Sunday Share with my Sister


This week I was exhausted and frankly not very inspired with my clothes.  Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I hope I’m not boring you all to death.  

This week, I went with this dress…

 Striped dress (Stitch Fix keeper)//Black ballet flats (Payless)//Seafoam cardigan sweater (H&M-super cheap!!)//Necklace (Walmart)

  I receive more complements on this necklace than any other piece of jewelry I own (costume or real)…and I got it from Walmart!!

Without the sweater…..  
I found this little nugget (i.e. dress)when I was fishing through the closet trying to find something inspiring to wear.   I added the sweater to give me some color, because I’m a sucker for not using color in my daily wardrobe! πŸ˜‚

My likes:

  • My sweater. I love that this color goes with many things in my closet!
  • The dress. I’m really a sucker for anything with stripes. Black, blue,whatever color I can get my hands on!

My dislikes:

  • Honestly, I kind of like the whole outfit, which is a first for me.

How about my weekend wear? 

 R2D2 hooded tank top (Amazon)// UA capris (Under Armour)// Adrenaline GTS 16 (Brooks

I did ACTUALLY work out this time!!  I ran the Star Wars 10kat Walt Disney World (Orlando).  I had a shirt with my favorite driod, R2D2….

 I am also a sucker hoodies, too! πŸ˜‚

I will have a full race recap on my blog on Monday. Check it out if you are interested.

Let’s see what kind of inspiration I find this week!  Here’s to hoping…..

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading! ❀️

Sunday Share with my Sister

Well, hey there!!! I am back from the DR with my sister.  Man…did we have a good time!  If you are interested on my take of the vacaciones, check it out here.  I didn’t post any outfits while we were gone because generally, I was in a bathing suit.  I’m quite confident you didn’t want to see those pictures posted. I didn’t really want to see it, either and that’s why there isn’t any photographic evidence of said blogger in said suit. 

There were a few days that were a little cooler here in FL that still allowed me to wear some…boots.  

 Jean jacket (Kut from the Kloth – from my first Stitch Fix // Dress (Loft; similar)// Belt (I stole from another outfit and don’t remember which oneπŸ˜‚) // Boots (Payless)

 Here’s without the jacket…. 
My likes:

  • The color of this dress is phenomenal! I wish I had more of this color!!
  • The cut is this dress is great for the petite gal and for this petite gal.
  • The length of this dress is perfect for  the petite gal (and this petite gal) for any occasion, especially work.
  •  Of course, my jean jacket. It pretty much goes with everything I own and wear!  It is incredibly soft for a jean jacket.  

My dislikes:

  • The cinched elastic waist band of the dress is just not right for my old a**.  I added the belt because it drew attention away from the “baby fat” gut! SN: my babies are 15 and (almost) 9, by the way. 

On the weekends, I literally chill (in relation to my attire, I mean).  didn’t go to the gym this morning to workout, but I did go to the gym to drop off my oldest to use the basketball court to work on his shooting. I felt kinda wrong wearing gym clothes without the workout, which I never do. SN: NO disrespect to those that do, because this stuff IS comfy!!  

 Sleeveless hoodie sweatshirt (Lou & Grey from Loft) // White Calvin Klein tank top (Costco) // Black Capris (Under Amour) // New Balance sneakers (my 15 year old grew out of these sneaks 2-3 years ago!!)

My likes:

  • The sweatshirt! It’s not heavy and it’s perfect for running errands or going to the gym!
  • UA capris are super comfy and are my go to for the gym.
  • The shoes are funky (in color not odor) and when my then 12 or 13 year old picked them out, I was like “Are you sure, Julian?”. He rocked them, and now so do I !πŸ˜‚

My dislikes:

  • This sweatshirt only came in white.  I would have bought every single color if it was available! 
  • The picture made me look like I have a polka dot tail! Way to go, Angie on the selfie!! πŸ˜‚

There you have it….my pre and post va-cay outfits.  I look forward to sharing more next week!

Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading! ❀️