like ankle pants on me, I really like these pants.  They fit me to a T – they fitted without being so tight I can’t breathe and they hit exactly at the ankle.  I paired these ankle paints with Banana Republic Factory Striped Crop Top (size XXSP), a black Mossimo cardigan, and a pair of black round-toe slingback pumps from Nine West.


On Thursday, I knew it was going to be in the high 80’s (um, it’s almost as if we skipped Spring altogether and went right into mid-Summer.  Gross!), so I wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t melt in on my way into work.  Enter the Ann Taylor Petite Polka Dot Curve Seam Flare Dress (size 00P).  I found this on sale and it was in my size, so I bought it without trying it on.  That’s how I roll – if it’s my size and on sale, NO BRAINER!  Anyway, I like this dress – I’ll admit the dress flares a bit more than I would like, but it otherwise fits me very well.  It’s the right length and doesn’t add bulk to my frame.  And even though I don’t normally go for polka dots, I like the polka dots here.  Since I keep most of the shoes I love in the office, I put on these polka dot pimps from Steve Madden thinking they would pair well with the dress and my turquoise cardigan from Old Navy.  But when I got into the office and looked at the shoes thrown about under my desk (yeah, I don’t even pretend to want to keep them organized anymore), I found a shoe box with a pair of teal suede pumps from Nine West that I had totally forgotten about.  I guess that’s what happens when there’s a mountain of shoes underneath your desk.  So, I ended up changing into these shoes once I got settled.

Pardon the elevator selfie!

I like the pop of color these pumps provide much better than the shoes I put on at home.



On Friday, I knew I wanted to wear the Papermoon Tulip Sleeve Blouse in Green (size XSP) from Fix #7, but didn’t want to wear it with just anything.  I ended up deciding on a black pin stripe skirt from Old Navy.  Of course you can’t see the pinstripes in this picture, but trust me, they’re there.  And since this skirt has belt loops, I put on a zebra print belt.  To finish the look, I put on a pair of Colin Stuart strappy sandals that I bought back during my clubbin’ days.  So, these have to be more than 11 years old.  Since my clubbin’ days ended when I left NYC in 2005, these sandals are still in pristine condition.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend with good friends and family!



Petite Fashion Friday (April 22)

Only a few favorite outfits for this week to show you because I’ve been sick with a bad cold and pink eye. Gross. I’m recuperating in bed as I type.

Monday was a rough day.  I drank too much sangria (homemade, yummy) the night before and then stayed up way too late.  So, there were bags galore under my eyes, and I wanted to wear some bold colors to distract from the face region!  Enter the Margaret M Christiana Skirt – Blue (XSP) from Stitch Fix #4.  I’ve only worn this skirt once, and that’s a shame because it’s so pretty and such a great Stitch Fix find. I love the subtle print on this skirt because it works with so well many different colors and even  other prints in my closet. On Monday, I paired this skirt with a cobalt button-down top from Banana Republic and eggplant pumps from Nine West.

Oh, and my oldest 2 kids had a teacher workday, so while one went to the movies with his friend, I brought my daughter to work with me. Being the eclectic dresser that she is, here is what she wore.

Gotta love her sense of style. And her fearless way of mixing and matching colors and prints.  I wish I had the nerve.

On Thursday, I spent most of the morning in bed with a massive headache and stuffy nose, but had to rally and get up to go buy my son a new soccer ball before practice. Because he couldn’t be bothered to put his soccer ball in his bag like I tell him over and over again, ad nauseum, and instead left it in the street for me to run over with my car the day before. Not wanting him to get in trouble with his coach for coming to practice ill-prepared, the good mommy in me got out of my sickbed. I’ll spare you the details of how annoyed I am about that!

So, pink eye treated and cured, and doped up on cold medicine, I put together this outfit to go out in public and not scare everyone!This dress is the Loft Petite Sleeveless Silky Drawstring Waist Shirt Dress in Rich Crimson (size XXSP), which I bought in November 2015 for like $4 from the final sale rack. Yessss.  My sister actually blogged about it a few weeks ago on her Sunday Share guest post, and I think it’s so funny that we have the same dress and styled it in a similar way.  Great minds clearly think alike.

I love the color of this dress. And it feels so silky, like a dream. 

