Sundays with my Sister

Here we are…another week has gone by! I’m not sure how exciting the outfits are this week for you…but I like them. Posting here makes me realize that my wardrobe is fairly boring and consists of the same time items just in different colors. For example, last week for church..

 Floral Kimono (Charming Charlie;similar)//Calvin Klein white tank (Costco)// Boyfriend jeans (Loft)// Ballet Flats (Payless)

It looks fairly standard and pretty much what you’ve come to know and love from my posts. 

To work this week, I opted for another similar look 

 Nautical scarf (Charming Charlie)//Relaxed V neck Tee (Old Navy)//Pixie Chinos – Navy (Old Navy)//Glitter flats (Sam & Libby)

I wore my jean jacket that morning 

 …but I felt it made me appear bulky, so I didn’t wear it. 

So you see, I’m pretty boring with my clothes but I know what works for me.  I guess that’s the whole point, right? I’m hoping that I’ll catch a cute skirt/dress/shorts/ANYTHING ELSE to show you guys! I really don’t want you to fall asleep reading my posts! 😂

Thanks for reading! ❤️

PS…sorry Mom! I didn’t include my face. I’m working on that….!