Sunday Share with my Sister

Well, it has been a minute or two since I’ve posted here.  I’ve been not enthusiastic about anything I have been wearing lately.  Nothing worthy of posting…. and I’ve said this before… I really don’t want to share anything that I am really not feeling. But maybe I should just post any way because maybe some one will get something from it. I know I am inspired by others….  Ehh….who knows, we’ll see…

Yesterday, I finally wore my Lularoe leggings.  

My likes:

  • Comfort.  Man…are these leggings comfortable. I honestly don’t think I have owned anything this comfortable!
  • Pattern. I was very skeptical about this pattern, but I like the way it looks. I won in from a consultant contest and I got to pick the leggings. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I love them. And…hey…Chuck Taylor’s make everything better!!

My dislikes:

  • Not an DAMN thing! Oh wait….that I don’t own MORE! #workingonit πŸ˜‚

This morning…..

Lace skirt (Ross) // “Merci” T-shirt (Old Navy)

My likes:

  • Lace. I like the lace overlay on this skirt.  You can dress this up or down. #winning
  • Tee. Who doesn’t love a t-shirt that says SOMETHING??? 

There you have it, ladies! I’m working on getting some more outfits, as I feel like I’m in a rut! 

Thanks for sticking with me and reading! Happy Sunday! ❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Today is a good day!! J came home from camp in Georgia last night/early this morning.  We missed him and so glad for his safe return! I will say that I wasn’t so happy to see/smell the laundry that found its way home too! Imagine this…Georgia, wet,sweat and teenage BOY…in a bag…for 11 hours! OMG!  What a wake up call this morning when I walked through the garage on the way out this morning! 😝 #imUP

Let’s see what I have today…

Floral dress (Loft)

My likes:

  • The pattern. Again, out of the box on this one. It’s so girlie and made me feel all pretty…so NOT me! πŸ˜‚
  • The style. I seem to do well with A line style dresses/skirts. And they really like the petite frame. 

My dislikes:

  • The color. You can’t tell by the picture, but it’s navy blue and white.    I love this combo, but I would have preferred some tropical colors for this dress. But notice… I apparently didn’t dislike it THAT much that I put it back on the rack!!!πŸ˜‚

I’m going to start a section called “What they WANTED/What they GOT”.  People know I like to buy stuff on sale! I don’t like paying full price for clothes although I do.  I like the thrill of getting as steal on clothes…I mean…who doesn’t,right??

For this dress…what they WANTED was something like $60 or so, what they GOT was $15! See??? Fun, right???

Today I decided to break in a new Lularoe dress. If you’ve been reading, you probably remember that Lularoe is the new clothing obsession for me! Ladies, meet….

…..Julia!!!  Isn’t she cute??? 

 I chose to wear her a little differently because I don’t have the right shoes for her…
See!!?!? I belted the dress and pulled it over to make it look like a separate top and skirt versus a full dress. I accented with my Chucks because they go with everything and can go everywhere! The kimono cover was a last minute decision because I was really a little uncomfortable .

My likes:

  • Versatility. This dress can be worn a few ways, as above (with or without a belt) or like this….
  • Fabric. This company has the most giving fabrics. This is a form fitting dress but it doesn’t feel like I’m a stuffed sausage!!
  • Pattern. I really love the colors in this dress! I don’t usually do florals but it has enough that doesn’t make me feel like a doily.

My dislikes:

  • I have a gut! Well…it ain’t the dress’ fault!! This was really out of my zone in terms of fit. I’m not quite sure I would wear it without a kimono or a sweater tied around my waist. I’m not body confident enough to go without an accessory. 

What do you think??

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

How do???  Another week has flown by once again!!! This week’s share is brought to you by my new clothing obsession…Lularoe!!! 

No…I don’t sell it. This post isn’t sponsored by it.  But, I sure do BUY IT!! 

Lord….where do I begin?!?!?!!?

My first purchase was an adorable skirt, Azure, for our HHI vacay and 4th of July. I didn’t have anything cute to wear, and I stumbled acrossed a cute skirt.  My sister has a few friends that are consultants, so it was easy to buy and she was able to bring it to me when she arrived in HHI. 

I wish could see how comfortable this skirt is!! 