I needed a light jacket because it was a little breezy (and, you know, I had the chills and all), so I threw on a jean jacket (size XXSP) I bought in 2015 from Loft.  I also wore a gold-tone statement necklace that I bought 5 or 6 years ago from World Market and a pair of girl’s Sam Edelman sandals that I picked up from Nordstrom Rack in 2014 or 2015. A little about these sandals – I bought the girl’s version because I’m cheap and they were $20 cheaper than a similar pair in the women’s section.  No brainer when you’re an el cheapo like me!

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend. I’m going back to sleep – I need to get healthy for the 5K I am supposed to run with my oldest tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. Oh lord. It’s gonna be ugly.

Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 30)

The last day!  I made it! I really wanted to go out with a bang, but after going almost an entire month without repeating clothes or wearing old-time favorites, I am totally spent.  So, I’ll admit that today’s outfit is a tad uninspired.  

The sweater I am wearing today is from Banana Republic, circa 2007.  It’s size XS. So, it’s an oldie for sure.  I haven’t worn it since 2013. Probably because of these bell sleeves. They are CRAZY! Otherwise, I really like the light green tone of this sweater, and it’s very soft.

The jeans I have on are a pair of bootcut jeans from Banana Republic (size 25P) hat I bought in 2015.  I have another pair of bootcut jeans in a lighter wash from Banana Republic that I really love, and bought these thinking that they would fit exactly as the other ones do.  I was wrong.  For some reason, even though they are the same size and cut, these are way bigger.  And thus, I barely ever wear these.  I haven’t worn them since last year because they are too roomy to wear tucked into boots and they are too long to wear with flats.  As it is, they were too long for the beige booties I wore with them.  Pity.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT?  No.  I probably will get rid of the jeans since I don’t like the way they fit, and definitely will chuck the sweater.  I don’t like these sleeves on this sweater and felt silly all day wearing these, even though I worked from home all day and only left the house to take my son to a doctor appointment.

So, there you have it folks.  30 days of wearing things that were either brand new but had never been worn, or old clothes that hadn’t been worn for so long that I had nearly forgotten about them.  I think this challenge, for all the annoyance it caused me over the last 30 days, was a real success!  My closet looks so much better after going through it as over the course of the challenge, and I still have to go through my drawers and Spring/Summer wardrobe that I have in my storage room in the basement.  But I have come a long way and have two 13-gallon garbage bags full of clothes to give away to someone who will give them a good home, and will appreciate them more than I have/will!

For anyone struggling with a closet that looks like a hot mess, I highly recommend taking on this 30-day challenge.  If you’re like me, you have too may things that you know you’ll never wear, and it’s probably time to sh*t or get off the pot!  You’ll be happy you did.


Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 24)

Sigh.  Three outfit changes before I decided on an outfit today.  I guess it could be worse, but the dreary chilly and wet day is really putting a damper on my mood (and ability to put together an outfit that looks semi-decent). And late winter humidity means super frizzy hair, so I am just not a happy camper right now.
I was looking through a pile of clean clothes that need to be hung up/folded/put away (yeah, laundry is my kryptonite – I can’t ever seem to keep on top of it because I am doing laundry for 6; my stuff is ALWAYS the last to be dealt with) and found this cranberry top from Old Navy, which my mom bought me for Christmas back in 2013.  I wore this top a few times during the summer 2014 after I lost the baby weight, but haven’t worn it since.  I forgot I had it to be honest. It’s a cute print that doesn’t overwhelm my frame, and works with pants and shorts.  But, it’s sheer, so it definitely needs a tank underneath.  Today I wore a cranberry tank, also from Old Navy.  I’m guessing my mom bought that, as well.  The pants are a pair of plum skinny cords from Loft, which I have blogged about multiple times.  I have 4 pairs of these and really, really, truly love them.  And since it’s chilly, I threw on my beige booties and a light pink beaded necklace that I found at H&M for $5, and called it a wrap.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes.  It’s a cute top, and I don’t have a lot of this color in my wardrobe.

Sundays with my Sister

Seems like the weeks are going by fast!!!  I am secretly fearing that my stuff isn’t interesting like my sisters, so please don’t feel afraid to tell me what you think! I’m all about constructive criticism,folks!!

This week I wanted to show you a favorite pair of pants I own. I bought them about 3 years ago at Ross.  I was hesitant for a few reasons…

  1. I bought them at the height of the skinny jeans outbreak and I wasn’t quite sure I could pull them off
  2. The color! As much as I loved the color, I wasn’t sure I could pull off wearing a pair of colored pants.  And…it’s out of my comfort “black-white-grey” zone.  

