Sunday Share with my Sister

Wow!! I looked to see when my last post was….October!!  How did time slip that fast? Life gets in the way, that’s one thing for sure! 

Cooler weather is starting to surface here in the Sunshine State. We Floridians will use any excuse to bring out sweaters, scarves, boots, jackets…even if that means the temperature only drops to 70! ūüėā

C’mom and see what I pulled out of my arsenal for the temp change…

Puffy Monogram Black Vest (Marley Lilly)// Relaxed White Tee (Old Navy)// Grey Rock Star Jeans (Old Navy)// White Converse Slip on (Zappos)

My likes:

  • I have need wanting this vest for ever!!! Marley Lilly had a recent sale, like $30 off, so I ran with it!! It’s so cute and comfy…
  • These jeans are everything! I was hesitant on grey jeans because I wasn’t quite sure it was going to look good on me. 

My dislikes:

  • It only comes in one other color…so I bought it! ūüėā

How I “Roe’d” this past week…Randy T (LuLaroe)// Vest (The Ikat Elephant Boutique)// Black Leggings (LuLaroe

My shoes????


Grey Del Ray Sneakers (Toms)

My likes:

  • If you have never tried or been in a pair of LuLaroe leggings…listen to me! You OWE it to yourself to purchase a pair! These are so soft and comfy! And…I know a consultant if your are interested! LuLaroe ~ Monica Vignier. #youvebeenWARNED
  • The leggings are NOT see through! Seems to me that manufacturers are making leggings so thin! Another FINE reason to go LuLaroe! (see above for consultant! ūüėāūüėČ)
  • This vest I use a lot! It does well over shirts and dresses! The color compliments many items in my wardrobe!!  If you find something like this, buy it! 

My dislikes:

  • Sometimes…sometimes…this vest makes me look a little chunky, so I worry about using it too much! #bodyissues

This week went fast and now we are looking at ūü¶É Turkey Dayūü¶É and I just saw in the store it is 34 shopping days until ūüéĄChristmasūüéĄ! Whaaaaaaaa???

To all my Florida peeps, enjoy this lovely weather!!   You know by next week it will be back in the high 80s!!  I hope those of you that aren’t in the Sunshine State are enjoying your state’s weather,too!!

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!‚̧ԳŹ

Petite Fashion Friday (May 20)

Happy Friday, everyone. ¬†It was another cloudy and rainy week. I’m frankly getting tired of hearing myself whine about the weather, but it’s really starting to piss me off! ¬†Thankfully, it is bright and sunny today – the calm before another day or two of rainstorms. ¬†Ugh.

Anyway, here are some of the outfits I put together this week.


On Monday, I wore the H&M Conscious V-neck Blouse in black/patterned. ¬†I have a few of these tops in different colors (dark green, bright yellow, and cream) but this one is by far my favorite because I LOVE prints. ¬†And it’s made from partly recycled materials, so i guess I can feel good about the purchase.

I paired this skirt with a black Ann Taylor Petite Ponte Pencil Skirt (size 0P) and a bright pink necklace from Loft and a pair of animal print heels from Carlos Santana.


On Wednesday, I worked from home and it was a cloudy day in the 60s, so I wore my¬†Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jean¬†(size 0P) from Stitch Fix #5. ¬†I love these jeans but I have actually decided they are too short for me and, unless wearing with boots, I end up having to roll them up to make them look like cropped jeans. ¬†But that’s fine.

I wore the jeans with a light green tank top from H&M that I bought probably 5 years ago, and wore the¬†Halogen Long Seeve Chambray Shirt¬†(size XXSP)¬†as a jacket, which I received in a Trunk Cub Trunk¬†a few months back. ¬†And the shoes are from¬†Target. ¬†Oh, and I am wearing a necklace my kids made for me for my birthday, so it’s obviously very special to me, and I wear it often.


On Friday, I wore the J.Crew Factory Petite Pencil Skirt in Basketweave (size 0P).  I have a few of these skirts, but I like this one best because of the color combo of the floral print.  This skirt is the embodiment of color wheel dressing!

I paired the skirt with an orange blouse from J.Crew Factory, a pair of brown Nine West square-toe pumps that I bought in 2003-ish, and a pink and gold necklace from Loft.