My likes:

  • Comfort. Well, you know I love comfort and I hit the jackpot with this one!
  • Color/pattern. I have really stepped out of the box on the pattern. I’m not usually in anything red, but there you have it!
  • Versitile. This skirt can be worn so many ways. I chose to wear it high waisted like the top left picture.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try the others…yet! πŸ˜‰
    Source: Lularoe Jeanna Hilton VIP (one of the Consultants I have purchased from!!)

My dislikes:

  • Size. I purchased the medium which is for 6-8. I am a 6, so that’s a no brainer on the correct size.  But with this skirt, I could have (really should have) gone with the small. It would have fit better! I still love it, but I am going to “play” with how to make it better looking on me. This length looks good on the petite gal. It would probably look a wee better with heels. 

Since I was so in love with that skirt, off I went to find something else when I got home from HHI.   I found a Cassie that I just had to have!

My likes:

  • Color/Pattern. Seriously….how can you NOT love these colors and the floral pattern?? I would have picked a better top, but I isn’t really have a thing except white. You can mix and match patterns, which I am going to try soon; just have to find the right mix.
  • Size. Pencil skirts work well on the petite frame. This skirt has the “yoga” band on the top, so it can hide the/ my Mom belly! πŸ˜‰. And….I selected the correct size on this skirt! 

My dislikes:

  • Not a DAMN thing!!! 

If you haven’t heard of or haven’t had a chance to shop Lularoe, as my BIL would say, “You owe it to yourself” to try!  The website can help you find a consultant near you.  The pieces I have purchased have been friends of my sister’s in Haymarket (VA).  It’s fine because items are shipped to your house.  I just found a local consultant here in Valrico, FL. I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing!πŸ˜‚. Honestly, it’s good because I can try on a piece that I am obsessing over. But….it’s bad because she’s local and I can get my hands on pieces all too quickly! 

Have you heard of Lularoe? What are your likes/dislikes? I’ve already found my next piece!!!  

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

I’m on vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC and I totally forgot today was Sunday, so I could share! I’m here with my blogger host, aka The Petite Girl Extraordainare, aka my sister! 

I am kinda geeked out to share my outfit because it is absolutely vacation inspired!!

Amelia Island Tunic -Pink Pout Flamenco (Lily Pulitzer)// White shorts (Old Navy)// Sandals (Nine West)

I have be wanting a Lilly Pulitzer anything for quite some time. Hubs bought me his tunic for my birthday and he knew exactly what where I’d wear it! I couldn’t wait!! 

My likes:

  • The colors!! You all know I am trying to break the mold and incorporate more color. What better way than Lilly???
  • The versatility. This tunic can be dressed up or down; that’s how most of my clothes need to be!

My dislikes:

  • The shorts. They must have cut the shorts differently because they are too big and too long. I have lost some weight but not THAT much!! I’m kind of weird because I am in between sizes. *sigh*

I am itching to get my hands on some other Lilly pieces. My sis got me a bathing suit that I will be getting into soon. Maybe I’ll share….πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading! Happy Sunday and Happy 4th of July!! β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Sunday Share with my Sister

Happy Sunday!! This is a basketball share! Why?? Because my oldest, Julian (or J as I have been accustomed to calling him because I’m too LAZY to write/text his name when I refer to him!) came home from basketball camp at University of Florida (my Alma Mater)…

Any way…you want clothes not basketball!  As I write this post, I am dropping J off at Duke University for…you guessed it…basketball camp. πŸ˜‚

Floral top (Old Navy) // Pixie Chinos White (Old Navy) // Camel heels (Nine West) 

I really love this top!! I saw it on the mannequin at the store and literally walked around the store like twice to find it. They “had” to get it off of the display because I had to have it! I didn’t care what the size was…it was coming home with me!  Lucky me…it was my size and on sale!!  Old Navy tends to run big, so I copped this top in XS. #winner

With the sweater….

Cardigan sweater (H&M)

What do you think?

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❀️  

Sunday Share with my Sister

I was struggling what to share with you all when I wrote this post.  I wasn’t really inspired by any of my outfits this week-they were generally the same! Nothing that you all haven’t seen before…nothing that you’d be like “Angie…where ever did you get that??”