So, here you go… 

 Nine West Vintage America skinny jeans (Ross)// Daniel Rainn tunic (Nordstrom Rack) // Chocolate Blazer (NY&Co circa 2006) // Boots (Payless; similar)

Here’s the top without the jacket… 

 This is probably one of the first petite tops I have purchased.  I have to say that I was surprised it fit me so well! This petite girl just might have to branch out of the “regular” world and try some petites!  

My likes: The top has a pattern that is pretty! I didn’t realize that I had the pants to go with it! 

My dislikes: Nothing! I really love everything about this outfit! 

I tried these pants with another patterned top (Operation “Get Angie some Patterns” in her life!). Again, the nerves had me worrying I could do this! Like “How DARE I try to be cute with these patterns???”. 

 H&M top (similar)// Black flats (Ross)

I usually buy my cardigans from H&M so this was my first non-cardigan purchase. H&M doesn’t disappoint, let me say! This top can literally go with everything in my closet! I love it!!

My likes: I feel like I scored again with this top! Trying to think out of the box seems to be working for me! 

My dislikes: My shoes! These were the only ones I had that I could wear to work.  I really need to up my game in the shoe department! Any help, folks???

Thanks for reading!❤️

Any clothes that you have that was out of your comfort zone??

Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 14)

The kids really wanted to go sightseeing today, and since this is the last free weekend before spring sports start to consume our already hectic lives, I wanted to let them have a say. They really wanted to go to Mount Vernon, but as much as I wanted to go (I don’t think I’ve ever been , or if I have, it was when I was too young to remember), I don’t know if the younger two would like it. So, we decided on a quick trip to DC to check out some of the monuments they haven’t seen yet. DC sightseeing with 4 kids. Lord, help us all!

But getting dressed when I  am not going into the office is always such an ordeal, especially when I am knee deep in Operation Clean Out My Closet. I never know what to wear when I’m trying to be casual and comfy, yet stylish without looking like I am trying so hard. Even though I’m clearly trying very hard! LOL. Anyway, I tried on 3 or 4 different outfits this morning, which is kinda ridiculous considering I’m “just” hanging out with the kids. But I hated everything I tried on, which in a way is good, because I was able to put a few things in the give away pile, which is the whole point of this challenge. But I was able to put together a decent outfit today. 

 I finally decided on the Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant – Black (XSP), which I received in a Stitch Fix box in September 2015. I only ended up keeping these pants because I wanted to get the 25% off discount, but I don’t love these pants and have been contemplating reselling or giving away. I actually had forgotten I even had these pants until the first 2 outfits I tried on today were no good and I was looking for a pair of brand new or rarely-worn pants. The pants still are not my favorite but I like them paired with calf-high black boots. It somewhat hides how they bunch up on the lower half. 

I also found a plain black tee from Gap, circa Summer 2010, that I have only worn once. So weird, considering it’s so basic, but it is what it is. And to finish off this outfit, I put on an oversized multicolored silk scarf in like colors that my friend asked her husband to buy me from a trip he took to UAE. 

And now, I’m off to DC. Wish us luck!

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes. I can make these pants work and the black tee , if nothing else, is a good staple to keep in the wardrobe. 

Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 12)

Getting dressed this morning was so difficult.  And not because I don’t have anything to wear  – obviously, this is not the case; I wouldn’t need to clean out my closet if I didn’t have anything to wear!).  But after deciding to wear a pair of barely-worn pants today, and I NEVER wear pants to work, I had to try on a few pairs before I found one that fit to my liking.  You see, since I don’t wear pants to work, even on the most frigid of frigid winter days, almost every pair of work pants in my closet is at least 8 years old.

The first 2 pairs of pants I tried on – a pair of grey pinstriped wide leg pants (size 0) from Banana Republic circa Spring 2005 and a pair of grey Old Navy wide leg pants (size 1) circa 2006, were too big.  Now, I haven’t lost any weight since 2005. Hell, I’ve birthed 4 kids since 2005, which has totally changed my body.  So, I am not sure what is going on with the sizes.  Maybe I liked my clothes to fit a little looser back then?  I don’t know.  But when I showed the hubs each pair on pants, he was like, “no, they’re too big, you look silly.” So nice, isn’t he?  And since he isn’t a huge fan of my wearing overly fitted clothes to work, this was pretty telling.  Needless to say, I am giving those pants away, and it was back to the drawing board.img_6625-2

Fortunately, I found these grey wide leg pants from Loft (0P) circa 2012.  (What is it with me and grey wide leg pants, anyway?) Judging by the dry cleaner’s tag still in these pants, I haven’t worn them since November 2012.  And I’m not sure why – they fit okay, and they give me a lot to work with. But these just don’t get any play.

