Sunday Share with my Sister

Morning all!! It’s another Sunday, but not just ANY Sunday!! It’s my mom’s BIRTHDAY!!!

THIS lady right here gave Mo and I everything we know about everything! From Fashionistas to Motherhood (Ohhhh, I like that name for something!), she gave it to us! I hope she has the happiest of birthdays because she deserves it! ❀️

Mom is rocking Lularoe’s Cassie polka dot skirt and like a BOSS she pattern mixed with a striped tee (probably from NY&Co, knowing MomπŸ˜‰).  Mo bought this for her during her last visit to the DVC in August. I’m positive she will be hooked just like the rest of us!! #rehab

Her outfit is a perfect Segway into what I wanted to share today! I’m so excited to share that our resident petite gal is now a Lularoe Fashion Consultant!  She can tell you all you need to know! I’m sure you’ve seen my recent posts, as well as hers, with our fabulous LLR finds! 

This weekend, hubs and I went to Orlando for a little R&R with the kids at Sapphire Falls Resort. Since we were on the other side of Hurricane Hermoine, Saturday was a bit of a rainy day for the pool. We decided to go to Dave & Buster’s and let the kids OD in video games whilst we enjoyed some libations. #greatparenting

What did I wear, you ask?Leggings (Lularoe) // Relaxed Tee (Old Navy) // Boyfriend Sweater (Target) // Chuck Taylor’s (Zappos)

My likes:

  • These leggings literally feel like butter on your legs; like a second skin!! You know I like comfort, and this my friends, is the real deal!!! 
  • The colors/pattern. One thing that LLR has done for me- allowed me to not be afraid of wearing patterns AND color! Not only did step out of the box, I bust that thing wide open!!! #boom

I have no dislikes so I won’t even bother with that subtitle! πŸ˜‚

Don’t know about Lularoe?? Come see about it from our petite gal leader. Find her on her Facebook group: LuLaroe ~ Monica Vigner LuLaholics!  On IG? Find her at lularoemovig.

I promise you…you will NOT be sorry!!! And you have been warned!! #shhhhhDONTtellhubby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hope you all enjoy this long Labor Day weekend! Hope you are wearing something FABULOUS! Thanks for reading!! ❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Well, it has been a minute or two since I’ve posted here.  I’ve been not enthusiastic about anything I have been wearing lately.  Nothing worthy of posting…. and I’ve said this before… I really don’t want to share anything that I am really not feeling. But maybe I should just post any way because maybe some one will get something from it. I know I am inspired by others….  Ehh….who knows, we’ll see…

Yesterday, I finally wore my Lularoe leggings.  

My likes:

  • Comfort.  Man…are these leggings comfortable. I honestly don’t think I have owned anything this comfortable!
  • Pattern. I was very skeptical about this pattern, but I like the way it looks. I won in from a consultant contest and I got to pick the leggings. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I love them. And…hey…Chuck Taylor’s make everything better!!

My dislikes:

  • Not an DAMN thing! Oh wait….that I don’t own MORE! #workingonit πŸ˜‚

This morning…..

Lace skirt (Ross) // “Merci” T-shirt (Old Navy)

My likes:

  • Lace. I like the lace overlay on this skirt.  You can dress this up or down. #winning
  • Tee. Who doesn’t love a t-shirt that says SOMETHING??? 

There you have it, ladies! I’m working on getting some more outfits, as I feel like I’m in a rut! 

Thanks for sticking with me and reading! Happy Sunday! ❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Well, I/we finished week one of school! Actually we stated on Wednesday, so it’s really I/we finished Day 3! πŸ˜‚. 

I was absolutely uninspired by anything I wore last week. That’s why I had no “share” for you all last Sunday. I’m mean, if I’m not loving it or feeling it…who wants to see it?? πŸ˜‚. 

I went with something basic at work and I have to say, I was feeling IT! 

Tee dress (Old Navy) // ana Kimono (JcPenney) // Necklace (NY & Co)

The necklace received RAVE reviews (THANKS, MOM!!😘)….

Again I own something that probably matches everything I own in my closet! I got this from my Mom for my birthday in June.  She seriously has great taste and most of the items I receive complements on have come from her!!! 