I went to International Plaza (Tampa,FL) last weekend on the birthday weekend.  I just so happened to find myself at Loft. Now…don’t laugh at outfits! Maybe not the actual clothes themselves…but the staging of the outfits (i.e. Accessories, shoes, etc) and the photos in the fitting room. 

Ruffle Drawstring Romper (Loft) // Black sandals (Payless)

They had a SALE last weekend and I coped this for 50%!! And….I went back to get one for Mo! 

I with Mo… I am in LOVE with rompers!!!    They complement the petite frame very well!!  I deviated from my usual black and went with coral.  I tried on the MP, but it was huge! Like potato sack huge!!  I forget this because I sometime over estimate my size but Loft tends to run a little big, so I went with SP.  Perfecto!  BTW…there are a ton more that I want to buy!!

I usually do not like to shop for shorts because of my legs and how they fit me…

Riveria shorts (Loft)

….See how they bunch in the front?  πŸ˜This is why I don’t like shorts! But these were so comfy and I love this green….they came home with me! They were 50% off too!

Not sure if I’d actually wear this top with the shorts, but it came home with me too! πŸ˜‰
I am fairly proud of myself for selecting colors (even though I went with a staple black and white striped shirt). It’s a work in progress, y’all, so stick with me!! 

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Hey there bloggers! This is a birthday Share! Last Wednesday, I made it to 44! When did THAT happen?? I still feel like I’m that stupid, silly 21 year old! I was gonna lie and say 18 year old but that was a STREEEEEEETCH! πŸ˜‚

Black ankle pants (Ross)// White shirt (Old Navy-my FAV!!) // Chelsea Cardigan with Lace Overlay (New York & Company)// Teal Ballet Flats (Payless)

My mom bought this sweater for me for my birthday.  This is another one (of many) of the pieces that my mom purchased that I love! Thanks, Mom!❀️

For dinner, this weekend’s birthday celebration dinner at Haven (Tampa,FL)

Lace dress // Nude Sandals- Nine West (Ross)

I’m embarrassed to say that I can not remember if I bought his dress from one of the two online boutiques I like…Laurel’s Closet or The Ikat Elephant Boutique.  Then I remembered….I bought is from ANOTHER boutique I forgot to mention…Flaunt Boutique!!!  When I first received the dress and tried it on, I felt like a busted can of biscuits! Like I was stuffed in it and had no business wearing it!! I’ve lost a few inches since the challenge and it fit! Like not barely fit, but FIT! I’ll take that!!

What do you think??

Thanks for reading (and sharing my birthday with me ) and have a great Sunday!! ❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Weekends sure do go fast!  Never seems like there is enough time do get things done! 

This week I didn’t really stray from the norm in terms of my clothes. It’s funny how since I started doing these share posts, I never realized how much I wear the same thing! But ya like what ya like, huh?? πŸ˜‰

I was able finally able to wear a top that I bought at my sister’s during our visit for Turkey Day… 

 Navy blue striped top (J Crew Mercantile) // White Pixie Chinos ( Old Navy )// Glitter Sam & Libby (DSW)

A closer look of the top for you… 

My likes:

  • The STRIPES of course! I can’t get enough of them!!!
  • The price! This shirt was on sale and I end up getting it for like $15. For J Crew ANYTHING….that’s great!!

My dislikes:

  • It only came in this one color!!! 
  • Not really sure what else I am going to wear with it…but I’m excited to be on the hunt for it! Red pants? Skinny jeans? Blue pants? Possibilities are endless!

Another outfit I was crushing on this week..  

 Sweet Rain top (Ross)// Modern Kick crop in Morning Aqua (Loft)//Nine West studded flats (Ross; similar)

My likes:

  • These pants! Again, I have stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of color.  I have owned shirts in this color but never pants. I love it!
  • The shirt had the same color as the pants.  I love when outfits just fall together because I bought the shirt well before I bought the pants.  

My dislikes:

  • I’m not a fan of how these shoes look on me.  I really like them and I’ve seen them on other people.  I was psyched when I found them but I honestly don’t feel them on me. #meh

Another Sunday has come and gone again.  Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for reading! ❀️