I paired these grey pants with a white ruffled top from H&M (size 2) that I bought in 2015, and a cream and grey striped cardigan from Banana Republic (size XS) that I bought in Fall 2010.  I wear the top and cardigan often enough, so they don’t count.  The belt is a zebra-print skinny belt from Banana Republic circa 2013, which I wear often.The shoes are a pair of dark purple pumps from Nine West, circa 2009, which I haven’t worn since 2010.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP THEM? I will definitely keep the blouse, cardigan, and shoes, although the cardigan probably is on its last legs (I see a hole about to form – BOO!).  But the pants, I am going to give them away.  When I got to work, I saw a stain on them.  I don’t think it will come out, seeing as how they came back from the dry cleaners 3+ years ago with that stain on them.

On to Day 13.

What I Want Wednesday (March 2)

My upcoming beach vacation is totally on my mind and I have been searching far and wide for cute stuff to take with me in a few weeks. There are some real gems this week.

Fortunately, I also have a birthday coming up, so hopefully I’ve been a good enough girl to get some of these things.  Even if it means buying them for myself.  😄

Loft Beach Tropic Tie Back Romper in Bright Pomegranate

I’m really, really digging rompers this year.  When cut right, they are super flattering on petite gals!  I really like this romper because it is perfect for a beach vacation.  The v-neck will be really flattering on a petite frame, the back cutouts are so cute, and the pomegranate color is really very pretty.  I can totally see myself wearing this all summer long, too!

Kate Spade Waverly Terrace Jeanetta Purse

What a cute purse!  The wicker really reminds me of a purse my mom had when I was a kid and we lived in the Bahamas.  This purse simply screams beach vacation!  Of course it is totally impractical for my particular upcoming beach vacation, as the 4 kiddos will be in town, and this purse will barely hold my wallet, phones ,and makeup bag, much less all the crap I will need to have with me for the kiddos.  So, sadly, I will probably need to wait for a trip sans kids to use this purse.  And if I have to wait to use this purse on a kidless vacation, I guess I should probably wait to buy this purse too.  BOO!

Trina Turk Katy Keyhole Tank


ttWhen I first saw this tank, I thought, OMG! The colors are simply amazing.  I so love multicolored clothing, because they can be worn with so many different things.  This tank is no different – off the top of my head, I can think of at least 6 or 7 things bottoms that I can wear with this.  Cobalt: pencil skirt and skinny ankle pants; bright orange: pencil skirt and skinny ankle pants; and white: flare jeans and white shorts.  And I am sure there are other things in my wardrobe that will also work with this tank as well.  And this will look so gorgeous against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea!  And the keyhole is cute.  I WANT this top sooo badly!

J.Crew Sequin and Crystal Necklace

neckI am always in the market for statement necklaces.  This one is particularly pretty because of the colorful mix of sequins and crystals.  In the warm Caribbean sun, this necklace will shine like nobody’s business.  BUT…$128 for a statement necklace…not likely. SADNESS!


Calvin Klein Sabia Gladiator Sandal (Tan/Gold)


ckI have a pair of gold flip flops from Banana Republic that I absolutely love, but they are, sadly, falling apart!  So, I am totally in the market to replace them.  I could very easily find some that are exact replicas, or close too, but these sandals are so much more interesting than a boring ol’ pair of gold flip flops.  And I like that they have a very slight heel on them.

Prada Hibiscus High-Top Sneaker

pradaAren’t these sneakers so much fun?  I haven’t worn high-top sneakers since 10th or 11th grade, and figured I would never, ever wear them again.  But I saw these and suddenly really, really wanted a pair of high-tops.  Especially ones with blue flowers!  These would make the perfect casual sneakers.  Unfortunately, these sneakers are really just a pipe dream –  I know I won’t ever buy these sneakers.  I barely ever wear sneakers except for when I am doing the dreaded running, and when spent $120 for running sneakers 6 months ago, I felt sick.  I could at least rationalize buying those sneakers because I wear them a lot.  But these sneakers, for $295 at DSW, are an extravagance in which I am unlikely to indulge.  Sigh.

Now back to counting down the days until vacation.