And that’s all for this week! ¬†I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Petite Fashion Friday

What a week! Hubs was out of town and kids #2 and #3 started soccer practice for the spring soccer league, and of course my oldest is knee deep in travel soccer and year-round swim team (over scheduled much?), so needless to say, there was a lot of running around like a chicken with my head cut off! ¬†Plus, there was the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde weather all week (high 60s one day, wind chills in the teens the next day, and¬†I think it might snow tomorrow), which added an extra layer of cray cray to an already insane week. But in the midst of all of this, I managed to wear a few really cute outfits. ¬†Here are my favorite outfits from this work week…

I started out the week with some really bold and bright spring colors. On Monday, I went into the office, and it was the Loft Geo Eyelet Pencil Skirt in Spring Citron (size 0P), which I bought in in-store in November 2015 as a final sale item for something like $8. You can find a similar one  here. When I bought this skirt, I was wishing for an early spring so that I could put it into the rotation. Every time I looked at this skirt in my closet, I would get excited about the day I would finally get to wear it. Giddy as a schoolgirl I tell ya! So, YAY!

This skirt fits really well – admittedly, it is a tad short, but so am I, so it’s not a big problem. ¬†And the waist is¬†cinched in a bit, so it actually fits exactly right rather than being way too big! The skirt is made of a¬†lightweight cotton, so it’s definitely best to wear on warmer days. ¬†And I¬†love the bright yellow hue. There is no way you can feel grumpy or cranky wearing this color! ¬†Instant mood-improvement comes with wearing this skirt for realz!

The cobalt top I am wearing is from Stitch Fix #3, and it’s the 19 Cooper Cathleen Split Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse in Cobalt. ¬†I really love this top, and it has been hard not to wear it more often than I do. ¬†And there is something really awesome about the yellow and blue¬†color combination (I am a University of Michigan alumni after all – GO BLUE – so I’ll wear this color combo a lot)!


I worked from home on Tuesday, and it was a frigid morning.  Wind chills were in the teens.  Wtf, Spring?   I had already packed away my winter gear, and put all my coats in the closet underneath the basement stairs, so getting dressed that day was a wee challenge.

Even if I hadn’t packed away my winter gear, I didn’t¬†want to wear Winter colors anyway. Mother Nature may be¬†totally confused about what season it is, but¬†I am over wearing dark winter colors. Only bright Spring colors for this petite gal!

So, I put on a pair of J.Crew Factory Skinny Jeans with 28″ Inseam (size 24) that the hubs bought me for my birthday. ¬†(side note: J.Crew is messing with their sizes again – I’ve not lost any weight, and yet I wore size 25 last year; I wish companies would stop screwing with their sizes, as they’re not foolin me). ¬†I love the color on these jeans (rose tile). ¬†And they’re¬†so soft and comfy. Since it was so chilly that day, I needed a long-sleeve shirt. ¬†Enter the Halogen Long Sleeve Chambray shirt¬†from Trunk Club #1¬†was¬†perfect. ¬†Like my skinny jeans, this shirt is super soft.¬†For my shoes, fortunately, I hadn’t¬†packed up my boots yet, so I wore my Sam Edelman beige booties. ¬†A totally comfy and cozy outfit for a sunny (but cold) Spring Day!

On Thursday, it was a chilly, rainy Spring day, so I needed to wear something to counteract the bad weather. ¬†And I had to give a presentation at work that I hadn’t exactly prepared for, so I need to wear something that help me get my head in the game! ¬†So, I decided I would wear the 41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse ‚Äď Orange (XS) from Stitch Fix #4.

This top is definitely perfect for a day when you want to dress to impress but you’re not quite feeling up to the task. And since this was an occasion¬†where I had to look more professional and less business casual, I paired my blouse with a black high waist pencil skirt from Banana Republic circa 2010 and a pair¬†of black heels. I also added a¬†pearl necklace, which I thought was a classic touch that contrasted nicely with the modern look of the blouse.

I guess feeling good about my outfit worked, because the presentation I gave was well-received and much appreciated! Never underestimate the power of a good outfit!

And that’s a wrap. I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend.


Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 13)

Today is a snow day, so everyone is home today.  Just look at the weather conditions we have to deal with right now.

Oh, the HORRORS! ¬†I won’t even¬†bore you with my anger over the snow day that was called last night at 10:30 p.m. even though the forecast only called for up to AN INCH of snow. ¬†That’s right folks, up to an inch of snow. ¬†But, let’s just say that I am not pleased that the less than an inch of snow that fell last night melted by 12:00 p.m. and yet, there is no school. ¬†In the words of my hubs whenever he is displeased, BITTER TABLE FOR ONE!

Anywho, last night’s snow storm was, I think, Winter’s swan song, and the days of cold and snow are coming to an end. ¬†Hell, it’s suppose to¬†be 70+ degrees and sunny next week. ¬†So, today (and possibly this weekend)¬†is¬†going to my final opportunity to go through the winter clothing bin to see what I want to keep and what should go. ¬†After rummaging through the bin this morning to get dressed, I found a brown Old Navy cropped sweater (size S) from 2006 that I probably haven’t worn in 4 years!

I swear there is a large baby bump hidden under here – my son would be born 2 months later!

I bought this sweater when I was pregnant with #1 (thus, the size small), although in hindsight, what the F was I thinking buying a cropped sweater when I was pregnant? But putting that questionable decision aside for the time being, I really, really loved this sweater when I first bought it, and wore it a lot throughout my first pregnancy.


Even though my baby bump would not be contained by this sweater, I wore it often that winter I was pregnant. ¬†But I pretty much rarely wore this sweater after he was born. Mostly because I lived in Arizona at the time, and I wouldn’t exactly call the Phoenix desert sweater weather. ¬†And even after we moved east in 2010,¬†I think I have only brought this sweater out once or twice. ¬†It’s a shame too, because I really like this sweater. ¬†It’s cropped, so it can be layered with a variety of tank tops, solids, prints, you name it. ¬†Cropped tops are especially flattering on petites. ¬†And the little buttons over my left shoulder are a nice detail that I actually never really noticed until today.

Best of all, this sweater has the cutest, cutest elbow patches, which remind me of the blazers my dad used to wear in the 1980s.  There is something so appealing about elbow patches, at least for me.  They feel retro yet modern, and I think they are such a nice detail for sweaters.





Anyway, I wore the sweater with a beige lace collar tank from Banana Republic Spring 2006. ¬†I haven’t worn this tank since 2013. The denim skinny jeans are from J. Crew (25P), which I bought in November 2015. ¬†I absolutely¬†love these jeans to death and wear them often. ¬†I should have bought more than one pair, but that’s my bad. And the brown booties¬†are from H&M. ¬†I actually just bought these a few weeks ago because they were on sale for $20, and I can’t pass up a pair of cute boots for $20.

So, there you have it, Day 13.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? ¬†YES! ¬†I am definitely keeping this entire outfit. ¬†The sweater is so cute and I just need to get rid of some of the crap I keep in my bin of winter-only clothing so that it doesn’t¬†get lost in the shuffle.

I ‚̧ԳŹ tuxedo shirts!

Lately, I’m really into tuxedo tops. Whether sleeveless or long sleeve, they’re classy, without being stuffy and conservative. And they feel trendy! 

My fave tuxedo top lately is the Tuxedo Shell from Loft, Fall 2014.  They came in a bunch of colors, but sadly, by the time I got off my butt to order online, I could only get my hands on feather stone:

no, it’s not cold in here, I just really love my tuxedo shell

And black:  

Because I desperately wanted these tops, and sizes were limited online, I bought them in XS. I really needed XXSP, or even XSP, but they actually work just fine a little oversized because they’re long enough to wear untucked with a pair of skinny jeans. 

(Mossimo Supply Co Skinny Jeans in Periwinkle from Target Spring 2013 with Nine West Barbe Pumps in Natural) or in the office tucked into a pencil skirt or dress pants. 

They really were a hit when I started wearing them to work last fall. So much so, that my work BFF bought two, as well. The Tuexdo Shell is such a great, versatile look, you totally won’t mind if you end up being dressed as twin at work!

Yes. This actually happened.