I felt a little more inspired to share this week. Let’s see what the next week(s) have to bring! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!! ❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Today is a good day!! J came home from camp in Georgia last night/early this morning.  We missed him and so glad for his safe return! I will say that I wasn’t so happy to see/smell the laundry that found its way home too! Imagine this…Georgia, wet,sweat and teenage BOY…in a bag…for 11 hours! OMG!  What a wake up call this morning when I walked through the garage on the way out this morning! 😝 #imUP

Let’s see what I have today…

Floral dress (Loft)

My likes:

  • The pattern. Again, out of the box on this one. It’s so girlie and made me feel all pretty…so NOT me! πŸ˜‚
  • The style. I seem to do well with A line style dresses/skirts. And they really like the petite frame. 

My dislikes:

  • The color. You can’t tell by the picture, but it’s navy blue and white.    I love this combo, but I would have preferred some tropical colors for this dress. But notice… I apparently didn’t dislike it THAT much that I put it back on the rack!!!πŸ˜‚

I’m going to start a section called “What they WANTED/What they GOT”.  People know I like to buy stuff on sale! I don’t like paying full price for clothes although I do.  I like the thrill of getting as steal on clothes…I mean…who doesn’t,right??

For this dress…what they WANTED was something like $60 or so, what they GOT was $15! See??? Fun, right???

Today I decided to break in a new Lularoe dress. If you’ve been reading, you probably remember that Lularoe is the new clothing obsession for me! Ladies, meet….

…..Julia!!!  Isn’t she cute??? 

 I chose to wear her a little differently because I don’t have the right shoes for her…
See!!?!? I belted the dress and pulled it over to make it look like a separate top and skirt versus a full dress. I accented with my Chucks because they go with everything and can go everywhere! The kimono cover was a last minute decision because I was really a little uncomfortable .

My likes:

  • Versatility. This dress can be worn a few ways, as above (with or without a belt) or like this….
  • Fabric. This company has the most giving fabrics. This is a form fitting dress but it doesn’t feel like I’m a stuffed sausage!!
  • Pattern. I really love the colors in this dress! I don’t usually do florals but it has enough that doesn’t make me feel like a doily.

My dislikes:

  • I have a gut! Well…it ain’t the dress’ fault!! This was really out of my zone in terms of fit. I’m not quite sure I would wear it without a kimono or a sweater tied around my waist. I’m not body confident enough to go without an accessory. 

What do you think??

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❀️

Sundays with my Sister

Seems like the weeks are going by fast!!!  I am secretly fearing that my stuff isn’t interesting like my sisters, so please don’t feel afraid to tell me what you think! I’m all about constructive criticism,folks!!

This week I wanted to show you a favorite pair of pants I own. I bought them about 3 years ago at Ross.  I was hesitant for a few reasons…

  1. I bought them at the height of the skinny jeans outbreak and I wasn’t quite sure I could pull them off
  2. The color! As much as I loved the color, I wasn’t sure I could pull off wearing a pair of colored pants.  And…it’s out of my comfort “black-white-grey” zone.  

So, here you go… 

 Nine West Vintage America skinny jeans (Ross)// Daniel Rainn tunic (Nordstrom Rack) // Chocolate Blazer (NY&Co circa 2006) // Boots (Payless; similar)

Here’s the top without the jacket… 

 This is probably one of the first petite tops I have purchased.  I have to say that I was surprised it fit me so well! This petite girl just might have to branch out of the “regular” world and try some petites!  

My likes: The top has a pattern that is pretty! I didn’t realize that I had the pants to go with it! 

My dislikes: Nothing! I really love everything about this outfit! 

I tried these pants with another patterned top (Operation “Get Angie some Patterns” in her life!). Again, the nerves had me worrying I could do this! Like “How DARE I try to be cute with these patterns???”. 

 H&M top (similar)// Black flats (Ross)

I usually buy my cardigans from H&M so this was my first non-cardigan purchase. H&M doesn’t disappoint, let me say! This top can literally go with everything in my closet! I love it!!

My likes: I feel like I scored again with this top! Trying to think out of the box seems to be working for me! 

