Sunday Share with my Sister

Wow!! I looked to see when my last post was….October!!  How did time slip that fast? Life gets in the way, that’s one thing for sure! 

Cooler weather is starting to surface here in the Sunshine State. We Floridians will use any excuse to bring out sweaters, scarves, boots, jackets…even if that means the temperature only drops to 70! πŸ˜‚

C’mom and see what I pulled out of my arsenal for the temp change…

Puffy Monogram Black Vest (Marley Lilly)// Relaxed White Tee (Old Navy)// Grey Rock Star Jeans (Old Navy)// White Converse Slip on (Zappos)

My likes:

  • I have need wanting this vest for ever!!! Marley Lilly had a recent sale, like $30 off, so I ran with it!! It’s so cute and comfy…
  • These jeans are everything! I was hesitant on grey jeans because I wasn’t quite sure it was going to look good on me. 

My dislikes:

  • It only comes in one other color…so I bought it! πŸ˜‚

How I “Roe’d” this past week…Randy T (LuLaroe)// Vest (The Ikat Elephant Boutique)// Black Leggings (LuLaroe

My shoes????


Grey Del Ray Sneakers (Toms)

My likes:

  • If you have never tried or been in a pair of LuLaroe leggings…listen to me! You OWE it to yourself to purchase a pair! These are so soft and comfy! And…I know a consultant if your are interested! LuLaroe ~ Monica Vignier. #youvebeenWARNED
  • The leggings are NOT see through! Seems to me that manufacturers are making leggings so thin! Another FINE reason to go LuLaroe! (see above for consultant! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰)
  • This vest I use a lot! It does well over shirts and dresses! The color compliments many items in my wardrobe!!  If you find something like this, buy it! 

My dislikes:

  • Sometimes…sometimes…this vest makes me look a little chunky, so I worry about using it too much! #bodyissues

This week went fast and now we are looking at πŸ¦ƒ Turkey DayπŸ¦ƒ and I just saw in the store it is 34 shopping days until πŸŽ„ChristmasπŸŽ„! Whaaaaaaaa???

To all my Florida peeps, enjoy this lovely weather!!   You know by next week it will be back in the high 80s!!  I hope those of you that aren’t in the Sunshine State are enjoying your state’s weather,too!!

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❀️


Sunday Share with my Sister

Hey there bloggers! This is a birthday Share! Last Wednesday, I made it to 44! When did THAT happen?? I still feel like I’m that stupid, silly 21 year old! I was gonna lie and say 18 year old but that was a STREEEEEEETCH! πŸ˜‚

Black ankle pants (Ross)// White shirt (Old Navy-my FAV!!) // Chelsea Cardigan with Lace Overlay (New York & Company)// Teal Ballet Flats (Payless)

My mom bought this sweater for me for my birthday.  This is another one (of many) of the pieces that my mom purchased that I love! Thanks, Mom!❀️

For dinner, this weekend’s birthday celebration dinner at Haven (Tampa,FL)

Lace dress // Nude Sandals- Nine West (Ross)

I’m embarrassed to say that I can not remember if I bought his dress from one of the two online boutiques I like…Laurel’s Closet or The Ikat Elephant Boutique.  Then I remembered….I bought is from ANOTHER boutique I forgot to mention…Flaunt Boutique!!!  When I first received the dress and tried it on, I felt like a busted can of biscuits! Like I was stuffed in it and had no business wearing it!! I’ve lost a few inches since the challenge and it fit! Like not barely fit, but FIT! I’ll take that!!

What do you think??

Thanks for reading (and sharing my birthday with me ) and have a great Sunday!! ❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Happy Sunday, guys!! My kiddos have one more week of school!!! Woo hoo!!!! I really don’t know what I am so excited for because I still have to work!! πŸ˜‚
This week, I felt a little adventurous by wearing this to work. (By now you have realized that I am pretty much ONLY sharing clothes  I wear to work. Maybe I need to branch out…πŸ˜‰)

Olive Stripe T shirt dress (Old Navy) // Olive Military Utility Vest (The Ikat Elephant Boutique) // Sam & Libby Glitter flats (DSW) // Tassel necklace (Laurel’s Closet-last week’s post)

My likes:

  • I found this dress on the clearance rack at Old Navy earlier this year for $2.99!!  I didn’t care if it fit or not…it was $2.99!!! BTW…it fits GREAT!
  • This vest…OMG!! It literally goes with everything I own. I like that I can dress it up or down. BONUS?? It has a hood!!! Y’all know I love hoods!!!

My dislikes:

  • Not a darn thing!! I love how this outfit worked out for me! It’s not all that often I saw that…so I’m gonna let it just sit there….πŸ˜‰ 

What do you think?

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading.❀️