My dislikes: My shoes! These were the only ones I had that I could wear to work.  I really need to up my game in the shoe department! Any help, folks???

Thanks for reading!❀️

Any clothes that you have that was out of your comfort zone??

Sundays with my Sister

Hey there!!! I’m Angie, Mo’s sister and I blog at Mom,Miles, and Mishaps.  She invited me to come on over and guest post here and give my view of the petite life.  Let’s spend a little time this Sunday and chat about clothes.  But first, a little about me…

I’m a wife …

 …to Miguel.

I’m a mom…

 …to Aidan (in the back) and Julian (in the front). #serious. But they are more like this… 

I’m a Physician Assistant (sorry… pics of that!!). Pssst…don’t know what I do or what that is….check it out.  

I’m a “runner” that typically looks like this (after work of course)..

…and this… 

 And of course, I’m a want to be superstar…  

  YEAH, right!!!

I am petite by definition (5 foot 2 and a half) but I am no size 0!!  I don’t fit in the traditional petite mold for many reasons:

  1. My legs are longer (and therefore has left me high waisted) and petite pants look awful on me!
  2. I have broad shoulders (thanks to swimming and lifting) and petite shirts fit weird and look funny on me.
  3. I’m 43..really pushing 44, and my old ass has no business is a petite skirt/dress. It’s too short!

So, why are you here, Angie? Well…I guess to show the other petite girls like me that we can pull it off in the regular world with- 

  • Regular pants
  • Regular skirts/dresses 
  • Regular shirts

If you have body drama like me (that’s what I call it), then you will understand my perspective.  Regular petite clothes don’t always look the best for me.  I am not as stylish and fancy as my sister but I do have my own likes and style it how it works for me.  
When Mo asked me to post, I have to be honest…I wasn’t really going to be at my best, stylistically speaking.  My family and I were on our way to Miami for a basketball watch University of Miami take on Louisville.  So, I opted for comfort maybe a little over style.  I mean we had a 4 hour drive from outside of Tampa to Miami!  However, keeping that in mind, I knew that I had to look better than decent because in the are “keeping up with the Gonzalez’s” (not Joneses because we are in Miami). And I can freely say this because I am from Miami and I married a Cuban-American! #boom

The road down I opted for this… 

 Felina leggings (Costco)//Relaxed V-neck tee (Old Navy)// Grey Suede sneakers (Tom’s)//Heather Grey sweater (Old Navy; similar)//Grafitti Infiniti scarf (Target; discontinued)

  …and without the sweater,too!
My likes: the tee (comfy), the sneaks (cute and comfy), and the sweater (OMG comfy)

My dislikes: the “don’t stand to close to particular lighting because we can probably see through them” leggings. Why do they make them this way??

A few things about how I pick “stuff”:

  1. I need to be comfortable in them! 
  2. I struggle with finding the balance between “you look like a busted can of biscuits or a stuffed sausage” and “it looks like you have a potato sack on”.  I want them to fit but not too well! 
  3. I want so desperately to look good in infinit scarves and I’m going to continue until I do!
  4. What I don’t necessarily pick in clothes (see #2), I think I make up in spades in accessories. I am a junkie…JUNKIE for earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets…you get the point! 
  5. I don’t care WHERE the clothes come from or what LABEL they are…as long as they are cheap so I may rock them on my budget! 

My return home outfit apparently looks very familiar (I swear I didn’t plan it this way!) 

 Mossimo skinny Boyfriends (Target;similar)// Calvin Klein tank (Costco)// a.n.a Kimono (JcPenney)//Sam&Libby Gutsy Glitter flats (DSW;sold out)

My likes: the coral color of the Kimono. This was one of the first “stepping out of the black” items I bought like 3 years ago. Love it!

My dislikes: my wide shoulders make this thing fall off a lot. But I’m still wearing it!

And my favorite necklace 

 from Alex and Ani Guardian Collection. Double chin, btw…#mine

There you have it…nothing too spectacular but a good place to start. Maybe I’ll knock your socks off at a letter date…who knows?!?!πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!!

Oh…if your like to visit with me more, you can find me

Quick question…who is your “Style Crush”??   For me….Audrey Hepburn and Reese Witherspooon. Love them!!